After engaging nearly 2,000 residents on City service needs and priorities, on July 27, 2022, the Escondido City Council placed Measure E – a locally controlled 3/4 cent sales tax measure on the November ballot to maintain local City services.

If enacted, Measure E would provide funding to ensure the City has enough police officers, firefighters, dispatchers, and paramedics to respond quickly to local 9-1-1 emergencies.

Funding generated by Measure E will allow the City to keep up with basic repairs and maintenance to public facilities, storm drains, streets, and sidewalks. If we don’t take care of these repairs and maintenance now, they will be a lot more expensive to repair in the future.

Measure E can also address City Council and resident-identified City service priorities, including repairing and maintaining local streets, sidewalks, and infrastructure; keeping parks and public facilities safe, clean, and well maintained; reducing pension obligations; providing quick responses to 911 emergencies; providing fire protection and paramedic services; and cleaning up trash and litter on streets, sidewalks and public areas.

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