On August 10, 2022, the City Council voted to place a measure on the November ballot to enact term limits for elected officials in Escondido. To view the meeting, click here.




California law requires voter approval of any local law to enact term limits of its elected officials.  In Escondido, the voters elect the Mayor, four City Councilmembers, and the City Treasurer for four-year terms.  Under current law, the City of Escondido does not impose term limits on any of its elected officials.

The City Council placed Measure F on the ballot. Voter approval of Measure F would adopt Ordinance No. 2022-20 and establish term limits for all elected offices in the City of Escondido.  The proposed ordinance would limit the number of terms a person may serve in a specific City of Escondido elected office as follows: Mayor - two four-year terms; City Councilmember - three four-year terms; and City Treasurer - three four-year terms. This measure would create an outright limit for terms served in the respective offices and apply whether the terms are served consecutively or not. 

At times, an elected official may not serve a full four-year term.  In those cases, the vacancy for that office may be filled by an appointment or special election to serve the remainder of the office.  Measure F provides that a partial term of two years or more in any office would count as a full term, and a partial term of less than two years would not count as a full term.

The proposed City Ordinance, if approved by the voters, would become effective immediately. The measure would not operate retroactively.  As required by state law, the term limits would apply prospectively only, meaning it will apply only to terms commencing after November 8, 2022.

A “Yes” vote would establish limits for all elected offices in the City of Escondido.

 A “No” vote means no City of Escondido elected offices would have a term limit.

The above statement is an impartial analysis of Measure F. If you desire a copy of Measure F (Ordinance No. 2022-20), please call the City Clerk’s office at 760-839-4617 and a copy will be mailed at no cost to you.