The Economic Development Division, in partnership with the Utilities Department, is offering a special informational meeting for businesses about how the new drought regulations may affect them.  The meeting will be held on June 23 from  6:00 to 7:00  p.m. in the Mitchell room. Christopher McKinney, Director of Utilities will give an update on the new regulations as well as tips for businesses from the water conservation staff.  All business owners are welcome to attend.



On April 22, 2015, Council approved resolutions 2015-59, 60, and 61, authorizing the issuance of three Refunding Bond issues for the purpose of achieving future debt service cost savings from the refinancing of three existing bond obligations.    As of May 12, all three Refunding issues have been successfully sold and are in various stages of finalization.  All three Refunding Bond issues will be finalized and closed before fiscal year end and the related outstanding refunded bond issues will be fully redeemed on or before September 1, 2015.

Economic and market conditions existing on the date of each respective bond sale proved favorable to the City.   For each of the Refunding Bond issues, the final realized present value savings exceeded the original savings estimates presented to Council.  The City will  realize  $12.6 Million in  aggregate  net present value savings for  the  three refunding transactions, which represents an increase of  $1.7 million, or 15.6 %,   over  the original estimate of  $10.9 million ( based on March 6, 2015 market conditions and assumptions).  The effect of the savings realized on these refunding transactions translates to:  (1) average annual cash flow savings of $746,000 related to reduction of Wastewater Utility Fund  debt service costs;  (2)  General Obligation Bond debt service cash flow savings averaging  $488,000 per year, and resulting in an estimated 10 percent decrease in the 2015-16 General Obligation tax levy rate as applied to assessed property values;  and (3) a decrease in annual debt service costs related to the Eureka Ranch CFD bonds, resulting in average annual cash flow savings  of $151,000 and producing an average annual tax levy savings of approximately $400 per parcel for residents in the Eureka  Ranch Community Facilities District.



No special events scheduled this weekend.




  • Felicita Development, LLC has submitted a Planned Development application for the vacant 6.9 acre property at the southeast corner of Felicita Rd. and Gamble Lane. The proposed project includes the phased development of a 140-unit hotel, an 80-unit extended stay hotel, a 120-bed assisted living facility and a gas station. The application is under review for completeness.
  • Interfaith has submitted a Conditional Use Permit application for a 50-bed year-round emergency shelter at their existing facility at 550 W. Washington. The CUP application is under review for completeness.
  • Staff continues to monitor major development applications that are currently being processed to assess their entitlement status in light of pending and more restrictive storm water requirements that the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) requires be adopted by the City on or before December 24, 2015. Staff anticipates a heavy workflow from developers who have expressed an interest in starting grading of their projects prior to December 24th in order to be subject to current requirements.  Staff is taking a proactive approach to discuss processing timelines with existing applicants and providing guidance to applicants on what they can do to meet their desired goals. The final RWQCB workshop on “prior lawful approval” (to define what projects can proceed under the existing permit) is on June 30th.  The draft language is anticipated to be released a few days beforehand, and the language still needs to go through the adoption process. The main public portal is
  • The tentative subdivision map application submitted for the former Escondido Country Club property is undergoing a review for completeness. Comments will be issued to the applicant by June 5th. Until the litigation is resolved and the City decides not to appeal, the ECCHO initiative remains in effect and would prevent a residential project from being processed. The proposed project description and additional information is available at the following link:
  • The County of San Diego has released the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the proposed Valiano Specific Plan project in Eden Valley. Comments from agencies, organizations, and interested individuals are due to the County on June 15, 2015. The proposed project includes 326 homes on 238 acres. The San Dieguito Community Planning Group will be considering the Valiano project at a separate meeting, tentatively scheduled for June 11, 2015. Link to County’s information:


  • Major Projects Update:
  • Oak Creek (NUW) – The applicant is preparing additional information requested by LAFCO for the annexation application. The applicant is coordinating with LAFCO staff regarding their recommendation that the proposed annexation boundary be expanded to include a roadway segment of Hamilton Lane between Bernardo and Felicita Avenues. This road segment does not meet City standards. A LAFCO hearing date has not yet been scheduled. Staff met to with the developer to discuss the permit submittal and plan check process, particularly regarding their timing expectations in anticipation of the new storm water requirements.

