In late 2013, the Escondido Police Department proposed a renewed approach to community policing and a strategy consistent with the city council’s goals of Economic Development, Fiscal Management, Neighborhood Improvement and Public Safety was developed.  We call it the Neighborhood Transformation Project.

With this proactive approach our Police Department is partnering with Neighborhood Services, Public Works, Planning, Code Enforcement, the City Attorney and City Manager’s Offices and community-based organizations to affect positive change in our community, one neighborhood at a time.  Practically speaking, our Police Department is stepping up patrols and targeting known gang members, drug dealers and other repeat offenders to eliminate criminal activities. Our goal is to create a cleaner and safer neighborhood. As this is occurring, our city services are striving to improve the living environment in our community. We are encouraging residents to maintain their properties while the City of Escondido works to trim trees, fix lighting, improve the city’s image and appearance, enhance public safety and create economic opportunities for our residents.

The Neighborhood Transformation Project is a key program for neighborhood improvement and we look forward to expanding it to other neighborhoods in the city..  Please visit for more information.