• The former Palomar Continuing Care facility at 1817 Avenida del Diablo is now being marketed as “Vista del Lago”, a memory care facility.  Information about it can be found at
  • This weekend March 21st and 22nd Ryan Park will host the Cal South Regional League.  The league is a Premier division invitation only program.  Teams and players from all over the western region will be playing a very high level of soccer at Ryan Park.  There will be sixty games with five boys divisions: B14, B15, B16, B17, & B18.  


Peace Begin with Me
Saturday, March 21st from 1 – 3:30 p.m. at Grape Day Park
Community Event hosted by Escondido COMPACT and the Escondido Union School District.
This event features local organizations coming together to promote peace in our community, and includes information, games and youth activities.

For information about other events taking place in Escondido, please visit


Recent media coverage about the City of San Diego’s planned upgrade to their website over the next two years indicated they are purchasing a new Content Management System to make information more accessible to the public and easier for municipal employees to update.  We already implemented a Content Management System a few years ago which allows various departments to have access to it and update the website on their own. 


Two trees were removed from Grape Day Park on March 17th which were identified as being diseased or unsafe. Additional trees will be replanted on April 25 when a large group of volunteers will be improving the park. The trees that were removed were a pepper tree near the War Memorial on Broadway, and a large pine tree near the Broadway entrance to the park.  In addition, several trees adjacent to Palm Walk near the train depot are distressed and are being treated with injections in an attempt to boost their health and resist disease and damaging insects. 

The show and seasonal cruise night will feature pre-1974 vehicles. The fundraiser is free to view; $20 for show vehicles by Feb. 17, $25 after. Funds will support the free Friday evening Cruisin' Grand shows, which fires up April 3 and will run through September (5-9 p.m.).



  • In late April of this year, SANDAG expects to release a draft of San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan, its Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS), and its Draft Air Quality Conformity Analysis, as well as the accompanying Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) – all for public review and comment. Public outreach and education efforts in support of the release of these draft documents will take place over the next several months; a workshop is tentatively scheduled in Escondido on May 12th from 6-8:30 PM in the Mitchell Room.
  • Staff met with representatives from Save-A-Lot, a discount grocery store chain who is purchasing the building at 619 W. 9th Avenue (Quince & 9th, currently the Bazaar Shops swap meet, formerly Baja Foods.). Save-A-Lot is a national chain with 1,300 locations, including stores in San Diego, El Cajon and Spring Valley. This would be their first store in Escondido. They are proposing significant improvements to the dilapidated building which has been the subject of numerous Code Enforcement cases.
  • The Mitigated Negative Declaration for the Southwest Sewer Realignment Project has been released for a 30-day public review period which ends on April 1, 2015. The document is available at the following links:
  • Major Projects Update:
    • Oak Creek (NUW) – The project and associated EIR were approved by the City Council on March 4th. Staff is coordinating with the applicant on the LAFCO application.
    • Amanda Estates (NUW) – The project was unanimously recommended for approval by the Planning Commission on March 10th. The City Council hearing is scheduled for April 8th.
    • Centerpointe 78 Commercial – The Draft EIR remains on hold at the applicant’s request pending resolution of traffic mitigation requirements. Staff has requested further analysis of alternative mitigation measures.
    • North Broadway Deficiency Area Projects – Staff continues to work with the anticipated developer (Lennar) of the properties east of Ash Street regarding a comprehensive grading plan and associated design changes, with the goal of achieving substantial conformance with the approved tentative maps as anticipated in the development agreements. The developer is working towards commencement of grading activities in mid-April. Revisions to the traffic analysis are still needed to address construction vehicle trips from the proposed mass grading and import of fill. The Zenner project will be considered by the Planning Commission on March 24th. A petition has been submitted from area residents objecting to the proposed closure of Lehner Avenue at Vista Ave.
    • Kaen Planned Development (2516 S. Escondido Blvd.) – The applicant has proposed a revised conceptual plan in response to issues pertaining to the residential product type and density, site planning, emergency access, open space amenities, storm water compliance, architectural design and overall quality for the proposed 68-unit townhouse project.
    • Wohlford – An incomplete letter has been sent for the proposed 55-unit residential subdivision and planned development at 661 Bear Valley Parkway. The applicant is coordinating with staff regarding a Specific Alignment Plan for Bear Valley Parkway.
    • Latitude II – The project is incomplete. The applicant anticipates submittal of revised plans this week in response to staff comments. 

Building Division: 

  • The Building Division issued 51 permits for the week with a total valuation of $146,240. The majority of the permits were minor type permits including plumbing, electrical and mechanical permits.
  • 16 photovoltaic permits were issued this week with 178 permits issued so far this year compared to 104 issued at the same time last year.
  • Inspections and counter contacts remain steady with inspections averaging 24 per day with 28 on Friday and counter contacts averaging 37 per day with 28 on Friday.
  • The Building Division has approved the plans for a new 76 unit condominium project at 2412 S Escondido Blvd. Recordation of the Final Map is required prior to building permit issuance.
  • Construction activity has resumed at the Talk of the Town carwash and restaurant at 444 Brotherton Rd.
  • Plans were submitted this week for 3 new custom single family dwellings.
  • The new Monticello Assistive living facility is moving towards a final building inspection projected for the end of April.
  • Plans are in for review for the new building and tenant improvement for the Church of Resurrection at 1445 Conway Dr.
  • Plans were submitted for plan review for the new Taco Bell restaurant and office building that will replace the existing restaurant at 627 N. Escondido Blvd. 