  • Amanda Estates (NUW) – LAFCO staff has reviewed the two annexation applications for completeness and sent a letter identifying the additional information needed to process the Amanda Estates annexation and the associated annexation for the “Disadvantaged Unincorporated Community” (DUC) properties. No further action is anticipated for the DUC annexation. A LAFCO hearing date has not yet been scheduled.

  • Centerpointe 78 Commercial – Staff is reviewing sections of the screen check EIR as they become available. An amendment to the EIR contract was approved on May 20th, to authorize additional traffic analysis of the alternative traffic mitigation measures proposed by the applicant. Funding for this amendment has been requested but not yet received. The consultant is awaiting submittals from the applicant needed to complete the draft EIR.

  • North Broadway Deficiency Area Projects – Staff continues to coordinate with the various development teams regarding the design of infrastructure improvements and has taken a proactive approach with County staff on review of required improvements within the unincorporated area. A grading permit has been issued for Lennar’s “Pradera” project and building permit applications for the model homes (incorporating enhanced architectural features) are anticipated in the next week. Staff is working with the applicant to resolve setback issues relating to the location of the perimeter walls. The Pickering annexation has been recorded. The Zenner annexation application is under review by LAFCO.

  • Kaen Planned Development (2516 S. Escondido Blvd.) –The applicant is evaluating a redesign that would eliminate up to 3 units to provide improved emergency access, neighborhood compatibility and aesthetics. The application remains incomplete.

  • Wohlford – A letter has been sent for the proposed 55-unit residential subdivision and planned development at 661 Bear Valley Parkway advising the applicant that the application is incomplete and identifying the necessary submittals to continue processing the application. The applicant is coordinating with staff regarding a Specific Alignment Plan for Bear Valley Parkway and is exploring acquisition of the adjacent, triangular shaped parcel to the south to accommodate anticipated road improvements along this road. Resubmittal is anticipated in the next week.

  • Latitude II – Staff continues to work with the applicant’s design team to identify and evaluate solutions on site planning issues. A revised Fire Master Plan has been submitted for review. The applicant continues to negotiate with the owner of the adjacent motel regarding the use of the remnant parcel containing the motel sign along CCP. Consensus has not yet been reached regarding the design of the sewer line easements and improvements along the east property line. Preparation of a traffic study and draft negative declaration by the applicant’s consultant is underway, but has not yet been submitted.

  • Staff has provided comments on the revised tentative map submitted by Shea Homes for a substantial conformance review and determination for the 179-lot residential subdivision known as Hidden Valley Ranch (Tract 923).A revised plan for the internal park acreage is under review. While the Precise Plan has not yet been submitted, the applicant has identified up to 20 lots where the proposed units do not meet setback requirements of the planned development.

  • The proposed modification to redevelop the Emmanuel Faith Community Church campus at 639 E. 17th Ave. is scheduled for Planning Commission on June 9th. Information on the project can be found at:

  • Concordia Homes submitted a draft Specific Plan and tentative subdivision map for the Safari Highlands project for conceptual review prior to their formal application submittal. The project includes annexation and Sphere of Influence update for the 1,098 acres site and a subdivision to create 550 residential lots in seven neighborhoods, with lot sizes ranging from 7,663 SF to 4.76 acres. Staff working on consultant agreements to provide extension of staff services to process the anticipated application; execution of the contracts is needed prior to submittal of a formal application. The applicant is coordinating with LAFCO regarding anticipated requirements and study area for a Sphere of Influence update.


Building Division:

  • The Building Division issued 69 permits for the week with a total valuation of $352,582.
  • 27 photovoltaic permits were issued for the week.  Building has issued 438 permits so far this year compared to 215 issued at the same time last year.
  • Inspections and counter contacts remain steady with inspections averaging 31 per day with 25 on Friday and counter contacts averaging 35 per day with 19 on Friday.
  • The Department of Housing and Community Development HCD), Division of Codes and Standards has issued an Information Bulletin (attached) regarding Emergency Regulations which were approved by the Building Standards Commission on May 29, 2015, and are effective June 1, 2015. These emergency regulations are intended to reduce outdoor potable water irrigation for newly installed landscapes for new residential construction by requiring water budgets with modified adjustment factors. 


