CEDS Update

We have submitted our CEDS document to the regional office of the Economic Development Agency in Los Angles and are awaiting acceptance of it.

Façade and Property Improvement Program Update

There are currently three Façade & Property Improvement Program projects in progress:

  1. 1800 East Valley Parkway – small shopping center façade renovation
  2. 1602 East Valley Parkway – Apex Fuels service station façade renovation
  3. 556-560 South Escondido Boulevard – medical office façade renovation

When completed, these projects will contribute significantly to improving the appearance of two targeted business areas: East Valley Parkway and the South Escondido Boulevard area. Additionally, multiple inquiries have been received by staff about other potential façade improvement projects and it is expected that more applications will come in before the end of the year.

Agriculture Summit

The following is an excerpt from a Farm Bureau newsletter recapping last week’s Agriculture Summit in Escondido:

Last Wednesday the Escondido Growers for Agricultural Preservation (EGAP) hosted an Ag Summit where EGAP and officials from the City of Escondido presented a strategy to growers and community leaders for bringing recycled water to the farms north and east of the city. County Supervisor Bill Horn and three Escondido City Council members were in the audience along with over 90 growers and ag supporters. EGAP Chair, Eddie Grangetto, said after the event, "I think it was successful; after it was over people felt positive. Now they realize there's an opportunity today here in Escondido. Ag had fallen off the radar of policy makers in Escondido. Now, EGAP can work closely with the city not only on water issues, but on economic development and to keep ag in the forefront of Escondido."



  • Palomar Medical Center has submitted plans for an approximately 72,000 SF medical office complex on the south end of the ERTC hospital subarea. The project proposes two buildings and up to 378 parking spaces, to be shared with the hospital.
  • The City and our consultant (Atkins) have been notified that we are a finalist for an award from the San Diego Chapter of the Association of Environmental Professionals (AEP) for two projects:  the Escondido General Plan Update EIR and the Escondido Climate Action Plan.  The winners are announced at the AEP awards event, which is scheduled for October 24th at 5:30; event details can be found at the following link:
  • A Plot Plan application has been submitted for a new 1,500 ft. restaurant at 805 E. Valley Parkway (formerly Marieta’s), called Mango Mango; the architectural elevations incorporate an attractive rustic design. The menu concept is an American grill.
  • The developers of High Point have submitted revised landscape and grading plans for the project. Changes to the approved grading resulting in higher slopes will trigger reconsideration of the grading exemptions at a public hearing. They also propose to significantly revise the landscape plan to reflect new standards to reduce water consumption.

Code Enforcement:

  • Muni Services has mailed the first set of notices to businesses that appear to be operating in the City without a valid business license. This is part of a test run to help determine whether any adjustments are needed prior to the more expansive noticing effort. Staff has received some feedback from businesses  questioning why we are using a consultant, and has assured customers that they have the option of dealing directly with the City or the consultant to process their license applications. One issue that has come up is whether commercial property owners who lease out tenant space are required to obtain a business license, similar to the owners of multiple unit residential rental property. This issue was raised several years ago, and has not been enforced in recent years. As part of the Muni Services contract, commercial property owners are being notified of the business license requirement.


Capital Improvements:

Maple Street Pedestrian Plaza

The electrical contractor has provided the timer for the pedestrian lights, trellis lighting and Maple Street sign. Staff will program the lighting this week. 

2011/2012 Pavement Management Project

The parking lot rehabilitation at the sports park began this week.  The scheduled paving of Quince Street from Grand Avenue to Valley Parkway is set to begin Thursday evening.

The striping contractor is onsite installing stop bars and laying out traffic striping. The section of Bear Valley Parkway between Las Palmas and Sunset Drive will be striped this Thursday night to avoid the high traffic volume along this roadway.

Main Library Fiber Optics Project

The contractor is installing the remaining fiber optic cable inside the city facilities.

Old Escondido Neighborhood Stop Sign Project

Staff is in contact with the contractor requesting a time line for completing the final striping items for this project.

Private Development


The final traffic signal foundation has been completed along with all concrete surface improvements at the Grand and Harding Street intersection.

Mission Ave 69kv Underground Electrical line

Construction of the conduit package is continuing along Commercial Street. The next vault at Mission Ave and Metcalf Street will be completed this week. As part of the project requirements SDG&E is installing video detection in advance of any traffic signal loop destruction along Mission Avenue. The traffic signal subcontractor has started installation this week at Mission and Enterprise and will proceed with converting 10 intersections along the project.

San Diego Gas and Electric Gas Main Inspection

As part of the CPUC & DOT compliance deadlines, SDG&E will begin construction of a tap to the existing 8” gas main located on Washington Ave and Hale Ave intersection this Thursday. The project is expected to last up to 2 weeks in duration. The process includes inserting a robotic pig into the gas main via the tap location for inspection of the interior of the pipeline. To help with the expected traffic congestion associated with the day time lane closure, the Engineering Department along with SDG&E are working closely with EDI to temporarily reroute the long haul trucks from the recycling plant away from the Tulip / Washington / Hale Avenue intersection.



  • On October 4 the Police Department received a tip via the web based tip line, regarding a warrant subject who was currently at a residence on North Fig Street.  The subject had fled from the police previously.  The information was immediately relayed to dispatch and a call for service was generated.  Patrol officers were able to contact and arrest the subject without incident.  This is exactly how this system was designed to work.  EPD is working to expand our electronic and online presence in order to better serve the community.
  • The Sniper Craft Company held a two day competition for snipers involving 52 teams. Members and former members of our TOU team finished 1st and 2nd.
  • The following personnel received awards at the Countywide Explorer Recognition Dinner held at the Al Bahr Shrine in San Diego on Sunday, October 7.
  • Lieutenant Neal Griffin received the Sturgeon Award for his dedication to the Explorers and impeccable leadership and mentoring skills that have been of great benefit to all of the young people he has worked with over the years.
  • Explorer Diana Penaloza and Alexondria Nickleberry were honored for their leadership.  They have an excess of 1,000 hours donated to the City for special projects to include, but not limited: to juvenile diversion, youth court, 9-11 for kids training, and stranger danger crime prevention.


  • Many of the City’s department heads and supervisors attended a three day Emergency Operations Center training class last week. The class prepared participants to operate the EOC and develop plans for all types of disasters faced by communities. The class was put on by both San Marcos and Escondido’s Emergency Management divisions. The cost of the class was paid for by FEMA.
  • The Firefighter’s Association sponsored Stache-Toberfest” at Stone Brewery on October 8. Approximately 700 people attended. Proceeds from Stache-Toberfest are going to a firefighter’s family whose mother is being treated for cancer. 
  • In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness month, fire department personnel have donned pink t-shirts as part of their uniforms. Don’t be surprised if you see BIG mustached firefighters wearing pink t-shirts with their personal protective equipment.
  • Statistical information from the Fire Department for the month of September is attached. If you have any questions or recommendations, please feel free to contact Chief Lowry for more information.


Tech Center Update

Bud Oliveira and Joyce Masterson are helping to expedite the completion of the Tech Center. City staff soon will begin constructing and painting an interior wall that will isolate the Tech Center from the rest of the space which will reduce energy costs there.  Computers have already been delivered and computer tables are due to be delivered in early November.  Additional work to be done includes cabling for the computers and new carpeting.