May 7, 2014


The City received 6 responses to the Request for Qualifications for a Needs Assessment for the Relocation of the Public Works Yard.  Those responding were Gillis & Panichapan Architects, Inc., HB&A Architects, Platt/Whitelaw Architects, Ruhnau Ruhnau Clarke Architects, Jeff Katz Architecture; and the IBI Group.  City Staff members are currently evaluating  the responses. 


The 17th Annual  Mothers’ Day Home Tour will be held Sunday, May 11 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  The event is sponsored by the Old Escondido Historic District. 



  • Staff attended a meeting sponsored by North County Transit District in Oceanside involving planning staff from all San Diego North County jurisdictions. NCTD staff provided general background on various transit operations and ridership in addition to discussing NCTD’s Service Planning Function, Key Initiatives, and NCTD Board Policy No. 22 pertaining to Transit Service Requests.


  • Major Projects Update:


  1. Oak Creek (NUW) –Preparation of the screencheck EIR is underway. Staff is coordinating with the applicant on a public agency scoping meeting to be held on May 11, 2014. The applicant is considering project revisions to eliminate residences that are within 500 feet of Interstate 15 based on to public comments regarding the potential public health exposure.
  2. Amanda Lane (NUW) – The application remains incomplete; the applicant is working on a resubmittal package and has not provided an anticipated resubmittal date
  3. Zak/NCA Development – The anticipated City Council hearing date has been moved to 6/11/14.
  4. Centerpointe – The contract with the EIR consultant has been executed, and preparation of the draft EIR is underway, with the first screencheck anticipated in mid-June.
  5. North Broadway Deficiency Area Projects – Comment of the Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) for the proposed 16-lot subdivision at 836 Stanley Ave. (Boer) are due 5/12/14. The MND for the 16-lot subdivision at 926 Lehner Ave (Baker) was issued 5/2/14 and public comments are due on 5/22/14. Both projects are tentatively scheduled for Planning Commission on 5/27/14. Development agreement negotiations are in their final stages.
  6. Safari Highlands – Staff met with the applicant to discuss access and utility availability. The applicants are continuing their public outreach efforts, technical study preparation and evaluating alternative emergency access routes.
  7. Habitat for Humanity – Staff from multiple departments and HFH representatives met to coordinate details for local participation in a ‘National Building Blitz’ where building activity will occur at 537 N. Elm for 120 straight hours from June 2 – 6, 2014 during which time 3 of 11 dwelling units in the project will be constructed and completed.
  8. Vinehenge Art Sculpture: This interactive children’s play structure in Grape Day Park has been fenced off in order to conduct needed repairs on several equipment pieces. Completion of the repairs is anticipated to take 7-10 days.
  9. Chipotle Restaurant: Approval has been granted for locating the restaurant at the southeastern corner of Valley Parkway and Ash Street (former Blockbuster movie rental building) after confirming parking availability. Initial building improvement plans have been submitted for processing.

Building Division:

  • The Building Department issued 42 permits for the week with a valuation of $351,573.


  • The building counter was busy averaging 34 visitors a day with 40 visitors on Friday.  Inspections averaged 29 per day with 29 on Friday. 


  • Building issued 6 photovoltaic permits this week and a total of 178 permits so far this year.


  • The Building Department has issued 847 permits with a valuation of $22,858,000 so far this year compared with 741 permits with a valuation of $9,624,806 for the same time last year.


  • The Contempo residential project at 203 S Orange is in the framing stage for its last two buildings.


  • The Classical Academy continues to progress through demolition and remodeling of the old North County Times building.



2013 - 2014 Pavement Repair and Rehabilitation Program:

Raising of valve cans and manholes is ongoing along with reinstallation of traffic signal loops.       

Private Development 

1146 East Valley Parkway- McDonald’s Restaurant:

The construction schedule calls for construction activity along the Ash Street portion of the project the week of May 9th. Removal of the existing concrete median along Valley Parkway, Ash Street to Beech Street is to begin the week of May 12th

Tract 888-Cambell Court:

The contractor is preparing the onsite portion of the project for roadway base in preparation of the construction of the concrete improvements. 

Black Angus-North County Fair:

The construction of the underground utilities will begin the week of May 9th.  



  • Officer Putulowski’s life saving incident continues to draw positive media attention for Escondido (including Good Morning America, as well as local media and 1,580 likes on Facebook)
  • Command Staff will be attending the annual Police Motor Prayer Breakfast on May 7th as well as  the local memorial event at the County’s  Administration Building in San Diego.
  • The Neighborhood Transformation Project group and Neighborhood Services conducted a very successful NEAT sweep in the NTP footprint on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week.
  • Sgt. Scott Walters achieved and was presented his Supervisory POST by Command on April 29th.