Fire season is fast approaching, and as a reminder, it is time to be aware of potential hazards on or around your property.  Here are some items to check for:

  •  Trash,  debris, and other combustible materials that create a fire hazard must be removed from the property.
  •  Properties of one acre should be cleared of hazards in their entirety (weeds).
  •  Properties of more than one acre should have one hundred feet clearance from structures and fifty feet clearance around the perimeter.
  •  Roadways and/or driveways shall be cleared of vegetation to at least the width of the roadway plus ten feet on each side, and a height of thirteen and one-half feet above the road surface.
  •  Storage of firewood material shall be located a minimum of thirty feet from structures and separated from the crown of trees by a minimum of fifteen feet. 
  •  Property owners should clear any combustible material, weeds, brush, trees or other vegetation (including mulch) that is, or could become, dry and could be capable of transmitting fire.

 For further information, please contact the Escondido Fire Department (760) 839-5417, (760) 839-5400 or email