• Springhill Suites has submitted a request for an extension of time on their TOT agreement. Staff has requested documentation from them pertaining to the status of their franchise agreement with Marriott to demonstrate that they are still in good standing and have a valid agreement, before scheduling this for reconsideration by the Economic Development Subcommittee. 
  • The public review period has closed for the draft Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) for the proposed modifications to the Lexus Planned Development, to allow outdoor entertainment events. Comments were submitted by several residents as well as a land use attorney; concerns included the lack of limitations on the frequency and duration of events, noise, parking, traffic, air quality and quality of life issues. Staff is reviewing the comments and has deferred the tentative hearing date until at least April 10 in order to address the comments.


The City has received notification from the State that redevelopment repayments will be deferred until FY 14-15. This will significantly reduce the funds available in the upcoming budget for Housing projects and programs such as the rental subsidy program, unless other funding sources can be identified.


Benton Burn Site Remediation

All onsite construction and repairs have been completed at this time. The city is waiting to receive final billing for the project.

Oak Hill Street Modular Site Improvements:

The new asphalt roadway is being placed this week along Oak Hill Drive. The installation of the new fire detector system and related water improvements for the new building was started on Monday and should be completed by the close of work Friday. The construction of the on-site building pad was started this week. Crews are finding some expansive soil that will need to be addressed which will add a few days for this work. City Staff has been in contact with the adjacent property owner at 1341 Oak Hill Drive which has the last remaining unimproved right of way along this section of roadway.  The property owner is willing to dedicate the required 9.5’ of land which will allow the city to complete the remaining curb, gutter, sidewalk and street improvements as part of this project. This item will come before council for approval on the April 3.  As part of this project the removal of an 8’ diameter eucalyptus tree which is presently in the right of way is required.

Private Development


The construction of the new building is continuing. Subcontractors have started to run conduit for the parking lot lighting and on-site storm drain.

Mission Avenue 69 KV Electrical Line:

SDG&E and NCTD have a signed agreement for the work required to bore under the rail alignment at Enterprise Street and Mission Avenue intersection. The tentative start date will be April 1st which will allow for the required 7 days notification along with training all persons working in the NCTD right of way. Three crews are continuing with conduit installation the first is on Ash Street approaching the substation. Crew 2 is working on Mission Avenue east of Juniper Street proceeding to Fig Street. The final crew is completing the bridge crossing at Reidy Creek.

Adapt a Lot @ Grand Avenue and Juniper Street: Heritage Gardens

Additional plants and soil amendments were installed this week

SDG&E Pipeline Reliability Testing at Lincoln Avenue and Midway Drive:

The final design meeting was held this week before approving the 6 phases of construction and all construction related traffic control. The work is scheduled to be completed over a 12 day period.  The work will be performed between 6 A.M and 6 P.M. Monday through Saturday. The work includes the construction of a temporary 12” bypass pipeline and 16” permanent gas main between Goldenrod and Midway Drive. A launch site on Goldenrod will be constructed to install the Smart Pig testing equipment which will inspect the pipe line between Escondido and Carlsbad. The pavement restoration for this project will include complete street resurfacing of Lincoln Avenue between the Goldenrod intersection and Midway Drive intersection. Construction Message Boards along with a press release will be provided in advance of the tentative April 8 start date.

SDG&E Emergency Pipeline Inspection:

All testing and repairs have been completed on the 16” high pressure gas transmission main located on Bear Valley Parkway south of Mary Lane. A second inspection site located north of El Dorado Drive/ Bear Valley Parkway intersection has also been completed. The permanent surface restoration for the work zone located south of Mary Lane has been postponed until next Monday.

City Facility Improvements:

City Hall


  • Stucco repairs continue to be made to all damaged areas.
  • Planter wall in south parking lot adjacent to building has been repaired and painted.
  • Out buildings on the S/W side, between the truck dock and the west parking lot have been completely repaired and painted.
  • Painting of the 2nd floor south balcony trim began this weekend.
  • The Contractor began pressure washing City Hall this past weekend and has completed the Council Chambers north & east side. Painting will follow.  Please note: the pressure washing process will make the building temporarily look worse prior to being repainted.

Landscaping: All trees and shrubs have been trimmed off the building. Landscaping improvements to continue.


Bids have been awarded and materials have been purchased for the Conference Center restroom remodel. Renovation is pending as we seek appropriate times with the Center to schedule the work.

EVCC Improvements:

  • Painting – 97% completed.
  • Flooring – 97% completed.
  • Counters – 60% completed (Reception counter still pending)

Library Roof Replacement:

The tile roof replacement has been completed. Addition repairs are needed on the flat roofs. We will be seeking Council approval for this addition work. Adequate funds are appropriated for this project in the existing CIP.



  • A Community Meeting was held at Escondido High School last Thursday night.  The topic was gangs.  Mayor Abed and Councilmember Morasco attended as well as several experts from the PD.  EGRIP was the sponsor.  The keynote speaker was Officer Adan Martinez.  He told a compelling story about growing up in a gang area of Escondido and being able to rise above the difficulties and realize a dream to be a police officer.

  • Grape Day Park Task Force

The Police Department continues its enforcement details several times a day in the park and surrounding areas.  Since the start of the increased focus, the police department has conducted 511 extra patrols in the park, 112 field interviews, 67 citations and made another 5 arrests in the past week to total 56 arrests.

Police officers continue their enforcement efforts in the park but have increased their focus on the Signature Pavilion, and Maple Plaza.  

Maple Plaza - Since making a number of arrests at Maple plaza using the newly installed cameras, the vandalism and graffiti has subsided. 

Signature Pavilion – Capt. Benton met with Eddie Goldberg today and the property maintenance manager for Signature Plaza.  Goldberg stated he has not received complaints from any of his tenants regarding Juggalo loitering, vandalism or graffiti.  The success is due to the new security hired at the Pavilion.  They continue to do a great job.   

Center for the Arts reported no problems.

Boys and Girls Club has not reported any problems since the arrest of the person who was found in possession of narcotics sleeping nearby.   

Classical Academy and Children’s Museum have reported no problems. 

The playground equipment was approved by the Historic Preservation committee and the Community Services Commission.  The group is now selecting the actual equipment. 

The next Task Force Meeting will be Tuesday April 16, 2013.