• Another Property Assessed Clean Energy Program (PACE) will be launching to benefit Escondido residents. CaliforniaFIRST is in the process of launching its residential PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) program. The City has been part of CaliforniaFIRST since  2010 when they began offering funding for commercial, industrial and multi-family property owners.   California FIRST is now conducting a small scale pilot launch for residential property owners. They expect the full scale launch to be on September 2.   More information is available at
  • We will have a Peninsula Women's Soccer League (PWSL) soccer Tournament at Ryan Park on  August 2nd and 3rd.  There will be 40 teams and around 1,800 players and spectators in the area.  They will be using the first 6 of the 8 fields at Ryan Park. Peninsula Women's Soccer League is San Diego's largest women's-only outdoor soccer league.. For more information about PWSL, please visit 


Daley Ranch House Rental: We have a private Anniversary Party scheduled at the Ranch House on Saturday, August 2. 



  • Management staffs from Planning and Engineering Divisions met with their counterparts at the San Diego County Planning & Development Services Department and LAFCO to discuss street and infrastructure improvement policies. At issue are the County’s standards in areas adjacent to Escondido within the City’s Sphere of Influence where subsequent annexation creates City deficiencies. The goal is to encourage infrastructure in these unincorporated areas to be more compatible with city requirements. County staff defined established Board policies that determine the nexus and authority to require public improvements, but agreed to work closely with City staff on a case by case basis. 
  • Major Projects Update:
  • Oak Creek (NUW) – Staff continues to meet regularly with the applicant’s team to address issues as they arise. Staff comments on the consultant’s 2nd draft screencheck EIR have been transmitted for final editing. The consultant will also provide analysis of issues identified by the RWQCB and Department of Toxic Substances Control regarding the Chatham flume and groundwater issues. The Draft EIR is anticipated for public review in the next few weeks.
  • Amanda Lane (NUW) – Staff completed the review of the revised submittals and provided comments. The application remains incomplete, pending submittal of the necessary letters of permission and easements for offsite improvements, to avoid potential condemnation issues.
  • Centerpointe 78 Commercial: – Staff continues to coordinate with the applicant’s traffic consultant regarding the traffic impacts and mitigation measures in order to finalize the traffic study for inclusion in the Draft EIR.
  • North Broadway Deficiency Area Projects: – The proposed Pickering annexation, 13-lot subdivision and associated MND are scheduled for Planning Commission hearing on August 12th. The application for the Zenner annexation and the associated 40-unit subdivision at Vista Ave. and Lehner Ave. remains incomplete, pending submittal of letters of permission for offsite improvements, to avoid condemnation issues.
  • San Diego Veterans Village: Staff has completed review of the initial submittal and provided comments of the proposed Planned Development application for a mixed-use project at 1556 S. Escondido Boulevard. The proposal involves 1.8 acres, 64 multi-family units and 1,690 SF for retail along Escondido Blvd. Comments focused on the historical resource analysis, architectural design and parking.

Building Division:

  • The Building Department had very busy week, issuing a yearly high of 72 permits for the week with a total valuation of $106,024. Inspections and counter contacts were steady with average daily inspections of 24 with 22 on Friday and average daily counter contacts of 32 with 23 on Friday. 
  • 33 Photovoltaic permits were issued last week, with 348 so far this year. This is the highest weekly total of photovoltaic permits ever issued. 
  • Plans were submitted to address the change in occupancy for Faith Harbor Church at 444 S. Escondido Blvd. 
  • The last townhouse building at the Contempo project at 203 S. Orange St. is ready for final Building and Fire inspections. 
  • The new carwash and Laundromat at 1281 N. Escondido Blvd. has received final inspection approval and Certificate of Occupancy 


Capital Improvement Projects: 

2013/2014 Street Maintenance Project:

The Preconstruction meeting was held on Wednesday, July 23, 2014. The first day of construction was July 28, 2014 with the contractor having 40 days to complete the project. 

Red Flex Camera Removal:

 The contractor began removing advanced camera signage and camera stands on Monday June 16. The crews are working at West Valley Parkway and Escondido Boulevard this week.       

Private Development 

Midway Avenue @ Grand Avenue 16” Gas Main Inspection:

The contractor began excavation on three observation holes along Midway Drive on Monday, June 16, 2014. The three excavations have been back filled and the final pavement restoration was completed on Monday July 28.  

Classical Academy: West Valley Parkway roadway improvements

The two existing street light poles and banners have been reinstalled along West Valley Parkway on Monday, July 28. The remaining curb ramp at Juniper Street West Valley Parkway should be installed this week. 

Rincon del Diablo Recycled Water Main Extension:

Construction of a 3300’ section of 4” recycled water main began on Monday, July 7 along Gary Lane at Nutmeg Street in the Country Club area. The remaining pipeline installation along Nutmeg Street has been slowed due to encountering rock in the pipeline location. 

Public Works Operations: 

  • The call center created 291 work orders last week from phone calls received from residents of the City and others.
  • Additional manufactured wood chips were placed in the playground areas at Jesmond Dene, Grove, Westside, El Norte McLeod, and Kit Carson Parks. This was to bring the chip level in the playgrounds up to the required levels.
  • The refinishing/rebuilding and repair of the "Welcome to Escondido" sign located at West Valley and Tulip was completed.
  • The four drinking fountains in the adult softball complex of Kit Carson Park have been overhauled and are functioning properly.
  • Four 18" diameter drainage pipes were extended in Kit Carson Park to provide storm water runoff protection for a recently repaired water main.
  • Approximately 375 cubic yards of silt removed from Eagle Scout Lake was loaded and hauled to Ryan Park to be used for future park development.
  • 5 tons of asphalt pavement was used to repair 44 potholes and 4 Utility Department street repairs.
  • One transient camp was eliminated which resulted in the removal of 5 cubic yards of trash. 


  • The funeral for Officer Laura Perez will be held on Monday, August 4 at 10 a.m. at Cal State San Marcos.
  • Neighborhood Transformation Project (NTP) Business Meeting:

Representatives from the Police Department, Neighborhood Services, Economic Development and Escondido Education COMPACT held a lunch meeting at City Hall on July 30 for business owners in the current NTP area (South Escondido Boulevard from 2nd to 13th). This was the 2nd NTP meeting held; the first was targeted toward residents. 15 business owners attended. Chief Carter gave an overview of the NTP and successes PD has had to date in that area. Gary McCarthy gave an update on the dilapidated property at 3rd and S. Escondido Blvd as it has been a topic of concern for many businesses. Mayor Abed shared his personal experience regarding the success of organizing the East Valley Business Association. Bill de la Fuente, founder of Comerciantes Latinos Asociados, talked about the benefits of creating a business association. Michelle Geller shared City resources for businesses and the meeting wrapped up with COMPACT staff leading a discussion on next steps. The consensus by the businesses was that they wanted to organize in order to better effect positive change in their area as far as appearance and crime, and another meeting will be held in approximately one month to get them started.