March 26, 2014


  • Cal South State Cup will be in town at Ryan Park this weekend March 29th & 30th.  Ryan Park has become the hot bed for Southern California tournament soccer over the past few years.  There will be 75 games played with 51 teams.  This weekend we will see close to 2,700 visitors for the Boys under14, Girls under 14, and Girls under16 divisions.  
  • Daley Ranch House Update: We have received final approval on the water well and the leach field at Daley Ranch.  The approval process took less time than anticipated.   Tables and chairs have been delivered to the Ranch House, although some additional equipment is still being ordered (portable dance floor, mirrors, etc.)  We are currently developing our marketing materials and website and will begin actively marketing the Ranch House for events within the next several months. 


  • On Saturday, March 29, from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m., a family friendly event called “Peace Begins with Me!” will be held. This event features live entertainment, interactive booths, and community resources. It is celebrating the season of non-violence, and is co-sponsored by the City of Escondido, the EUSD, The COMPACT-Helping Hands Jr., EGRIP and CARE Youth Project.
  • Sunday, March 30th - Paws in the Park, Kit Carson Park. Walk in the park with your dog to benefit the Escondido Humane Society
  • On Saturday, April 12, there will be an event called the “Ubiquitous Rockin’ Block Party”. This will be held from 2:30 to 8:30 p.m. on the Maple Street Plaza. 
  • On Saturday, April 19th, the Cornerstone Church will hold an Easter Egg Hunt at Grape Day Park. 



  • The Planning Commission recommended approval of the proposed 11-unit Habitat for Humanity project at 537 N. Elm St. (4-0, Weber and Johns absent); the project will be considered by the City Council on 4/9/14. The Commission also unanimously approved Verizon’s request to install a new wireless facility to be mounted on a replacement light standard next to one of the baseball fields in Mountain View Park.
  • On 3/17/14, SANDAG staff  inspected the completed lighting project along the Escondido Creek Channel (Broadway to Ash St.) and expressed positive feedback on the extent of the overall project and other improvements that have been done along the channel (mural at Broadway entrance and storm drain improvements; removal of some unnecessary fencing; cleaning up specific areas; landscaping and lighting adjacent to the Senior project at Juniper; the upcoming Elm Street project and additional creek access that it would provide; and the Ash Street Undercrossing project).  They also were pleased with the number of bicyclists and pedestrians that were using the channel on a Monday morning around 10:00 AM.  They indicated they would be processing the final SANDAG funding for this project.
  • Major Projects Update:
    • Oak Creek (NUW) – The applicant is preparing a schedule for completion of a draft EIR.
    • Amanda Lane (NUW) – The application remains incomplete, awaiting the applicant’s revised submittals in response to LAFCO and staff review. The applicant is evaluating offsite improvements for the storm drain design.
    • Zak/NCA Development –The project is scheduled for Planning Commission hearing on 4/22/14.
    • Centerpointe – The EIR contract is scheduled for Council consideration on March 19th.
    • North Broadway Deficiency Area Projects – The applicant’s submittal of traffic studies for the various projects is behind schedule, effectively delaying the completion of the environmental documents. 

Building Division:

  • The Building Division issued 39 permits, including 6 photovoltaic permits, for a total valuation of $180,148. The permits issued were primarily minor permit types (i.e. water heaters, re-roofs, additions, plumbing, electrical and mechanical permits). The Building counter averaged 28 daily visitors.  Inspections averaged 24 per day. Classical Academy  at 207 E. Pennsylvania, (the old North County Times building) is receiving foundation and underground plumbing inspections. The Monticello assistant living facility at 2323 Felicita Rd.  is receiving underground utilities inspections. The Talk of the Town project at 400 Brotherton Rd. is progressing through masonry inspections.


2013 - 2014 Pavement Repair and Rehabilitation Program:

The paving contractor is working on Mission Avenue between Fig Street and Broadway raising manholes and water valve cans to grade.

Grape Street Public Improvement Project:

No activity to report.   

Private Development

1146 East Valley Parkway- McDonald’s Restaurant:

The new water main syphon has been assembled and is now being tested for water quality by city staff. If the pipeline passes all water quality tests the syphon will be installed on April 8th.

Tract 888-Cambell Court:

The water line has passed all water quality testing and is being connected to the city water system on Tuesday March 25th.

Lincoln Avenue & Escondido Boulevard Gas Main Testing Station:

The contractor has completed the backfill and placement of the first portion of the trench restoration. The concrete surface improvements were replaced this week in preparation of the final paving operation.

RedFlex Camera Removal:

The schedule for removal still has not been made available to us.

7-11 Improvement at Washington Avenue:

The new concrete driveway along Washington Avenue was completed on Monday March 24. The contractors are working along Ash Street to bring in the new electrical service to the store. At the same time the new water and sewer services are being placed along the Washington Avenue frontage.

SDG&E Gas Main Integrity Testing:

Starting Sunday night, March 30 and continuing every night through Monday, April 21, SDG&E will be testing the 16” high pressure gas main located along Enterprise Street to Mission Avenue.  Then the testing will be along Mission Avenue to Metcalf Street and then continuing along Metcalf Street to Lincoln Avenue and ending at Rocksprings Road. The work will be done between 7:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. to minimize the impact on the surrounding business community.    



  • Officer Wyse was the EPD Auto Theft Officer of the Year for 2013.  He was recognized at the Auto Theft Advisory Board Annual Breakfast last week in Balboa Park.  
  • The Police Department participated in a community meeting at the Resurrection Church in Escondido.  The topic was immigration.
  • Over 250 people attend the Police Departments Annual Awards at the CCAE.  Facebook is at 1476 likes; Twitter is at 1501 followers
  • Grape Day Park Task Force: This report summarizes any significant issues and updates since the last report, dated 2/24/14.The Police Department continues its enforcement details as call volume allows, up to several times a day in the Grape Day Park and surrounding areas.  Since the start of the increased focus, the Police Department has conducted 1508 extra patrols in the park, 210 field interviews, 103 citations and 106 arrests. 

The Bike Team Officers, Adan Martinez and Russ Whitaker, continue to focus their efforts in the downtown area including Grape Day Park, Maple Plaza and Signature Pavilion. They are assisted by Patrol Officers and especially our two Community Policing Officers; Aaron Reber and Lew Shaver. 

Acting Sergeant Jared Sinclair is assisting in the coordination of the COPPS efforts of these and Patrol Officers to combat behavior and issues that may be illegal/ undesirable. There were no significant arrests reported.  

There were no significant calls for service around the Grape Day Park, Maple St. Plaza, or Signature Pavilion footprint. During the night of 3/20/14, Officers on a routine extra patrol discovered that there had been a burglary to the train car. The loss was determined to be the cash from the donation box. Historical Society staff was notified.

Upcoming Events:

 Please refer to  for special event information in the Park. For a list of all Escondido Events visit:

Ongoing statistics:

Foot Patrols       1508

Citations              103

FI's                       210

Arrests                 106