June 4, 2014


As a direct result of Police Officers’ observations the City Attorney and the Police Chief have been working together to address issues at the partially-constructed property at Third Avenue and Escondido Boulevard.  By the end of this week, the City Attorney’s Office should be filing a complaint for declaration of public nuisance, an injunction, etc. against the various property owners, banks, and lienholders, who have been squabbling over the property for several years now. 


No special events this weekend. 



  • Major Projects Update:
  • Oak Creek (NUW) – Staff review of the first screencheck draft for the EIR is underway with transmittal of comments anticipated by the end of the week. The tentative schedule anticipates issuance of the draft EIR for public review by the end of June.
  • Amanda Lane (NUW) – The applicant is working on a resubmittal package which is anticipated to be submitted within the next week.
  • Zak/NCA Development – The City Council hearing date is been tentatively scheduled for 6/11/14.
  • Centerpointe 78 Commercial: – Preparation of the draft EIR is underway; the first screen check anticipated in mid-June.
  • North Broadway Deficiency Area Projects: – The Planning Commission approved the two 16-lot subdivisions at 926 Lehner Ave (Baker), and 836 Stanley Ave. (Boer) on May 27th. The project is scheduled for Council consideration on June 18th.
  • The U.S Department of Health and Human Services application for a Conditional Use Permit for a Youth Special Needs Facility at the former Palomar Continuing Care facility on Avenida Del Diablo is tentatively scheduled to be considered by the Planning Commission on 6/24/14. The facility is proposed to be operated by Southwest Keys. 

Building Division:

  • The Building Division issued 23 permits for the week with a valuation of $110,652. Permits were primarily minor miscellaneous type permits. Inspections and counter contacts remain constant with average daily inspections of 24 with 19 on Friday and average daily counter contacts of 24 with 28 on Friday.
  • Building issued 4 photovoltaic permits this week, 45 this month and a total of 216 permits to date.
  • Building conducted rough electric and foundation inspection approvals for the new pylon sign at North County Mall.
  • Habitat for Humanity began their Builder’s Blitz Monday 6/2/14 for one single family dwelling and 3 duplexes on N. Elm St., with the anticipated final inspections on Friday June 6th.
  • Building has issued 124 more permits this year than the same time last year with building valuations of $26,385,876 compared with $ 15,825,434 same time last year.


2013 - 2014 Pavement Repair and Rehabilitation Program:

The contractor is replacing survey monuments and will be going to Council for approval on June 18th. 

Red Flex Camera Removal:

The contractor has submitted the final traffic control plans for removal of the camera’s.  Work should start in a couple weeks.       

Private Development 

1146 East Valley Parkway- McDonald’s Restaurant:

The contractor is completing the final stages of construction.  The grand opening is set for June 10, 2014. 

Tract 888-Cambell Court:

Concrete sidewalks, driveways and cross gutters have been completed.  Asphalt was placed for the new road section on June 3, 2014 

Black Angus-North County Fair:

Work is ongoing for the excavation of the building pad. Connection to the city’s water main should start this week. 

Church of the Resurrection

The Contractor is working on the on-site storm drain.  



  • Escondido Police Family Intervention Team (FIT) held a graduation last week.  FIT is an intervention gang program for youth. 
  • Detective Bill Havens received an award from Crime Stoppers at the Annual Crime Stoppers Enough is Enough Luncheon.  Information posted on the PD Facebook page.
  • Officer Craig Bond received an award at the 28th Annual San Diego Behavioral Health Recognition Dinner.  He was the First Responder of the Year. 
  • Chief Carter attended two Alcohol Policy panels last week.
  • A  recruitment drive for position of police officer is now underway, with information on Facebook
  • The Police Department has extra patrols for the various graduations across Escondido this week with a focus on DUI. 


  • Escondido has been awarded The “Best Urban Forestry Program” by the California Urban Forests Council. This award is given to the municipality, community, or business that has shown the most improvement in the past year or has demonstrated over a period of several years’ exceptional leadership, innovation, growth, and, community involvement in creating a consistent and well-managed urban forest.
  • The Graffiti Eradication Team (GET) completed 775 requests for graffiti eradication in the month of May 2014. There were 701 requests received, 359 of which were proactively handled by the GET before they were reported. During May of 2013 there were 1,044 graffiti eradication requests received, compared to 701 in May of this year. This represents a 33% reduction in graffiti. In the first 5 months of 2013 there were 4,747 locations where graffiti was eradicated, in the same 5 month period in 2014 necessary removals have decreased to 3,822. This is a reduction of 925 graffiti incidents representing a 19.5% reduction in graffiti as compared to the same time frame last year.