As a requirement of the most recent municipal permit (issued earlier this year) the City, along with other jurisdictions in San Diego County is required to prepare a “Water Quality Improvement Plan” (WQIP).  The WQIP is developed for each watershed and will guide future changes to the City’s urban runoff plan.  There is a requirement for public participation in the development of the WQIP through the use of a consultation panel.

There are 11 watersheds in San Diego County, and the City of Escondido is in two (San Dieguito and Carlsbad watershed).  Each watershed has one lead agency.  The City of San Diego is the lead agency for San Dieguito watershed.  The San Dieguito watershed had its first public workshop on September 5. During the workshop the public were informed about the WQIP process and invited to join the consultation panel.  The public were also invited to provide data for use in the planning process.

The City of Carlsbad is the lead agency in the Carlsbad watershed (which includes Escondido Creek and Lake San Marcos).  A consultant has been selected for the development of the WQIP and a public workshop for the Carlsbad watershed will be held in late Fall. 

Stormwater staff will keep you posted on the schedule for future workshops.    


  • Attached is the third quarter report (July-September) for special events.
  • The DBA has created five different designs for decorative street pole banners. They will have nine banners of each design made for a total of 45 banners.  These generic banners will be on display when the Hometown Hero banners, holiday banners, or special event banners are not installed.  Since the DBA is providing the generic banners, the City will purchase 12 holiday banners.  Those banners will be installed in November and remain up shortly after January 1.  All of the banner designs have been approved by the City’s Appearance Team.



  • A conceptual plan for redesign Tract 932, a 179-unit residential planned development known as Hidden Valley Ranch, has been under review by staff to determine whether a substantial conformance finding could be made to determine consistency with the findings and conditions of the previously approved tentative map. Staff has issued a conditional letter giving preliminary concurrence with the substantial conformance finding subject to review during final engineering.
  • Developer interest continues at a high rate. Staff met with the owner of the property at 2412 S. Escondido Blvd. regarding a proposed concept for development of up to 76 residential units on the 2.47 acre site. The site was previously approved for development of a mixed-use project consisting of 49 units (including 5 shopkeeper units) and is within the area designated by the General Plan as potentially suitable for an entirely residential development along this commercial corridor. The project would require a modification to the S. Escondido Blvd. Area Plan if it proceeds ahead of the area plan update.
  • The Emergency Shelter Overlay Ordinance is scheduled for City Council on October 23, 2013. The item was well attended at the Planning Commission’s public hearing and strongly opposed by the public. The Planning Commission also opposed the overlay, but recommended approval in order to protect the city with operating standards, and recommended that another area be chosen for emergency shelters so that the current area could be rescinded. It is expected that a larger audience will show up at City Council’s meeting to express their views. Attached are responses to frequently asked questions that may be helpful for the City Council in advance of the meeting to deepen their understanding. We will also upload this to the Planning Division website.  


  • Building issued 48 permits for the week with a total valuation of $349,524. The Monthly Building Permit Activity Report for September is attached.         
  • The final inspection approval and Certificate of Occupancy was issued at 155 E Grand Ave, John Paul the Great University. Classes began on October 2.
  • A Stop Work order has been issued for the Talk of the Town project at 400-444 Brotherton Rd. as a result of inspections by the Building Inspector who identified issues regarding the masonry construction.


  • Staff received five proposals submitted in response to the RFP for the use of approximately $2.2 M in HOME funds. Three of the proposals look viable per HOME criteria. The applicants and project locations include: Solutions for Change (1560 S. Escondido Blvd.), Veterans Village of San Diego (1540 S. Escondido Blvd.), and Habitat for Humanity (529 N. Elm Street). Staff and Kaiser Marston are evaluating the proposals for consideration by Council at the 11/6/13 meeting.


Grape Street Public Improvement Project:

SDG&E crews have completed installation and the testing of the 6” gas main. The construction of the new service lateral is anticipated to be completed in one week.

Escondido Creek Trail Lighting:

The contractor has marked out the area of work from Broadway Avenue to Ash Street for their Dig Alert notification. This allows all utilities to report their location prior to construction. The Notice to Proceed has been moved back to October 14. This will be the first day of the 60 working day construction period. 

Encino/El Dorado Storm Drain Replacement:

Staff is waiting to receive revised engineering drawings for the new 60” storm drain system that will be constructed to replace the private 36” storm drain pipe. The four homeowners are to meet with staff this week to complete the Permit to Enter documents.

North Broadway Bike Path Drainage Project:

All elements of the drainage project have been completed. The contractor assisted Habitat for Humanity with pulling old chain link fence posts at the bike path entrance at Broadway Avenue.  

Private Development


The developer has mobilized his subcontractors to complete the off-site improvements along Ash Street. The work should be completed by Friday, October 11.

Contempo Townhomes -Tract 921:

The construction of the water main in the alley is complete. The contractor is continuing with the completion of the water main connection along Orange Avenue.

Resurrection Church - Storm Drain in El Norte Parkway:

Construction of the storm drain system along El Norte Parkway and Rincon Villa Drive is continuing this week. A fire hydrant lateral located at Rincon Villa Drive that had been realigned, developed a leak this past Friday and was shut down so that repairs could be made. The contractor made repairs this week and the City is testing the water quality prior to reenergizing this portion of the water main.

Stone Brewery Traffic Signal:

The construction of the new traffic signal and driveway entrances started this past week. The work will allow safe passage for pedestrian and vehicle travel from the new parking lot being constructed on the east side of Citracado Parkway.  The new driveway entrances have been poured and the traffic signal contractor is excavating for the new pole foundations. The foundations are set to be poured this week.



Grape Day Park Task Force:

The Police Department continues its enforcement details several times a day in the park and surrounding areas.  Since the start of the increased focus, the police department has conducted 994 extra patrols in the park, 166 field interviews, 86 citations and 87 arrests.  The Bike Team officers Adan Martinez and Russ Whitaker continue to focus their efforts in the downtown area including Grape Day Park, Maple Plaza and Signature Pavilion, along with our two new Community Policing Officers Bill Havens and Lew Shaver.  There were no significant calls for service or arrests made in the Task Force area. 

On Saturday morning, Park Rangers educated a church group that was distributing food in Grape Day Park.  They explained the need for food at Interfaith as well as the service.  The church stated they were new to the area and weren’t familiar with Interfaith.  They have since started to donate food as well as providing them volunteers to help their staffing needs and thanked us for putting them in touch with the non-profit. 

CCAE reported no graffiti or vandalism for the past month.  They have had no issues with persons loitering or causing problems.

Boys and Girls Club, SD Children’s Museum did not report any problems this week. 

Upcoming Events:

October 6, City of Escondido 125th Birthday Celebration, Grape Day.

October 26, Zombie Festival, Grape Day Park.  

For a list of all Escondido Events visit:http://visitescondido.com/event-calendar/

The next Task Force Meeting will be Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013.