Westfield submitted the Master and Precise Plan application for the proposed  freeway pylon sign that includes an electronic digital message board. The 84-foot tall by 48-foot wide sign will be reviewed by both Planning Commission and City Council. Staff is requesting clarification regarding the potential for offsite advertising, which affects the type of review by Caltrans.

On June 11, 2013, the Planning Commission approved  a 95 SF monument sign for the new Walmart, and a new 72 SF sign for the 7-11 store at 1062 W. El Norte as part of their design review responsibilities. 

SANDAG is holding a public workshop on Thursday, June 13, 2013 from 6-8 PM in the Mitchell Room as part of their outreach effort for San Diego Forward – The Regional Plan.


Staff has been monitoring the status of AB 5, known as the Homeless Bill of Rights. As proposed, the bill would have significant implications for all jurisdictions, particularly regarding activities within public spaces and parks. The bill stalled in committee on May 24, so we will continue to monitor to see if it is resurrected at a future date.  Assemblyman Ammiano, who sponsored the bill, has indicated that he will be looking at another approach to help homeless persons.  Staff is working on the code amendments implementing the Housing Element, including the proposed overlay zone in the industrial area, to allow homeless facilities as a permitted use.


Capital Improvement

Oak Hill Site Improvements:

The wrought iron fence is set to be installed later this week. Final punch list items are being addressed. The project should be completed by June 21. 

1341 Oak Hill Frontage Improvements:

All items of construction have been completed for this project. 

Library Roof Replacement:

The final phase of the roof replacement has been completed.


Private Development 


The paving contractor has completed half of the onsite parking. The developer notified the city that due to an opening in the contractors schedule the roadway along Pennsylvania Avenue has been pushed up and will be started this Thursday. The offsite improvement along Ash Street have been staked by the engineer and construction should begin next week.

Mission Avenue 69 kv Electrical Line:

The striping contractor will complete the final items for replacement by the close of work Wednesday. The construction phase is still set for completion on June 21.

Lincoln Avenue @ Midway Drive Gas Main Replacement and Testing Station:

Preparation for the scheduled double shut down is still set for this weekend. 

Cox Communication Downtown System Upgrade: Phase 1,2and 3:

The contractor hit an unmarked 1” gas service lateral this past week causing the evacuation of three businesses. The condition was repaired in 6 hours and access to the alley was returned by the close of the business day.




Officer Involved Shooting case where SDPD was in our city and trying to arrest a suspect in a case they were working.  This tied up Del Lago Blvd from  about 8 PM Wednesday to about 10 AM Thursday. SDPD Officers Involved in Shooting of Subject in Possession of Explosive Devices

We attended a News Conference at the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office regarding a large-scale operation with the Regional Auto Theft Task Force (RATT) on Thursday morning.  64 indictments were the result.  Operation Perfect Storm

Hit and Run Collision Results in Death was an investigation we did on Saturday morning.  We are soliciting the help of the public to get some leads on this case.

Police Seek Information: Serious Collision on Nutmeg St. Involving Pedestrian .  This is a case where a 70 year-old man was crossing the roadway and struck by a van.  We have no witnesses and hope that someone might have seen it and come forward.

PD Facebook is up to 765 followers.

PD continues its enforcement details several times a day in Grape Day Park and
surrounding areas.  Since the start of the increased focus, the police department has conducted 712 extra patrols in the park, 130 field interviews, 73 citations and 72 arrests.

On Tuesday June 11, 2013, members of the Grape Day Task Force met.  The following are comments and updates from the meeting:

Ira Morgan reported that the new security gates have been installed around the heating and air conditioning units adjacent to council chambers.  Gates at training room #1 and #2 are in design review.    

History Center- Wendy Barker stated she has noticed a small increase in graffiti by the windmill and surrounding areas.  These areas have been reported to the graffiti hotline and will be removed ASAP.  She noted that last week the porta-potties, were in need of pumping.  Public works has already made the request to Diamond Environmental to increase the frequency of the pumping and cleaning.  Tony Smock stated that the park rangers noted that the increased cleaning has made a difference. 

CCAE- reported no vandalism or graffiti for the past two weeks.  They will be working with the police department on revamping a camera system.  Security representatives stated that they have been very happy with the lack of activity on the campus.     

Chris Endris of Boys and Girls club, related the incident regarding one of their staff members who was approached by a suspicious person in a green SUV.  This information was distributed to Classical Academy, CCAE and GMI security who is responsible for Signature Plaza.  There have been no more reports or similar sightings of this vehicle or person. 

Frank Woolridge and Marco Lopez Quezada of Empowering the Homeless (ETH), provided pamphlets and written material on ETH.  They also provided an overview of their group of their concerns and a vision for a “Safe Zone”. 

Keith Callison who represents a group of homeless provided a report on his group’s recent clean up efforts.   He said he has filled countless bags with trash from the bike trail from Harmony Grove to the dog park.  He and his group has now adopted Grand Ave, and cleaned out all of the planters and other hard to get areas of trash. 

Signature Pavilion – Eddie Goldberg stated that Classical Academy is moved in to the office space above the Starbucks.  This will be yet another set of eyes on the plaza which also includes GMI security.  He is working on providing the police department access to the cameras at the pavilion.  Despite these measures, he reported that there have been a number of vandalisms on the property to include a couple of concrete tables that were broken, and umbrellas slashed with a knife.  Scott from GMI security will re-evaluate the shift times of his security guards. 

Jay Petrek provided the group with an overview of the park master plan and distributed his business card asking for input.  Discussions centered the timeline and installation of new playground equipment at Grape Day Park.  There was also a discussion about the importance of traffic safety for those crossing Broadway from the Children’s Museum to Grape Day Park. 

The next Grape Day Task Force Meeting will be Tuesday July 16th, 2013.