The following people are available to speak at your next neighborhood group meeting. Please contact them directly to arrange a presentation.

Name Affiliation/Program Phone Number
Sally Costello Escondido Humane Society 760-888-2251
Detective Mike Kearney Escondido Gang Department 760-839-4972
John Hurley Graffiti Officer 760-839-4738
Mary Rodelo Housing Services (Loan programs) 760-839-4516
Daniel Hippert Sr. Code Enforcement Officer 760-839-6373
CSO Molly Milliken

Police/Neighborhood Watch
Police/Registered Sex Offenders (Summer T/TH)

Elisa Marrone Water/Utilities 760-839-4074
Joanna Axelrod Escondido Library Programs 760-839-4330
Diane Halverson City Clerk/Boards/Commissions (Oct/Nov/Dec odd # years) 760-839-4560
Wendy Barker Escondido History and Grape Day Park 760-743-8207
Colleen Slotman
Sheri Popjoy
Escondido Children's Museum

Kathy Winn Recycling 760-849-4818
Randy Licata CERT/Fire Department 760-839-5400
Fire Station Disaster Preparedness 760-839-5420