We have several events this weekend:

  • Scripps Ranch Old Pros  - 50 mile bike ride, Friday, July 4

o   Passes through southern Escondido (Via Rancho area)

  • July 4th Celebration at Grape Day Park

o   Entertainment, activities for the family, food sales & Fireworks

o   4 – 10 p.m.

  • Crusin’ Grand, Friday, July 4 will be extended until 10 p.m. this week 



  • A Planned Development application has been submitted for Veterans Village, a mixed-use project located at 1556 S. Escondido Blvd. The proposed project includes 64 apartment units for low income residents with one, two and three bedroom units and 1,690 of retail space.


  • Major Projects Update:

o   Oak Creek (NUW) – Staff continues to meet regularly with the applicant’s team to address issues as they arise. The consultant’s revisions to the draft screencheck EIR are now anticipated to be submitted for staff review on 7/3, which pushes back the anticipated release of the draft EIR until mid-July.

o   Amanda Lane (NUW) – Staff is reviewing the revised submittals and consulting with LAFCO regarding the proposed annexation boundary which will create a County island. The proposed project includes offsite improvements and the developer is negotiating with several neighboring property owners to secure the necessary letters of permission and easements which will be needed before the application can be deemed complete.

o   Centerpointe 78 Commercial: – Staff continues to coordinate with the applicant’s traffic consultant regarding the traffic impacts and mitigation measures in order to finalize the traffic study for inclusion in the draft EIR.

o   North Broadway Deficiency Area Projects: – The mitigated negative declaration for the Pickering annexation and 13-lot subdivision was issued; the public review period ends July 21, 2014. The application for the Zenner annexation and the associated 40-unit subdivision at Vista Ave. and Lehner Ave. has been submitted and is under review for completeness.


  • The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) has announced 2013 awardees for the 2013 Housing Related Parks (HRP) Program, which awards funds on a per-bedroom basis for each residential unit affordable to extremely-low, very low- and low-income households permitted during the designated Program year. The Program provides funds for parks and recreation projects that benefit the community and add to the quality of life. Grant funds shall be used for the costs of park and recreation facility creation, development, or rehabilitation. Escondido submitted an application including four projects – rehabilitating the James Stone and Washington Park pools, Washington Park court resurfacing, and replacement of the EVCC monument and building signs. The City built/preserved 210 units of affordable housing (at Avocado Court, Windsor Gardens and through first time homebuyer loans on previously foreclosed properties), resulting in an award of $674,850. This success was due in no small part to the efforts of Robyn Dare, who kept track of first time homebuyer loans which were made on previously foreclosed homes, making much of this award possible!


Building Division:

  • Building issued 44 permits for the week with a total valuation of $349,664. Inspections and counter contacts remain constant with average daily inspections of 22 with 27 on Friday and average daily counter contacts of 32 with 21 on Friday.
  • Building issued 13 photovoltaic permits this week, for a total of 270 permits to date.
  • Building has issued 221 more permits so far this year than the same time last year and the valuation of all permits has increased by $10,673,000.
  • The monthly activity report for June is attached. 


Capital Improvement Projects: 

Red Flex Camera Removal:
The contractor began removing  camera signage and camera stands on Monday June 16. The replacement of concrete improvements at Tulip Street and West Valley Parkway is in progress this week.       

Private Development 

Black Angus-North County Fair:
The construction of the underground utilities is complete. The construction of the onsite improvements is underway. 

Midway Avenue @ Grand Avenue 16” Gas Main Inspection:
The contractor began excavation on three observation holes along Midway Drive on Monday June 16 and the work is proceeding smoothly. All equipment has been moved off site until the scheduled shut down which is to occur on Thursday, July 10 and Friday, July 11. 


Classical Academy: Pennsylvania Avenue and Juniper Street:
The offsite improvements along Kalmia Street and Pennsylvania Avenue are underway with the new concrete surface improvements being formed. The onsite parking lot at Pennsylvania Avenue and Waverly Place has been paved this week.   



  • PD hosted the cadet skills competition this past weekend.  It was attended by cadet/explorer programs from several counties.  There were about a dozen agencies represented.  A combined team of CHP and Escondido PD won the overall honors.
  • PD hosted a monthly managers meeting in reference to the Neighborhood Transformation Program, which was attended by all departments involved in the program. 
  • Grape Day Park Update:

This report will summarize any significant issues and update the efforts made from the last report, dated 5/19/14.

The Police Department continues its enforcement details as call volume allows, up to several times a day in the Grape Day Park and surrounding areas.  Since the start of the increased focus, the Police Department has conducted 1966 extra patrols in the park, 255 field interviews, 121 citations and 138 arrests. 

The Bike Team Officers, Adan Martinez and Russ Whitaker, continue to focus their efforts in the downtown area including Grape Day Park, Maple Plaza and Signature Pavilion. They are assisted by Patrol Officers and especially our two Community Policing Officers; Aaron Reber and Lew Shaver. 

Sergeant Jared Sinclair is assisting in the coordination of the COPPS efforts of these and Patrol Officers to combat behavior and issues that may be illegal/ undesirable. There were no significant arrests or calls for service noted during this month. Several drunk in public arrests, a few warrants, and a possession of a controlled substance arrest were made during this rating period.  

There were no significant calls for service around  Grape Day Park, Maple Street Plaza, or Signature Pavilion footprint.

Upcoming Events: 

Please refer to http://www.grapedaypark.org/  for special event information in the Park. For a list of all upcoming Escondido Events, visit: http://visitescondido.com/event-calendar/.

We received information from our Public Works partners about an illegal dumping situation at the rear of Signature Theater onto City property, causing more work and costs.  We put a couple of special details together, and ultimately identified the culprit, and solved the problem. That individual was dumping a lot of yard trimmings over the back wall of Signature, onto the City’s east median of Centre City Parkway. The person was admonished to refrain from future activity or face legal consequences.


The next Task Force Meeting will be on a date yet to be determined.


Ongoing statistics, as of 6/29/14:

Foot Patrols        1966

Citations               121

FI's                        255

Arrests                  138