Community feedback on the potential closure of Maple Street Plaza was quite limited with only 22 respondents.  However, it was fairly evenly split, with 11 supporting its closure, 9 opposed to its closure and 2 stating they were neutral about it.  Without stronger support for the closure, the street will remain open, but we will continue to monitor its usage and possibly revisit this issue in the future. 


No special events this week. 



  • Staff anticipates submittal of an application from Redwood Terrace for a major CUP modification for their facility on 13th between Redwood and Tulip. The anticipated project would convert the existing Elder Link facility from daycare to 24-hour Alzheimer’s’ care and integrate services with their main campus. They may also incorporate some additional neighborhood residences they have acquired on 12th and will be folding into their overall operation.
  • LAFCO has determined that the application for the Citracado Parkway Annexation (“Reorganization) is complete and is under review. Comments are being solicited from the affected agencies, due on 6/27/14, with the hearing scheduled in the coming months.
  • A revised tentative map has been submitted for Tract 933, a previously approved 20-lot subdivision located east of Valley Parkway at 13961 Valle Lindo Rd. The approved 20-lot map included a density transfer of 8 units, accomplished through a development agreement. The proposed modification would reduce the number of lots from 20 to 14, and reduce the cost of public improvements. Potential issues include the relationship to an approved subdivision (TR 956) on the northern boundary, extending utilities to the northern and eastern edges of the property, improvements on Valle Lindo, and the easement rights of other properties on Valle Lindo.
  • Staff continues to receive numerous calls and emails from neighboring residents regarding the proposed Conditional Use Permit for a Youth Special Needs Facility at the former Palomar Continuing Care facility on Avenida Del Diablo, which is scheduled to be considered by the Planning Commission on 6/24/14. The facility is proposed to be operated by Southwest Keys, contracted through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The applicants intend to hold a neighborhood meeting on Sunday, June22nd to discuss the proposed project.
  • Major Projects Update:

o   Oak Creek (NUW) – Staff is meeting on a weekly basis with the applicant’s team to address issues as they arise. Last week, staff met with the environmental consultant to discuss responses to staff comments on the screencheck draft EIR. The applicant is exploring potential revisions to the tentative map and associated applications in response to comments received through the public outreach process.

o   Amanda Lane (NUW) – On 6/13/14, the applicant resubmitted a revised tentative map and numerous technical studies, which are undergoing staff review. Staff will consult with LAFCO regarding the proposed annexation boundaries.

o   Centerpointe 78 Commercial: – Staff has provided comments on the draft traffic study. A screencheck draft EIR is anticipated to be completed by the end of June for staff review.

o   North Broadway Deficiency Area Projects: – The two 16-lot subdivisions at 926 Lehner Ave (Baker), and 836 Stanley Ave. (Boer) and the associated development agreements are scheduled for Council consideration on June 18th.

Building Division:

  • Building had a strong week issuing 53 permits for the week with a total valuation of $455,025. Inspections and counter contacts remain constant with average daily inspections of 28 with 23 on Friday and average daily counter contacts of 34 with 25 on Friday.
  • Building issued 19 photovoltaic permits this week, for a total of 247 permits to date.
  • Plans were submitted for review for the Black Angus restaurant at the Westfield Mall. 
  • Plans were issued for the Church of Resurrection parking lot and parking lot lights at 1445 Conway.  Plans for the church building will be submitted at a later date. 



Over the past few years, City Traffic Engineering staff has worked in close coordination with staff from SANDAG, Caltrans, and the Cities of Poway and San Diego to create a coordinated traffic signal system that manages and re-routes traffic during major incidents along the I-15 corridor.   This project, called the San Diego Integrated Corridor Management Project, was recently named as the Operational Efficiency Program of the Year for 2013 by the California Transportation Foundation.  This coordinated traffic management program, the first of its kind in the nation, was funded through a grant from the United States Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT). 

Capital Improvement Projects:

2013 - 2014 Pavement Repair and Rehabilitation Program:

The project is completed and was presented to council for final acceptance at the Wednesday June 18th council meeting. 

Red Flex Camera Removal:

 The contractor began removing advanced camera signage and camera stands on Monday June 16. The work will continue for the next two weeks at all 5 effected intersections.       

Private Development 

Black Angus-North County Fair:

The construction of the underground utilities is ongoing. 

Midway Avenue @ Grand Avenue 16” Gas Main Inspection:

The contractor began excavation on three observation holes along Midway Drive on Monday June 16. The work is scheduled for completion by Wednesday July 8th.  

Moirs’ Retaining Wall Reconstruction; Broadway and 8th Avenue

The new engineered wall is at 70% completion; the contractor has begun to backfill and is grading the new slope. 

Building Maintenance

  • The Recreation Building at Washington Park had a new roof installed in May.
  • The fire alarm system replacement project for City Hall is out to public bid. The bid closes on June 19th.  The Engineer’s estimate for this project is $210,000. 

Street Maintenance

The City's Concrete Crew will be replacing tree-damaged sidewalk panels on the north side of Felicita between Juniper and Maple this week and into next week. Trees have been removed in the area to eliminate the root systems raising the sidewalk panels in this area. Sidewalk panel repair on Juniper north of the Juniper - Felicita intersection will follow. Sidewalk panels on the west side of Juniper will be removed and replaced. Tree removal and root grinding will be included in this work. This project should be completed by the end of June. 



  • The Police Department hosted  the Police Cadet Appreciation dinner on 6/16/14:

o   11 new cadets completed training

o   Cadet Adrian Garcia promoted to Lieutenant

o   Cadet Hector Espinoza promoted to Sergeant

o   Cadet Cristino Quinonez promoted to Sergeant

  • Chief Carter is meeting with the school district to discuss the Crossing Guard Program
  • Staff attended webinar on privacy rights on 6/11/14
  • The following police personnel participated as a mentor or mentee in the City’s Mentorship Program (Chief Carter, Cpt. Loarie, Lt. Griffin, Lt. Murphy, Lt. Kogler, Lt. Skaja and Martha Ellis)