The City of Escondido is gearing up for spring with some major spring cleaning.

Each year since 2006, between April and September, Neighborhood Services Division holds free cleanups for organized neighborhood groups in CDBG eligible areas with in the City’s core. To date there are 15 organized neighborhood groups in Escondido. These cleanups provide a great benefit to Escondido as a whole by improving the overall appearance and cleanliness of the City.

During these cleanups, neighborhood residents’ work together to clean up trash and debris from alleys, front yards, streets and gutters; dramatically changing the appearance of their neighborhoods. Neighborhood Services provides the dumpsters, trash bags and pickers and the residents do the rest!

Events like these are a great opportunity for residents in Escondido’s core to come together to clean up the City’s image one neighborhood at a time. Thus, we all benefit from a cleaner Escondido!

If you would like more information about Neighborhood Cleanups or Neighborhood Services contact Rich Buquet, Neighborhood Services manager at (760) 839-4579 or