Code Enforcement:

  • As of June 1st, the total number of open code enforcement case is 386 cases, with a backlog of an additional 58 cases not yet opened for assignment and investigation. During the prior week, 39 new cases were opened, 64 cases were closed and a total of 98 signs were removed. While no public records requests (PRR) were processed last week, the year-to-date total is 60 requests. Recruitment is underway for one full-time and three part-time vacant officer positions to assist with the backlog.

  • Last week the Business License Division received 22 new applications and 148 renewals, and issued 10 new licenses.



FY 2014-2015 Street Rehabilitation Project:

June 1, 2015 through June 5, 2015 the concrete subcontractor will be completing concrete for the pedestrian ramps, driveways and sidewalks along Grand Avenue, Hickory Street to Valley Boulevard.


Indian Creek Emergency Channel Repair:

The contractor has begun the removal of the failed wall panel. Construction was postponed due to the multiple storms that the area experienced this past month. Work should be completed by June 12 ,2015

Private Development

Bear Valley Parkway between Boyle Avenue and San Pasqual Valley Road (County Project):

The contractor has closed the intersection at Idaho Avenue and Bear Valley Parkway to through traffic. The work is proceeding but the reopening of the intersection has been pushed back to June 19, 2015 due to ongoing water line construction. The underground contractor is forming for the new wall footing at Bear Valley Parkway and Boyle Avenue. New concrete curb and gutter is being poured this week on new Bear Valley Parkway between Idaho Avenue and Suburban Hills Drive. Bore pits are being installed for the installation of the next phase of the water main construction under the County water Authority line near Idaho Avenue.

2412 South Escondido Boulevard:

The construction of the new onsite water main is continuing this week.

Pradera - Lennar Communities: The demolition of existing structures is ongoing. The truck haul route was approved this week. The project calls for importing 140,000 cubic yards of dirt which will equal 450 truck trips along the approved route. Processing of permits and traffic control are the order of work for this phase of construction.


Private Development – Current Plan Reviews

Pradera by Lennar (5 Tracts in Lehner/Stanley/Ash block):

Lennar Homes has purchased 5 separate Approved SFD Tentative Maps (Tracts 889, 894, SUB13-0003, SUB13-0010, SUB13-0011) and began processing Final Engr. plans at the start of 2015.

  • A combined Rough Grading plan for all 5 Tentative Maps was approved. The Grading Permit has been issued.
  • A revised Traffic Study for proposed fill material (145k CY import) haul routes and daily truck trips has been deemed complete and has established the criteria to begin hauling infill.
  • The 7 sets of Improvement plans (1-perimeter, 5-onsite for each TM, 1-offsite mitigation) were resubmitted for 2nd review and these reviews should be completed this week.
  • The Final Map(s) have not been submitted yet.

Tract 951 – Jacks Creek Place:

This project is a 12 lot residential subdivision located near Eureka Ranch.

  • The 1st review of the Final Map, Grading and Improvement plans, and the WQTR was completed and returned to the applicant on 5/27.

St. Mary’s Community Center:

This project is the 1st phase of the St. Mary’s Expansion Master Plan.  A single large structure behind the existing sanctuary is proposed.    Included in this structure is a large multi-use meeting hall, kitchen, offices, a covered basketball/sport court, and large covered patio areas.

  • The grading plans were resubmitted (6th) by the Engineer on 5/14.
  • The WQTR has been approved.
  • The Waterline Improvement plans were resubmitted (6th) by the Engineer on 5/14.
  • A revised Engr. Cost Estimate has been approved and a Bond and Fee Letter was issued on 5/28.

Tract 932 – Hidden Valley Ranch:

This project is a 179 lot residential subdivision located at the ends of Vista Ave. and Vista Verde Dr. and will connect them when developed.   Shea Homes has acquired this project and has begun final engineering.

  • A Substantial Conformance Tentative Map was submitted late April and all Depts. have begun review of it and some initial impression comments have been communicated to the applicant with formal review comments expected to be compiled and sent.

