April will be full of tournaments on the weekends:

April 13 & 14 – Ryan Park State Cup soccer tournament

April 20 & 21 – Ryan Park State Cup soccer tournament

April 20 & 21 – Kit Carson Park adult fields ASA 10u/12u girls softball tournament

April 27 & 28 – Ryan Park National Cup soccer tournament

April 27 & 28 – Kit Carson Park adult fields Dawn Brejcha Softball tournament (make-up dates)

These are all big events that will be bringing in a large amount of people from all over Southern California.



  • The Planning Commission considered the proposed Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for Classical Academy High School to relocate to the former North County Times building at Juniper and East Valley Parkway. Several speakers spoke in opposition to the project due to concerns regarding traffic and parking. The commission voted 4-3 to approve the CUP (Commissioners Weber, Castor and Johns voting no). The commissioners in opposition echoed the parking and traffic concerns as well as the loss of tax-generating potential for the site. The commission also granted an extension of time to the previously approved CUP for HARRF administration building.
  • Staff met with the Lexus representatives to discuss responses to the public comments on the Mitigated Negative Declaration for the proposed outdoor entertainment uses. The applicants have agreed to explore a refinement of their request to establish limits on number of guests and hours of operation to address traffic and noise concerns. Staff has requested a traffic study to establish the appropriate trip generating ratios as a basis for refining the project. In a related manner, the Engineering staff has identified the need for parking restrictions along Tanglewood to address safety concerns, and will be posting new parking signs in the coming weeks.
  • Revised demographic information is now available, as shown on the attached document; this information will be added to the website.


Benton Burn Site Remediation:

The city is waiting to receive final billing on this project.

Oak Hill Street Modular Site Improvements:

The offsite pavement was completed this past week and the roadway reopened on Friday. The street light subcontractor dug the foundation for the three street lights along the project frontage last Friday and the poles will be placed this week. The city was notified this past week that the non-profit organization which manages this facility has lost their financial line of credit which jeopardizes the purchase and installation of the modular building and the associated utility work. For this reason all on-site construction has been halted and construction calendar days have been suspended until the CDBG staff can develop a final solution to this recent development. The project design for the 1341 Oak Hill property frontage is at 90% and will be completed by the April 3 council date.

Private Development


The construction of the new building is continuing. The on-site private storm drain is under construction.

Mission Avenue 69 KV Electrical Line:

The Jack and Bore operation is tentatively set to begin on April 1st on Enterprise Street at Mission Avenue intersection. The Jack and Bore excavation and dewater collection system will require the closure of northbound Enterprise Street at the rail road crossing. Electronic message boards and a press release will occur in advance of that date. Three crews are continuing with conduit related construction. They include conduit installation along Ash Street at Mission Avenue. On Mission Avenue between Juniper Street and Fig Street and a third crew cleaning and testing previously installed conduit.

Adopt a Lot: Heritage Garden

Installation of the future gazebo pad was completed this past week. The installation of irrigation is continuing on site.

SDG&E Pipeline Reliability Testing at Lincoln Avenue and Midway Drive:

Staff is waiting on traffic control plans for final plan check. Tentative start date will be April 15th, electronic message boards and press release will placed in advance of that date.

Contempo Townhomes-Tract 921:

The construction framing has begun on the first phase of townhome units located along Orange Avenue.   

City Facility Improvements:

City Hall Exterior:

  • Stucco repairs continue to be made to all damaged areas.
  • Planter wall in south parking lot adjacent to building has been completely repaired and painted.
  • Painting on the north and east side of Council Chambers is 75% complete.
  • Both out buildings on the S/W side, between the truck dock and the west parking lot have been completely repaired and painted.
  • Painting of the 2nd floor south balcony trim is 60% completed.
  • Contractor completed pressure washing City Hall this past weekend. The hardscape around the building still needs to be done.

City Hall Landscaping:

All trees and shrubs have been trimmed off the building. Landscaping improvements are continuing.


Renovations on the conference center restrooms will begin on April 3.  The bulk of the work is expected to be completed in approximately 3 days.

EVCC Interior Improvements:

  • Painting – 97% completed.
  • Flooring – completed.
  • Counters – 60% completed (Reception counter still pending)

Library Roof Replacement:

The tile roof replacement has been completed. Additional repairs are needed on the flat roofs.



  • Officer Andrew Wyse was honored at the Yearly Auto Theft Advisory Committee (ATAC) Award Ceremony last week.  Officer Wyse had the most auto theft arrests and stolen auto recoveries from our Patrol Bureau in 2012. 
  • The PD hosted two events last week for the San Diego Science and Engineering Festival.  Classes were taught in the Community Room and students from all around San Diego attended.  Sgt. Scott Walters and Officer Scott Christensen held a class for the students on how math and science are important for them when they investigate car accidents.  CSO Jon Berlinguette held a class for the students about crime scene investigation and how science plays a large part in solving cases.
  • EPD will be hosting a Blood Drive on April 3 in the Community Room.  The Blood Drive will be from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM.
  • Grape Day Task Force:
    The Police Department continues its enforcement details several times a day in the park and surrounding areas.  Since the start of the increased focus, the police department has conducted 529 extra patrols in the park, 114 field interviews, 68 citations and 57 arrests.

    Community Services is working on purchasing new park benches and tables for Grape Day Park.  At this time there is no estimated time of delivery, however we are hoping to have them here before Amgen.  They are also working on the selection and purchase of the new playground equipment.  The playground equipment will not be installed until sometime after Amgen.

    Police officers continue their enforcement efforts in the park but have increased their focus on the Signature Pavilion.  Officers have discovered an area where many of the Juggalos appear to be trespassing and living, in a fenced area at Maple and 2nd.  Code Enforcement has been notified and will be working with the property owner to secure the area.  Officers will be monitoring this area on all shifts.

    Signature Pavilion – Capt. Benton spoke to Eddie Goldberg yesterday.  He is beginning to receive more complaints about Juggalos on the property and another umbrella was vandalized.  Officers have focused more of their efforts in this area, and made an arrest today of one of the Juggalos for warrants.  This person is believed to be the one responsible for the umbrella vandalism.  They continue to work with security and maintain a zero tolerance in the area.  

    Maple Plaza- Officers are regularly checking Maple Plaza and have issued a number of citations for violations and made one arrest there last week.  Graffiti and vandalism has noticeably decreased at the plaza during this past two weeks.

    Classical Academy – On Friday March 22, a passerby reported seeing a subject walking near Grape Day with something in their hand that resembled a handgun.  Officers responded and Classical Academy was immediately placed in “Lock Down” by the principal.  Officers thoroughly searched the area, but could not find the described person.  This was a great example of officers working with security from Classical and CCAE to keep students and patrons safe.

    Center for the Arts/ Boys and Girls Club/ Children’s Museum reported no problems.

    The next Task Force Meeting will be Tuesday April 16, 2013.