• We do not have any “Special Events” this week, but we do have two events of note happening : 

o   Friday,  7/25  - Cineflix productions will be filming at Ne-Mo’s Bakery for an episode of Food Factory. They will also be filming around our community including at Kit Carson Park & Lake Dixon.

o   Sunday,  7/27  - A private memorial service will be held in Grape Day Park with an estimated 500 people in attendance. 


FY 2013/2014

FY 2012/2013

Total Permitted Events*



Total Events with Road Closures*



Total of Film Permits



Events at Daley Ranch House




*Does not include 26 nights of Cruisin’ Grand



It should be noted that 12 of the permitted events were entirely new events in Escondido. 



  • Staff has received an appeal of the Community Development Director’s decision denying the request for a 99-Cent store to locate at the former Fresh and Easy Market (415 N. Ash St). The East Valley Parkway Area Plan prohibits establishments involving ‘retail uses with across the board maximum pricing or “everything under” pricing.’ The appeal is tentatively scheduled for the August 12, 2014 Planning Commission meeting.
  • The Planning Commission adopted a resolution upholding the denial of the CUP for the proposed Government Service operation of a facility for unaccompanied minors (6-0 vote, Commissioner Johns absent). Although the item was agendized as a consent item, the Planning Commission heard public comments from over 70 speakers. In other actions, the commission approved a tentative parcel map, CUP and administrative adjustment for the property at 1935 Miller Ave., and recommended approval of zoning code amendments to the Commercial zones as part of the General Plan Implementation Program.
  • Major Projects Update:

o   Oak Creek (NUW) – Staff continues to meet regularly with the applicant’s team to address issues as they arise. The consultant’s 2nd draft screencheck EIR has been submitted and is under review by staff. Comments will be forwarded to the consultant for final editing and the Draft EIR is anticipated for public review in the next few weeks.

o   Amanda Lane (NUW) – Staff completed the review of the revised submittals and provided comments. The developer is still negotiating with several neighboring property owners to secure the necessary letters of permission and easements which will be needed before the application can be deemed complete, to avoid potential condemnation issues.

o   Centerpointe 78 Commercial: – Staff continues to coordinate with the applicant’s traffic consultant regarding the traffic impacts and mitigation measures in order to finalize the traffic study for inclusion in the Draft EIR.

o   North Broadway Deficiency Area Projects: – The mitigated negative declaration for the Pickering annexation and 13-lot subdivision was issued and the public review period ended July 21, 2014; staff is assessing comments received. The application for the Zenner annexation and the associated 40-unit subdivision at Vista Ave. and Lehner Ave. has been submitted and is under review for completeness. The Zenner annexation will trigger offsite improvement at the Vista/Ash intersection which will necessitate letters of permission before the application can be deemed complete, to avoid potential condemnation issues.

o   San Diego Veterans Village:  A Planned Development application has been received for a mixed-use proposal to redevelop the San Diego Veterans Village (1556 S. Escondido Boulevard). The proposal involves 1.8 acres, 64 multi-family units and 1,690 SF for retail along Escondido Blvd. Staff is reviewing the application and formulating comments.

Building Division: 

  • The Building Department had an unusually slow week issuing only 38 permits for the week with a total valuation of $50,382. Inspections and counter contacts remain constant with average daily inspections of 25 and average daily counter contacts of 36.
  • 14 Photovoltaic permits were issued last week, with 315 so far this year.
  • The new commercial retail, carwash and Laundromat building at 1281 N. Escondido Boulevard has received final inspection. 


Capital Improvement Projects: 

2013/2014 Street Maintenance Project:

The preconstruction meeting was held on Wednesday, July 23.. The Notice to Proceed will be issued for Monda,y July 28, 2014. The contractor will have 40 working days in which to complete the project. 

Red Flex Camera Removal:

 The contractor began removing advanced camera signage and camera stands on Monday, June 16. The crews are working at multiple locations at the remaining intersections.       

Private Development 

Black Angus-North County Fair:

The construction of the onsite storm drain improvements has begun. 

Midway Avenue @ Grand Avenue 16” Gas Main Inspection:

The contractor began excavation on three observation holes along Midway Drive on Monday, June 16 and the work is proceeding smoothly. The three excavations have been back filled and the pavement restoration is underway.  

Classical Academy: Pennsylvania Avenue and Juniper Street

The existing offsite improvements along Valley Parkway between Kalmia Street and Juniper Street have been removed to make way for the new curb and gutter which was placed this past Friday. Two new street light foundations have been placed this week along with placing the conduits for the relocated street lights. 

Rincon del Diablo Recycled Water Main Extension:

Construction of a 3,300’ section of 4” recycled water main began on Monday, July 7 along Gary Lane at Nutmeg Street in the Country Club area. The remaining pipeline installation along Nutmeg Street has started this week. 


  • Grape Day Park Update:

This report will summarize any significant issues and update the efforts made from the last report, dated June 30, 2014.

The Police Department continues its enforcement details as call volume allows, up to several times a day in the Grape Day Park and surrounding areas.  Since the start of the increased focus, the Police Department has conducted 2,113 extra patrols in the park, 277 field interviews, 126 citations and 143 arrests. 

The Bike Team Officers, Adan Martinez and Russ Whitaker, continue to focus their efforts in the downtown area including Grape Day Park, Maple Plaza and Signature Pavilion. They are assisted by Patrol Officers and especially our two Community Policing Officers; Aaron Reber and Lew Shaver. 

Sergeant Jared Sinclair is assisting in the coordination of the COPPS efforts of these and Patrol Officers to combat behavior and issues that may be illegal/ undesirable. There were no significant arrests or calls for service noted during this month. Several drunk in public arrests, a few warrants, and possession of a controlled substance arrests were made during this rating period.  There seemed to be an increase in loitering calls from City Hall staff, as transients have been using the restrooms for personal hygiene.

There were no significant calls for service around the Grape Day Park, Maple Street Plaza, or Signature Pavilion footprint.

Upcoming Events: 

Please refer to http://www.grapedaypark.org/  for special event information in the Park. For a list of all upcoming Escondido Events, visit: http://visitescondido.com/event-calendar/.

The next Task Force Meeting will be on a date to be determined. 

Ongoing statistics, as of 7/21/14:

Foot Patrols        2113

Citations               126

FI's                        277

Arrests                  143 

  • The PD went live with NetRMS this morning.  RMS is the paperless report writing and data entry system.
  • Officer Pedro Nanez will be  recognized as the Scottish Rites Officer of the Year event on the 23rd.  The Captains will be attending the event.
  • Ryan Martinez was given a conditional job offer this morning.  Ryan is an Escondido native and former EPD cadet.  He will start the academy in August.