  • The offsite street improvement plans for the intersection of Vista Ave. & Ash St. were submitted for 1st review on 4/23 and this review is expected to be completed in the next week.

  • The offsite Traffic Signal plans for the intersections of El Norte Pkwy & Vista Verde Dr. and Ash St. & Sheridan Ave. together with the addition of Vista Ave. & Ash St. were resubmitted for 1st review on 5/15 and this review is expected to be completed in the next wee.





  • On 05-27-15, a male victim was stabbed by a male transient at the Starbucks at 320 W. Valley Pkwy.Prior to the stabbing, the suspect was rambling incoherently and appeared to be accusing the victim of something.The suspect was later located at the Maple Street Plaza and placed under arrest for assault with a deadly weapon.

  • On 05-27-15, a robbery occurred in the 2200 block of East Ridge Lane.The suspect attempted to steal gardening equipment out of the victim’s truck.A struggle ensued and the suspect was able to get into his vehicle with the equipment.While backing out of a driveway, the suspect vehicle struck the victim; however the victim was not injured.The suspect fled in his vehicle with the gardening equipment.

  • 05-29-15, officers responded to the 1900 block of Oakhill Dr. regarding suicidal statements made by the resident.Officers were able to pick the lock on the front door and make entry.Inside the residence, officers found the male resident deceased from an apparent self-inflicted rifle shot to the head.

  • On 05-30-15, officers responded to a burglary alarm at a business in the 700 block of S. Andreasen Dr.Officers arrived on scene and saw shadows of figures running away.They set up a perimeter and located two suspects hiding at nearby businesses.It was later determined that they were stealing copper piping and were placed under arrest for grand theft.

  • On 05-30-15, officers attempted to stop a vehicle in the area of 15th Ave and Escondido Boulevard.The vehicle fled, but was later located.A traffic pursuit ensued until the suspect vehicle collided with a parked car in the 2000 block of S. Escondido Blvd.The suspect fled on foot, but was located a short time later after he ran into an apartment.The vehicle was determined to be stolen out of San Diego.The driver was arrested on auto theft and evading charges.


  • On 05-18-15, the Escondido Police Department kicked off its participation in the nationwide Click It or Ticket Campaign.As part of the national seatbelt enforcement campaign, law enforcement agencies around the country stepped up enforcement May 18-31 in order to increase motorist safety.

  • On 05-28-15, the Police Department and the Neighborhood Services Department hosted a neighborhood street meeting in the 1700 block of Fairdale Ave. The participation was encouraging with over 100 residents in attendance.  As this community group forms, it will be the first in the eastern portion of Escondido.

Escondido Police Department's photo.

  • On 05-29-15, Chief Craig Carter and Danielle Lopez made a NTP/Neighborhood Services presentation to a Parent Group at Oak Hill Elementary School. The meeting also served as a quarterly EGRIP meeting, which included a presentation from A/Sgt. Valdivia on gangs in the area.

  • On 05-29-15, Det. Nick Rodelo was recognized for being Escondido’s recipient of the San Diego Police Officers Association Police Officer of the Year. Chief Carter attended the awards ceremony. Congrats Nick on a job well done!

Escondido Police Department's photo.

  • On 05-29-15, the Escondido Police Department conducted a DUI Sobriety/Driver’s License Checkpoint in the area of Centre City Pkwy and Decatur Way.16 total citations were issued (1 for suspended license, 12 for unlicensed, and 8 for no insurance) and 3 vehicles were impounded.

  • Over the weekend, EPD hosted a countywide Police Explorer competition. Over 80 participants fielding 17 teams competed in a variety of law enforcement tasks. The following agencies had teams represented: Carlsbad PD, CHP Oceanside, CHP Santa Ana, Chula Vista PD, El Cajon PD, Escondido PD, National City PD, Oceanside PD, and the San Diego Sheriff’s Office.


The Escondido Fire Department and Rincon del Diablo Fire Protections District is hosting a

Free Safety/Water Expo at Escondido Fire Station #4 (3301 Bear Valley Parkway at Kit Carson Park) on Saturday, June 13, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  There will be fire station tours, vehicle displays, refreshments, activities for children, fire safety information, earthquake readiness and water conservation ideas.  For more information, call 760-74505522 or visit