• Next week the first planning meeting to celebrate Escondido’s 125th Anniversary will be held. Representatives from the History Center, DBA, Chamber of Commerce and City staff from the Manager’s Office and Police and Fire Departments will be participating.Two grant applications have been filed for façade remodels on the following properties: 1.) Assistance League of Inland North County thrift shop on East Valley Parkway and 2.) Home Décor Imports on Grand Ave.
  • We have quite a few sports events taking place over the next few weeks:
    • June 22 & 23 – Kickin’ It Challenge soccer tournament at Ryan Park
    • June 26 – 30 – Veteran’s Cup soccer tournament at Ryan Park
    • June 27 – 30 – Freedom Tournament Kit Carson Park Softball fields
    • July 9 – 14 – Triple Crown World Series softball tournament Kit Carson Park Softball fields
  • Other special events:
    Last week:
       • 6/1 – GEAR UP hosted by Palomar College, Grape Day Park
       • 6/1 – San Diego Century Bicycle Tour 2013, Street of Escondido
    This Week:
       • 6/8 – Two Worlds Connect Ride for Africa, Streets of Escondido



June 11, 2013 Planning Commission Items:

  1. Public Hearing: Wireless antenna CUP in the Emerald Heights development (PHG: 13-0013)
  2. Current Business: Walmart’s sign program on East Grand Avenue (ADM: 09-0062 / 13-0079)
  3. Current Business: Union 76 & 7-11 monument sign on W. El Norte Parkway (ADM: 13-0086)

City staff has contacted representatives from the Niki Charitable Art Foundation to discuss next steps for repairing and securing the Queen Califia Sculpture Garden.


  1. Building issued 41 permits for the week with a total valuation of $974,453.
  2. Inspections and counter contacts remain constant with average daily inspections of 20 with 36 on Friday and counter contacts of 31 with 21 on Friday.
  3. Projects at Contempo, Walmart, Westfield Mall Cheese Cake Factory and Stone Brewery expansion and bottling facility continue to progress through the construction phases of their projects.
  4. Permits were issued for the 2nd phase of the Contempo project Building 2, 10,197 square feet with 7 units.
  5. Photovoltaic permits continue to lead the permit activity for the year with 124 issued so far this year and 14 for the month of May.

Code Enforcement:

Weekend staff commenced operations on 04/22/13 and since that time has removed approximately 700 illegally posted signs and documented 79 garage sales. This past weekend staff issued 14 Notice of Violations for signs illegally posted on public property, pulled a total of 127 signs, and documented 6 additional garage sales.

Several new tracked items have come in for older cases (a couple over 1.5 years old) due to citations being issued.


525 N. Quince (the old Cocina del Charro restaurant) property presented grave concerns to the City as a liability and tapped into City resources for ongoing property management issues.  The property had been the subject of ongoing trespass and complaints by neighboring businesses. Abatement of vagrants required time and attention for various Real Property, Code Enforcement, City Attorney and Police personnel. The structures on site were dilapidated and blighted and the falling roof tiles presented a safety concern. The property itself became littered with debris and overgrown weeds on a recurring basis, requiring time and attention by City Public Works personnel every few months.  For these reasons, the City Council approved a budget for demolishing the structures at 525 N. Quince in order to most effectively limit liability and ease safety and blight concerns.  The demolition was successfully completed on May 31, 2013.  Rental revenue received from the neighboring City-owned property, 455 N. Quince, will be utilized to fund the $48,974.32 demolition efforts at the subject site.

It is anticipated that the above-referenced issues related to this property will be drastically reduced and/or eliminated now that the structures have been razed.


Capital Improvement

Oak Hill Site Improvements:

The removal of the existing striping was completed this past week.

Private Development


The paving contractor is completing the final touches in preparation to placing the base course of asphalt on the onsite parking lot. Landscaping elements are being placed in the parking lot area and the off-site sidewalk replacement along Grand Avenue was completed this week. The new plastic clad chain link fencing is being installed along the Grand Avenue frontage.

Mission Avenue 69 kv Electrical Line:

All finish paving will be completed along the construction route by Friday of this week. The traffic striping contractor is set to begin this next Monday. The entire construction phase of the project should be completed by June 21.  SDG&E will be completing cable installation and splicing sometime in August.

Lincoln Avenue @ Midway Drive Gas Main Replacement and Testing Station:

Preparation for the scheduled shut down is ongoing this week.

Cox Communication Downtown System Upgrade: Phase 1 &2

The contractor is continuing with the installation of new conduits and vaults along the alley. Two abandoned unmarked water services were hit and repairs made this week. No service interruption to the businesses was experienced.



Grape Day Task Force:

The Police Department continues its enforcement details several times a day in the park and surrounding areas.  Since the start of the increased focus, the police department has conducted 700 extra patrols in the park, 127 field interviews, 73 citations and 72 arrests.  We have had no calls for service at Grape Day Park for the past week, and only one at Maple Plaza complaining of skateboarders. 

Boys and Girls club did report a suspicious person driving a green Subaru attempting to lure one of their adult staffers to the car.  The staffer reported the incident to her supervisor who notified EPD.  At this time the vehicle and driver have yet to be identified.  The information was shared with the security staff of CCAE, Classical Academy, and Signature Plaza.  There have been no similar reports. 

Signature Pavilion – Security officers continue to monitor the area for problems.  Other than occasional skateboarders and persons not noticing the no smoking signs, there have been no problems. 

Latitude 33 – Ryan mentioned residents of the complex would like to be more involved in the community and are looking for volunteer opportunities in the area.  He also mentioned that the first of the new Catholic University residents are moving in. 

History Center – Wendy Barker mentioned that the movies in the park sponsored by the History Center will start again in July, but is looking for possible sponsors. 

Classical Academy/ Boys and Girls Club/ Children’s Museum: There have been no reports of problems. 

Jay Petrek will be eliciting for input for the Grape Day master plan at the next meeting scheduled for next week. 

The next Task Force Meeting will be Tuesday June 11. 

Social Media:

EPD Facebook continues to grow.  As of right now, they are at 754 “likes”