FY2014-2015 Street Rehabilitation Project:
March 16th, 2015 through March 20th, 2015 the concrete subcontractor will be removing and replacing concrete for the pedestrian ramps, driveways and sidewalks along Pennsylvania Avenue between Valley Parkway and Beech Street. 

Elm Street between Washington Avenue and the Flood Control Channel:
Concrete curb and gutter is being placed this week on Tuesday and Thursday. The water main servicing the Habitat for Humanity project was tied into the recently accepted water main located along Elm Street.  

Private Development 

Bear Valley Parkway between Boyle Avenue and San Pasqual Valley Road (County Project):
The contractor is placing base material for the east side road section between Boyle Avenue and Birch Street. The new gas main is being installed along the eastern portion of the new roadway between Birch Avenue and Idaho Avenue. Water main installation is being installed between Idaho Avenue and Suburban Hills Drive. 

2412 South Escondido Boulevard:
The contractor has started to construct the onsite retaining walls. The new 48” storm drain system is being installed. Potholing of existing utilities is being performed in preparation to constructing a water main syphon along Escondido Boulevard. 

Escondido Boulevard at 3rd Avenue Fiber Optic Project:
Conduit installation has been completed from the tie-in location on Escondido Boulevard, down 3rd Avenue to Broadway.  The remaining installation from 3rd Avenue to the 2nd Avenue and Broadway was completed on Friday, March 13. Staff is waiting on a construction schedule for completing restoration to the public improvements along the construction route. 



UCR CRIME UPDATE (YTD through end of February)

  • Overall Crime is down 10.13% as compared to the same time period in 2014.
  • Violent Crime is up 60.00% as compared to the same time period in 2014. The vast majority of the increase has been in the aggravated assault category.  There has been a spike in gang violence, which accounts for most of the increase.  In response, the Gang Investigation Unit has increased its enforcement efforts, which has started to drive those numbers back down.
  • Property Crime is down 17.66% as compared to the same time period in 2014. 


Channel 8 TV did a positive story on one of our Police Athletic League basketball coaches, Toran Gaal, who is a Former Marine Sergeant and a double-amputee. He is coaching basketball for second and third graders.  To view the clip visit:


  • On 03-09-15, the police received information that a violent crime may have occurred at a residence on Mountain View Dr. Officers responded and discovered a deceased elderly female at the residence.  It was later determined that she died as a result of blunt force trauma.  The police quickly determined that the adopted son, Joseph Stuber, was a likely suspect.  A public safety bulletin was released to be on the lookout for Stuber.  The following morning, EPD detectives located Stuber deceased in his vehicle in Del Mar.  Preliminary evidence suggests that Stuber committed suicide after killing his mother.
  • On the morning of 03-09-15, an unknown male suspect lured several teenage female students to his car and then exposed himself to them. The girls were walking to Mission Middle School and the suspect was parked near the school.  None of the girls were touched or harmed by the suspect.  By the time it was reported to the police, the suspect was gone.  FPU detectives conducted under cover surveillance in the afternoon and the following morning, but the suspect did not show.  A public safety press release was issued warning students and their families of the incident.  Owens is holding a safety class for female students at Mission Middle School on 03-18-15, which was actually scheduled before this incident took place.  Lt. Owens will specifically address how to protect themselves from this kind of incident.
  • On 03-15-15, officers responded to a solo vehicle traffic collision on El Norte Pkwy east of Kaile Ln. Officers determined that the female driver struck head on into the bridge abutment over the flood control channel.  The female driver was seriously injured as a result of the collision.  She was arrested on suspicion of DUI and released to the hospital for treatment.
  • In addition to the above mentioned highlights, we had 2 shootings, 2 stabbings, 2 robberies, and 1 rape. They are all initially believed to be gang, drug, or domestic violence related.  There was a car fire at 830 W. Lincoln Ave and trees were lit on fire at Kit Carson Park in two separate incidents.  The car fire was intentionally set by the owner and the tree fire was accidentally set by students filming a school project.  The students and their parents claimed full responsibility and are working with the city on restitution.
  • On 03-09-15, a truant detail was run in conjunction with the Escondido Education Compact and the Escondido Union High School District. During the sweep, 5 truants were detained and brought to EPD. Four of the five were high school students, four were from the Escondido school system, 1 student was from the San Marcos school district. One of the first subjects brought to EPD was 11 and an elementary school student. Members of the detail were not able to recall getting a truant so young during a detail. All students were either released to family members or their respective schools. 


  • The Escondido Police Department hosted its annual Awards Ceremony celebrating all of the great work accomplished in 2014. Citizens, business partners, and staff were honored for excellent performance and outstanding achievements.
  • The local American Legion Post 149 honored public safety members at their annual awards ceremony. Police personnel received awards for Heroism, Valor, Traffic Officer of the Year, and the Medal of Merit.
  • Officers and detectives participated in a fun run at L.R. Green School sponsored through the Escondido PAL program. They led the kids through stretches and each class ran for 30 minutes.  Every class at the school participated and it was a big hit with the kids.  See photos below.