The Small Business Seminar and Expo held last Thursday was a resounding success with over 350 persons in attendance.



A Conditional Use Permit application has been submitted for the John Paul the Great Catholic University campus. The CUP currently includes only the Mingei property at 155 W. Grand. The application indicates a current enrollment of 120 on-campus students, with growth projections to 600 students within the next 10 years. The applicants are still negotiating the use of other available properties and intend to modify the CUP once those negotiations are completed.

The City has received notification from the California Department of Housing and Community development (HCD) that the recently adopted Housing Element for the 2013-2021 cycle is in full compliance with State Housing Element law. The means that the City now meets specific requirements for several State funding program designed to reward local governments for compliance with Housing Element law, and also improves the City’s eligibility to compete  for various SANDAG grants. Escondido is currently one of only three cities in the County which have adopted a Housing Element found to be in compliance for the 2013-2021 cycle.


Benton Burn Site Remediation:

The pavement subcontractor is set to complete the private street repairs this Friday. This will close out all items of work related to this project.

Oak Hill Street Modular Site Improvements:

The sidewalks along Oak Hill Drive are being formed and concrete placed by the end of the week. The paving contractor is drying out the roadway subgrade flooded during this past week’s major rain event.

Dos Cabazos Retaining Wall Project:

This project is completed and was on budget. The project will have a Notice of Completion filed within 10 days.

Private Development 


The construction of the store walls is continuing. The removal of the excess soil stock pile has been completed.

Mission Avenue 69 KV Electrical Line:

There have been some exciting developments this week.  The design conflict located within the Caltrans right of way has been resolved. The contractor should be mobilizing a crew this next week to tie in the conduit packages which is preventing the installation of the conductors by the SDG&E crews. This section of work may take up to two weeks to complete.  City Staff walked the project with representatives of the utility and paving subcontractor to finalize the limits of work. The finish paving will begin within two weeks and be completed over a three day period. All paving will occur during the project’s night time operation. Installations crews completed the conduit and temporary paving at Mission Avenue at Centre City Parkway this week. This allows SDG&E to schedule a cable pull from the vault located at the Mt. Vernon Inn driveway on Mission Avenue to the vault located at the Mission Avenue / Juniper Street intersection (3,075.00’).

Adopt a Lot @ Grand and Juniper Street: Heritage Gardens

The final project is taking shape with the delivery of trees to be located around the garden. The water supply to the garden was finalized this week with the installation of the water meter and back flow device.

Contempo Townhomes- Tract 921:

On site sewer and storm drain has been completed.

Cox Communication Permit Work:

Staff met with Cox representatives regarding an upcoming project to bring service to the downtown area. The first phase of the project is located in the alley which is boarded by Grand Avenue to the south and Valley Parkway to the north, Juniper Street to the east and Maple Street to the west. All construction activity has been put on hold until after the Amgen event in May. Design and permit approval will be completed in the coming weeks so that Cox can start the project on May 13.

SDG&E Emergency Pipeline Inspection:

City Staff was contacted late last night after reviewing the pipeline data provided by the smart pig tool that was used for the gas line inspection between Rainbow and Lake Hodges. The utility engineers have found some anomalies on the 16” pipeline which require immediate inspection. The pipeline investigation is located on south bound Bear Valley Parkway, #2 lane adjacent to Kit Carson Park between Mary Lane and San Pasqual Road. Due the safety- related nature of this utility pipeline, the work will begin on Thursday 14, 2013 and proceed for up to 7 calendar days. There will be periods that the work will continue through the evening hours. The SDG&E Public Relation staff will be in contact with the three schools located along Bear Valley Parkway to provide information regarding the single lane closure and the potential for traffic delays. Electronic message boards will in place north and south of the work zone to warn the traveling public of the potential for delays through this area for the next seven days.   

City Facility Improvements:

City Hall

  • Stucco Repairs are being made to all damaged areas.
  • Planter wall in south parking lot adjacent to building has been completely repaired and painted.
  • Mechanical building adjacent to the truck dock has been completely repaired and painted.
  • West wall of the high tower by the Mitchell Room has been repaired and painted.
  • The 2nd floor South balcony railing has been repaired; Painting will follow.
  • Contractor will begin pressure washing City Hall this weekend. CCAE to follow.

