The MFRO Facility will treat a portion of the City’s existing recycled water supply from the Hale Avenue Resource Recovery Facility (HARRF) using membrane filtration (“MF”) and reverse osmosis (“RO”) technologies, and will have a maximum production capacity of 2.0 million gallons per day.  The MFRO product water will be blended with recycled water that has not been treated by the MFRO process to produce water with a salt concentration appropriate for agricultural irrigation.  The blended water will then be pumped to agricultural users.  The MFRO Facility will provide highquality water that is low in total dissolved solids and chlorides to high-water-demand agricultural growers who serve a vital role in the City’s economy.


The MFRO Facility will be constructed at 901 W. Washington Avenue, west of N. Spruce Street.  The MFRO Facility Project includes three major components:

  1. MFRO facility and associated equipment
  2. One-mile product water pipeline to be installed in Washington Avenue from the proposed MFRO location to Waverly Place
  3. Intermediate Booster Pump Station (“IBPS”) to be located at Mountain View Park

Locations of Project Components


Rendering of proposed MFRO Facility

Project Funding Sources:


  • State Revolving Fund Loan - $45,000,000
  • Title XVI Grant - $8,000,000
  • Prop 84 IRWM Grant - $2,000,000



Eric Iglesias – Field Engineering Inspector 760-504-9373

Randy Manns – Utilities Construction Project Manager 760-839-6290, x7031


Additional Information: