Improving the community’s appearance is a high priority of the City Council.  You can help our efforts to maintain an attractive city by reporting graffiti vandalism, potholes, burned out street lights, abandoned shopping carts, and code violations such as illegal garage conversions and properties with tall weeds, etc.   The sooner our dedicated staff members are notified about these issues, the sooner they can respond and we will all enjoy a cleaner, safer, more attractive city.  Here are a variety of ways to report problems:


Pre-program you phone with the following numbers:

  • 760-839-4650 to report code violations
  • 760-839-4349 to report potholes
  • 760-839-4633 to report graffiti
  • Or call 760-839-4668 and select from a menu of options to report the problem you see:
    • Graffiti
    • Potholes
    • Street light outages
    • Abandoned shopping carts
    • Dead animal removal
    • City Irrigation Leak
    • Overgrown Vegetation
    • Traffic Signal Malfunction
  • You can also use your smart phone to report graffiti and potholes by downloading the Escondido, Report It App. For more information visit


Visit to fill out an online form to report a variety of issues including, potholes, graffiti, and code enforcement violations.