As one of the benefits of participating in the Amgen Tour of California the City produced a 30 second TV spot that was aired on NBC Sports Channel during the race.  If you didn’t get a chance to see it, it is now on the City’s You Tube Channel at It is the one called Escondido Welcomes Amgen Tour of California 2013.


We will be expanding our fiber optic bandwidth from six (6) to fifty (50) megabytes to help to alleviate the current bandwidth issues we are experiencing with live streaming of the city council meeting.  This bandwidth increase will also improve access to our public website, the intranet, and e-services that are now offered to the public. In addition we will be able to meet the increased bandwidth demands from mobile devices. Internal city applications that are used from the field will also see a significant improvement in speed.



  • Staff met with representatives of the proposed charter school at the East Valley Community Center site to discuss procedures and timeframes for proposed improvement, should their lease be approved. Discussion focused primarily on building code requirements and site circulation.
  • Staff also met with the new owner of the former Toyota dealership at Lincoln and Broadway. The applicant continues to pursue development of a large grocery store and restaurant with a drive-through.  The focus of the discussion was the scope of the traffic analysis, since the project would generate a large number of trips impacting many intersections that are currently operating at a very poor level of service.


  • At the request of the Community Housing Works, staff attended the Escondido Senior Housing Corporation Board meeting for Windsor Gardens to discuss a potential funding opportunity that could help finance a major renovation at Windsor Gardens. The proposal involved the potential use of Section 8 project-based vouchers for rental assistance. Participation in the program required resident notification within a very short time frame (today). The Board opted not to apply for the vouchers at this time; they felt that there was not enough time to consider the possible ramifications of the application before putting out information to residents, which could easily cause a large amount of dissention and confusion at this senior site.

Code Enforcement:

  • Staff is continuing to monitor conditions at the Talk of the Town and the former Escondido Country Club sites. In response to a notification from a consultant working for the ECC owner, staff sent an email notice to our email list regarding some soil investigation work being done on the property this week.


Oak Hill Modular Site Improvements:

The subcontractor responsible for the rod iron fencing has measured for manufacturing the last remaining item. There is no tentative date for installation to announce at this time.

1341 Oak Hill Frontage Improvements:

The contractor will be placing temporary pavement markers along the newly developed alignment this week. This will allow for the removal of all construction staging and temporary traffic control. The remaining 3 items of construction should be complete by the end of next week.

Facility Improvements

City Hall Exterior:

All exterior work was completed as planned by 5/10/13.


All exterior work was completed as planned by 5/10/13.

EVCC Interior Improvements:

  • Reception counter design going out to bid.
  • New interior signs are on order.

Library Roof Replacement:

  • Scheduled start date is 5/15/13.

Private Development


The construction of the building shell is ongoing. The onsite improvements such as landscaping and irrigation will continue this week. The off-site improvements along Grand Avenue are set to begin next week. These items include sidewalk replacement and the installation of new landscaping. The contractor has been granted permission from Caltrans to construct the public improvements along Ash Street at Pennsylvania Avenue during normal day time hours. This will allow for the completion of these improvements in a third of the anticipated time.

Mission Avenue 69 kv Electrical Line:

The contractor has completed the installation and back fill of the conduit package between the Bore Pit on Enterprise Street and the adjacent transmission vault. This crew will now proceed to the Receiving Pit on Mission Avenue and start to construct the last 125 feet of conduit to be constructed for this project. The second crew completed all conduit and vault work along the Ash Street substation Tuesday night. This crew will remove all traffic control and “K” rail along the frontage tonight which will be the last item of work for this crew on this project. The replacement of damaged concrete improvements and final pavement restoration will be completed over the next two weeks.

Lincoln Avenue @ Midway Drive Gas Main Replacement and Testing Station:

The work is continuing on the gas mains in the area. The schedule cut over to the temporary gas main is still set for Friday and Saturday of this week.



  • Last week the Police responded to a call at Escondido High School where a teenager called the PD to report a male on campus with a gun.  The school went on lockdown for 75 minutes.  About 38 officers were tied up on that call for that time.  School officials did a very good job of locking down the campus. Police found no one on campus and later discovered it was a prank.  They have a suspect in-custody.
  • The AMGEN Tour of California went well for the Police Department.  Heat was the biggest concern.
  • Local Schools from the university level to elementary schools will soon be ending for the semester.  The Police Department will be publishing some safety tips in the next two weeks. 
  • Grape Day Park Task Force:

The Police Department continues its enforcement details several times a day in the park and surrounding areas.  Since the start of the increased focus, the police department has conducted 670 extra patrols in the park, 125 field interviews, 73 citations and 69 arrests.

On May 14 task force meeting was held starting with a debrief of the Amgen event.  All agreed the park and surrounding areas never looked better and the continued increase in use by families have been a welcome sight.  The new park benches and tables have been a great addition to creating a more inviting area.  However they do need to be moved around to provide optimum seating for parents to watch children on the play structure as well as other areas of the park. The Public Works Department will coordinate the move.   

CCAE reported no more graffiti or vandalism after last week’s glass etching and tagging on the back side of the museum.  Captain Benton, Mark Becker and representatives of CCAE met and walked the facility to assess their current video surveillance system. 

One of the problem Juggalos “Big Aaron” has been released from jail.  The judge would not approve a geographic probation from the park as recommended by the Police Department, however he did receive other probation conditions which officers will routinely verify he is complying with.  He has been seen a number of times in Grape Day and Signature Pavilion, but thus far has not created problems for PD or security.  Officers will continue to monitor him.   

Signature Pavilion – Since the security officers moved their start time to 11 a.m. no reports of problems have been reported regarding the Juggalos.  Eddie Goldberg will be meeting with Latitude 33 to discuss partnerships (discounts) between the residents and local businesses to increase business and relationships. 

Latitude 33 – Ryan mentioned residents of the complex would like to be more involved in the community and are looking for volunteer opportunities in the area.  He also mentioned that the first of the new Catholic University residents will be moving in the next few weeks. 

History Center – Wendy Barker mentioned that the movies in the park sponsored by the History Center will start again in July, and they are looking for possible sponsors. 

Classical Academy/ Boys and Girls Club/ Children’s Museum: Were not in attendance. 

Jay Petrek provided an update on the new playground installation.  With the large eucalyptus tree now removed, the plan is being revised to possibly incorporate portions of the remaining tree into the play structure. 

The next Task Force Meeting will be Tuesday, June 11.