November 21, 2012


Hacienda de Vega has purchased a food trailer (Whole e Mole) which has been approved by the County Department of Environmental Health (DEH) pursuant to an agreement to use a commissary in San Marcos for their refrigeration, cleaning, waste disposal and overnight parking. They are aware that food trucks are not currently allowed to operate in Escondido. Due to the cost of using the San Marcos commissary, they would like to use their existing restaurant on S. Escondido Blvd. as the designated commissary for their food trailer. Staff has been working with the applicant and with DEH to determine what improvements are required. Once DEH determines the public health requirements and improvements that must be met, the applicant will submit their application to the City for the land use entitlement. Assuming the DEH requirements and City’s wastewater disposal requirements can be met, the remaining concern is whether the vehicle can be stored on site (since it is a trailer, not a motor vehicle) and whether it can be adequately screened. Staff has advised the applicant that we intend to forward the application to the Planning Commission for a determination regarding the storage of the trailer on the commercial site since outdoor storage is not allowed in commercial zones. The applicant plans to attend the upcoming workshop regarding mobile food facilities.


East Valley Community Center:

Concrete pedestrian ramps and ribbon gutters have been poured onsite. The asphalt paving will be completed this next week.

Sewer Manhole Rehabilitation along Centre City Parkway:

The contractor has completed the last manhole reconstruction this past Friday.

Private Development


The water line replacement has passed its quality testing procedure and the tie in is scheduled for this Wednesday.

Mission Avenue  SDG&E 69 kv Electrical Line:

Main line installation will continue along Mission Avenue between Enterprise Street and Andreasen Drive this week. A second crew will begin trenching on Mission Avenue from Juniper Street to Broadway Avenue. Due to the holiday this Thursday the construction activity will be limited to Monday and Tuesday evening this week.

Rincon del Diablo Water Line upgrades:

The contractor is completing the final portion of the new line installation along Valley Parkway. The construction along Avenida del Diablo will begin next week.

Talk of the Town:

Minor grading onsite with the water line set to be tied in this next week.

Westfield Mall:

Paving of the new parking lot is set for completion this week.

Del Lago Academy:

The contractor completed the remaining portion of Citracado Parkway north bound and has transferred traffic this week. The traffic signal and striping will be completed this next week.

Tract 921 Contempo:

Onsite demolition of the abandoned utilities is ongoing.


Grape Day Task Force Update

The police department continues its enforcement details several times a day in the park and surrounding areas.  This day, November  20, two arrests were made in Grape day, and one at the Signature complex.  Two of those arrests were for narcotics possession, the third was public intoxication. 

  • History Center
    Capt Benton met with Wendy Barker this week who has noticed a marked improvement in the amount of blight and problems near her buildings.  She noticed that there are more children using the play equipment and was happy to see Classical Academy using more of the park for organized events. 

  • CCAE
    CCAE continues to experience graffiti and vandalism, trash and trespassers.  In response, they have hired a second security guard who will provide additional visibility and surveillance at the CCAE.  EPD has also stepped up extra patrol efforts at CCAE in the problem areas, mostly on the Escondido Blvd side.  In addition, gates and fencing are currently being installed at the North-East wing of the facility which is currently being used by the Classical Academy.  This will help limit most of the problems associated with those trespassing in those areas and conducting criminal activity.

This morning members of EPD, City Maintenance and staff from the CCAE met to conduct a CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) assessment at CCAE.  Several areas of concern were noted.  Vegetation in many areas were overgrown and capable of being used as concealment to those wanting to sleep, hide belongings and use it as a bathroom.  City crews will immediately cut back much of this overgrowth and provide better surveillance in these areas.  Other concerns included the minimal lighting in many areas.  The lighting needs to be improved to provide a deterrent effect for those wanting to conduct criminal activity as well as a sense of security and safety to patrons.  It was noted that there are numerous locations on the campus which have hidden alcoves and stairways.  Many of these locations displayed evidence that people use them to sleep, use narcotics, alcohol and as bathrooms.   It was noted that fencing and gates with panic hardware would be required to limit and restrict access to only those who are allowed to be in those areas. 

  • Signature Theater
    Eddie Goldberg, the property manager for Signature complex, has installed an outdoor music system to play classical music at the outdoor patio area of Starbucks.  He will be monitoring the effect.  One trespasser was arrested today at the center who we believe is responsible for much of the vandalism in the area.

Starbucks is no longer giving out large water cups to those who ask.  This has greatly reduced the number found in the rose garden area of CCAE and has been contributing to the trash problem. Gang officers have been targeting the area around the Signature theater over the weekends.  The theater reported that these persons have been absent since. 

  • Interfaith
    Capt. Benton met with Interfaith representatives on Thursday to discuss the issue of food and clothing dropped off at the park resulting in trash and rodent problems.  He will attend Interfaith’s General Membership in December which consists of representatives of many of the faith based groups in North County.  His presentation will include the efforts of the Grape Day Taskforce as well as to share the message to eliminate “drop-offs” at Grape Day and utilize Interfaith who is desperate need of food.  Interfaith will also be creating a flier that explains the benefits and services provided by Interfaith, and will be distributed by officers and park rangers to those who are found dropping off items as well as those in need of their services.  Interfaith and the Police Department will also work with the media to distribute the message to the community.  In addition, we discussed issues of the shelter and will be creating a communication system with our patrol officers to keep them informed of those who are in violation and no longer allowed in the shelter. 

Capt Benton also met with Frank Woolridge of “Empowering the Homeless” a non-profit local group.  Mr. Woolridge agreed to help share the word about using Interfaith as a drop off point for food and clothing. 

The next task force meeting will be on Tuesday, December 4. 


This weekend Ryan Park will be hosting the Surf Thanksgiving Soccer tournament on Friday and Saturday at Ryan Park.  They are expecting over 1200 players and spectators for this large event.  Teams will be traveling far and wide attending this great tournament and will be lodging and dinning in the local area.

Friday, November 23, game Schedule – 7:00am to 10:00pm

Saturday, November 24, game Schedule – 7:30am to 9:30pm

In addition, the following events will be held in December:

December 1 & 2 – Cal South Commissioner’s Cup youth soccer tournament at Ryan Park (est. 2000 players/spectators)

December 8 & 9 – Triple Crown girls Softball tournament all 8 fields Kit Carson Park (est. 1200 players/spectators)

December 15 – MSA adult softball tournament 4 adult softball fields. (est. 16 teams)


Effective December 13, 2012, Cox will begin using a digital feed only to deliver Public, Education and Governmental Access (PEG) channels, Customers will need a digital receiver, CableCARD or a TV set with a Clear-QAM Digital tuner to receive these channels.  To ensure all customers have access to PEG digital channels, Cox is offering one standard-definition receiver free for one year with free self-install to all affected customers who wish to use a digital receiver.  After one year, customers can continue to rent the digital received at the then current rate. Customers who currently are viewing these channels on a digital receiver will not be affected. 

Cox is providing the channels in digital –only format to allow them to launch additional features and services, including more HD channels, 3D programming and faster internets speeds.