November 15, 2012


Sales Tax Revenue Up

Sales tax revenue received through September 30, 2012 increased from the previous fiscal year during the same time frame by about $888,000 or 13.4%. For sales occurring in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2011/12 (the most recent data available), the City saw sales tax receipts increase with gains in every economic category. The City’s largest economic category, transportation, experienced an increase in sales tax of 22.5% over calendar year fourth quarter 2011 due primarily to an increase in new & used auto sales as well as auto parts/repair. In addition, the California New Car Dealers Association reports that new vehicle registrations in the second quarter of 2012 are up 27.4% versus a year earlier, the 13th consecutive quarterly increase.  The U.S. Census Bureau reports that National Retail Sales were up 4.4% in August versus last year and national non-store retail sales were up 10.6% versus last year.   

Façade Grant Program Update:

A grant in the amount of $20,000 has been awarded for a complete façade remodel project on the property at 1800 East Valley Parkway (a small shopping center). The property owner invested approximately $55,000 of private funding into the project. Additionally, the Burger King located at 1707 East Valley Parkway has applied for a grant for a complete façade remodel. $14,000 in funds have been committed to that project, expected to be completed in the next couple of months. Two more projects, which have been included in previous updates (one on East Valley Parkway and one on South Escondido Boulevard), are expected to finish by year’s end. The Union Tribune/North County Times will be running a story on the program this month.



  • The Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval of the Housing Element last Tuesday night. The Housing Element is tentatively scheduled for final adoption by the City Council on December 12. The commission also discussed concerns regarding the former gas station at Grand Avenue and Quince, and considered options under the Zoning Code which allow the City to pursue demolition of the structure subject to a lien process. The Commission did not recommend further action.
  • Interfaith has been notified that their request to open the winter shelter on Thanksgiving cannot be accommodated. The CUP conditions limit the operation to the period between Dec. 1 – Mar. 31, and there is insufficient time to process a modification. They have been advised to continue to work with the task force on homeless issues.
  • A letter had been sent to the owner/developer (Charles McLaughlin) of approved tentative map for Tract 936, advising of the passage of Proposition N as it affects the property. The property was approved for a residential subdivision; however, the updated General Plan designates the property as Light Industrial. The developer was aware of the potential General Plan changes and chose to continue to process submittals to record a final map. We are confirming with the City Attorney that the approved map does not vest rights for issuance of residential building permits and is inconsistent with the development plans for an industrial subdivision.

Code Enforcement:

The Code Enforcement statistics for the third quarter of 2012 are attached.


Capital Improvements

East Valley Community Center

Construction of the parking lot improvements began this week. The anticipated completion is Tuesday 11/20.

The Technology Center remodeling is progressing, with walls currently being framed.  Once completed, the electrical work and painting will be done, followed by carpeting.

Private Development


Off-site water main construction at Pennsylvania Avenue & Ash Street has halted due to a conflict during construction. Water Utilities has provided a momentary solution by purposing a temporary connection to the existing water main. This will allow for the Wal-Mart project to move forward while the new water line design is being developed.

Mission Ave SDG&E 69KV Electrical Line

The main line installation along Mission Avenue is continuing along Enterprise Street & Andreasen Drive. The project is awaiting the railroad permit to begin boring on Enterprise Street, tentatively set for Monday 11/26. This week the contractor is installing a vault on Mission Avenue between Escondido Boulevard & Broadway.

Rincon Water Line Upgrades

Construction continues on West bound Valley Parkway between Avenida Del Diablo & Citracado Parkway.

Talk of the Town

The contractor is awaiting a tie in date to complete on-site water main construction.

Westfield Mall

The construction for curb improvements is ongoing with asphalt paving to be started by weeks end. Monday 11/19 completion date is still in sight.

Del Lago

Traffic Signal is nearing completion. The signal has been placed on red flash this week to provide notification to the neighborhood. The contractor is completing off-site improvements on Citracado Parkway. The paving will be installed by Friday 11/16.

Tract 921- Contempo

Demolition of on-site utilities continues this week.      



  • On Thursday, November 8, the Escondido Police Department in conjunction with EGRIP (Escondido Gang Reduction, Intervention and Prevention) conducted a community meeting at Farr Elementary School.  The meeting was attended by approximately 100 citizens.  They were provided information regarding gang awareness and prevention from the school districts, police department and city officials.  Robert Marquez spoke on the police department’s FIT program.  He was very well received and many citizens came up afterwards and expressed their gratitude for the program.

  • Grape Day Task Force Update:

The task force met on November 13.  Members included representatives of the Center for the Arts, History Center, Classical Academy,  SD Children's Museum, Interfaith, Signature Complex, and various departments of the City including Police Department, Parks and Rec, Public Works, Neighborhood Services, and City Attorney’s Office.
The police department continues its enforcement details several times a day in the park and surrounding areas.  Since the start of the increased focus, the police department has conducted 119 extra patrols in the park, 29 field interviews, 37 citations and made 18 arrests. Officer Havens provided an overview of the Habitual Intoxicated Offender Program (HIOP), which has reduced much of the intoxicated persons in the park. These efforts are responsible for the decrease in criminal activity, arrests and blight in the park.  Laura Cardona of Interfaith announced that the shelter will be opening on December 1 and will have 40 beds available.  The Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) assessment was discussed at the meeting.  Vegetation has already been reduced to prevent persons from hiding or stashing belongings.  Broken light fixtures have been repaired and an assessment to fix the wireless cameras in the park was conducted. 

Capt. Benton will be meeting with Interfaith on Thursday to discuss the issue of food, clothing, etc. dropped off at the park as well as to discuss issues of the shelter and provide communication with the shelter and the Police Department. 

The last half of the meeting, the group brainstormed ideas on how to bring more activities into the park. 

The next task force meeting will be on Tuesday, December 4.