FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE       DATE: December 16, 2015                                                                      

CONTACT: Bud Oliveira, Deputy Director of Public Works, 760-839-4665


Mayflower Dog Park Reopens for Use


The Mayflower Dog Park has reopened for use as of December 16, 2015. The recent closure was a precautionary action as a result of a park user reporting their dog contracted parvovirus after a visit to the park. City staff contacted the County of San Diego's Department of Environmental Health, County Veterinarian, Dr. Nikos Gurfield, for information about parvovirus and what steps should be taken to protect dogs visiting the park. Dr. Gurfield explained the most effective way to protect a dog from contracting the virus is to have all dogs properly vaccinated against parvovirus, as well as other diseases such as distemper and rabies, before visiting the park. Dr. Gurfield added that it was very difficult to determine where a dog actually contracted the virus. City officials, after consulting with Dr. Gurfield, have decided that sterilizing the park grounds would not be a long term solution because the virus could be introduced to the park by a sick dog that was shedding parvovirus. Dr. Gurfield recommended that pet owners only bring healthy, fully vaccinated dogs to the park.