Staff has painted many areas inside City Hall including: The grand staircase, the second floor lobby area, all the pillars in the first floor lobby, the west employee entrance stairway, the elevator service areas, and some of the back hallways.

All trees and shrubs have been trimmed off the building. Landscaping improvements to continue.


Bids have been awarded and materials have been purchased for the Conference Center restroom remodel. Renovation is pending as we seek appropriate times with the Center to schedule the work.

EVCC Computer Lab:

Remodel is completed. Security cameras still need to be activated.

EVCC Improvements:

Tiny Tot Area – Completed.

Remainder of Building

  • Painting – 95% completed
  • Flooring – 95% completed
  • Counters – 60% completed (Reception counter still pending)

Library Roof Replacement:

The tile roof replacement has been completed. Addition repairs are needed on the flat roofs. We will be seeking Council approval for this additional work. Adequate funds are appropriated for this project in the existing CIP.



  • On Thursday, March 14, from 6:30 -8:30 p.m. the Escondido Gang Reduction Intervention Prevention (EGRIP) will be holding a Community Meeting at Escondido High School in the Performing Arts Center. Escondido High School is located at 1535 N. Broadway. EGRIP has arranged for guest speakers who have first-hand knowledge and experiences that they will share with the audience regarding gang culture and how it impacts our families and our community. They will talk about the challenges our kids and families face from a perspective of someone who has experienced it themselves.

The evening is also dedicated to getting the audience involved through questions and discussion. EGRIP will have a panel of experts to answer and address the questions that are on the minds of families, youth, and the community.

EGRIP is trying to build safer communities and give our residents help, information, and tools so they can better respond to the challenges we all face with gangs. Among the many areas that will be discussed are:

    • Prevention Services
    • Family Resources
    • Law Enforcement Perspective
    • Intervention Strategies
    • Childcare and translation will be provided. This is a free event.

  • Sgt. Al Owens taught a Self-defense for seniors class on Thursday, March 7 at the Park Avenue Community Center.  The following is a class description:

Situational awareness and knowing the basic steps to help you avoid being the victim of a crime are key to your safety.  This class will teach you practical application of self-defense techniques.  Students will be concentration on form.  All techniques will be controlled and performed at low-intensity to avoid injuries.  You will learn to defend yourself with flashlights, books, pens, and magazines.  You will work at your own pace.  Everyone can do it.  Be prepared to build your confidence and have fun!

  • Grape Day Task Force Update

At last Wednesday’s council meeting, Captain Benton presented an overview of the Grape Day Taskforce and was approved $62,000 in funds to replace the aging video camera system in the park, as well as install additional security gates at City Hall.  With the funding, those projects will start to move forward. 

The Police Department continues its enforcement details several times a day in the park and surrounding areas.  Since the start of the increased focus, the police department has conducted 505 extra patrols in the park, 100 field interviews, 67 citations and made 53 arrests. 

Maple Plaza - The Police Department now has the ability to view the Maple Plaza camera system.  Dispatchers have noticed a number of incidents at Maple Plaza including one person who appeared to be vandalizing one of the poles in the plaza with graffiti.  The dispatcher notified a field unit who made contact with the individual and realized the person was not vandalizing the pole but instead was stealing electricity.  The officer discovered the man was on parole and was subsequently arrested and parole revoked. 

Signature Pavilion – Officers and security agents at Signature Plaza have reported that loitering is still a problem at the plaza on Friday and Saturday nights.  However, they have not experienced additional vandalism or graffiti.  Classical Academy will move into the vacant space at Signature Plaza overlooking the plaza.  Cameron Curry stated he will keep security and police apprised of illegal activity. 

Center for the Arts - reported one of their patron’s vehicles was stolen from the parking lot last Saturday night, while the patron attended a CCAE event.  There is no suspect information. 

Boys and Girls Club – Subsequent to the arrest of the person who was sleeping in the bushes near the Boys and Girls club, there have been no more reports of vandalism nor  human waste in the bushes.

Classical Academy and Children’s Museum/ reported no problems. 

The playground equipment was approved by the Historic Preservation committee and the Community Services Commission.  The group is now selecting the actual equipment. 

The next Task Force Meeting will be Tuesday April 16, 2013.  


Attached is the statistical report for January 2013.