On June 21, 2013 the City issued an Occupancy License to the Charros de Escondido group affiliated with Ben Cueva. They held an event on Sunday, June 23, and we are informed that it was a successful event. This group will use the City’s arena on specific dates set forth in the License Agreement (essentially every other weekend) for the remainder of the season. The group also has use of the arena under its License during the offseason, every other weekend, from December through February for practicing.

A second Charros de Escondido group affiliated with Jesus Banuelos has applied for an Occupancy License. It is anticipated that their License will be effective July 19, with their first event to be held on Sunday, July 21. This group will be permitted to use the City’s arena on the available weekends (alternating with the Cueva group) and will have use through February 2014 as well.

In accordance with the previous lease agreement, no rent is being charged for the use of the arena, however, each party will be responsible for clean-up of the site immediately before and after each parties’ event. Each party will be required to pay 50% of the utilities, which will be switched into the City’s name on the effective date of the 2nd license. The parties each indemnify the City during the dates covered under each respective party’s license agreement and are responsible for maintaining the property in good, safe, orderly and sanitary condition. Also in line with the previous lease agreement, the licenses will both expire in February, 2014 when each party will be required to issue its upcoming season’s event dates for approval. If the events are approved, it is anticipated that new licenses will be issued on an annual basis until otherwise directed.

Unlike the previous lease terms, the parties will not have unfettered access to the property. Keys will be issued on Friday mornings and are to be returned each Monday following event weekends. This policy will protect the City’s liability, as well as each party’s liability by controlling access and prohibiting entry by individuals or groups on dates not covered under the license agreements.


Attached is a flyer that we are now providing to the Chamber of Commerce to include in their new member packet to make them aware of some of the resources the City provides to businesses.



  • A recent article in the UT regarding Interfaith indicated that they could not move the sobering services to another one of their sites due to “problems with available space and zoning”. Staff worked with Interfaith to approve a modification to the CUP for their facility at 550 Washington to relocate the sobering services to that site as a substitution for 10 shelter beds. Subsequently, Interfaith notified the City that they were suspending the sobering mat for cost-control (since the cost for operating both components now at separate locations is greater), and are trying to tie down a continuing operating funding stream for the sobering mat service. The sobering service has been discontinued.
  • Staff was contacted by Jerry Harmon requesting to restart regular meetings with the Coalition of Environmental Organizations (CEO). The CEO includes representatives from various environmental groups including The Escondido Creek Conservancy (TECC), Escondido Citizens Ecology Committee (ECEC), League of Women Voters and Friends of Daley Ranch. In previous years, staff met informally with the CEO to provide information about various projects and provide for an exchange of information and ideas. Staff feels the meetings provide a good and efficient opportunity to share information and has agreed to participate in the meetings.
  • Staff met with representatives from Concordia, the new owners of the Valley View property, regarding their proposed annexation. They did not share any information regarding a potential project other than to say they anticipate large estate homes and are also considering a hotel. They are in discussions with the Safari Park regarding access to SR78. Staff advised them of the submittals needed in order to proceed with an initiation request. They were also advised that they would need to fund an extension of staff in order to process their application.


  • Building issued 44 permits for the week with a total valuation of $2,068,123. The first building at the Contempo project has received building final inspection approval and the 2nd building has received a foundation inspection. The Wal-Mart store is proceeding with their storage racks and working towards a final inspection.  
  • Plans were submitted for the East Valley Community Center tenant improvement for the new Heritage Academy and will be expedited; concurrent review of the Plot Plan is underway. Plan review is also proceeding at the former Mingei Museum on Grand Avenue for the John Paul the Great University.
  • Permits were issued for the tenant improvement at Jack Powell Chrysler/Dodge dealership and permits were issued for the signs at Wal-Mart.  

Code Enforcement:

  • The division has seen a large increase in the number of complaints resulting in a backlog of cases, as shown on the attached Quarterly report.


Grape Street Gas Relocation:

As part of the Grape Street improvement, SDG&E crews will begin to relocate the gas main located in Grape Street between Mission Avenue and Washington Avenue. The work is being done in advance of the roadway improvements. Crews are set to begin construction on July 22. As part of the advance relocation,  AT&T has placed new poles this past Friday. Cox Communication will mobilize to relocate their above ground utilities in the next few weeks.

Private Development


The developers’ engineer submitted revised improvement plans to the Caltrans office last Wednesday.  The parking lot has been striped and the landscaper is putting the finishing touches on the center. The power is on inside the new building.  

Lincoln Avenue @ Midway Drive Gas Main Replacement and Testing Station:

The contractor is working on the testing station along Lincoln Avenue. Final paving is set to begin 07/22/13 with a completion date of 07/26/13.

Cox Communication Downtown System Upgrade: Phase 2, 3 and 4

Phase 2 and 3 are idled again this week. The phase 4 contractor hit two unmarked phone cables in the alley between Maple Street and Escondido Boulevard last Thursday. The outage was repaired by 7 a.m. the following morning. This week the contractor hit a marked gas lateral in the alley crossing at Escondido Boulevard. While the contractor was hand digging to expose the steel gas service, the shovel went into a poly gas service, which was located beneath it. SDG&E gas crews were dispatched to make repairs.

Contempo Townhomes-Tract 921:

Paving and striping of the model unit parking lot has been completed. The finishing touches to the outside railing and landscaping are also complete.

Mission Avenue 69 kv Electrical Line:

SDG&E crews are at Mission Avenue and Dan Way splicing conductors within the vault.

Resurrection Church: Storm Drain and Sewer Main Replacement

Construction of the onsite storm drain system began last Thursday. Construction will proceed Monday through Saturday in order to complete the project before the start of school on August 19, 2013.

AT&T Vault Reconstruction: Escondido Boulevard & 2nd Avenue

On the south east corner of the intersection,  AT&T is replacing a large vault located along the curb and gutter. Due to the size of the excavation, the #3 lane on east bound 2nd Avenue will be closed along the Bank of America frontage for two weeks. The contractor has been required to contact the affected businesses along 2nd Avenue from Orange Avenue to Escondido Boulevard. In addition, an electronic message board will be placed at Centre City Parkway to add notification construction information. The bus stop will be temporarily relocated east of the banks driveway entrance. Only two parking spaces will be affected by the construction traffic control.             



  • Police Department representatives attended the San Diego County Crime Commission Annual Volunteer Awards Lunch last Thursday.  Law enforcement agencies from all over San Diego were there to acknowledge the work done by volunteers at all the agencies. The EPD recipient was Ted Lohse.  Unfortunately Ted could not make it, so Volunteer Patrol Joe Olivero accepted Ted’s award on his behalf.
  • National Night Out is Tuesday, August 6, from 5 PM to 8 PM and will be held at the Police and Fire HQ. We will be publishing more information on our FB and for Twitter.
  • Our new police vehicles will be rolling out on the streets very soon. They are Ford SUV Police Interceptors and are the patrol vehicle of the future. EPD is not alone making this move. CHP is also moving to this platform.   
  • Grape Day Park Task Force
    The Police Department continues its enforcement details several times a day in the park and surrounding areas. Since the start of the increased focus, the police department has conducted 769 extra patrols in the park, 135 field interviews, 73 citations and 76 arrests.

Two arrests were made during the past week. One was for a warrant at Maple Plaza, the second was an intoxicated male on Woodward Street.  No other calls for service were received during the week. 

EPD officers continue to focus their enforcement at the Signature Plaza based on the increased reports of teens violating the no skateboarding and bicycling signage as well as Maple Plaza. Officers met with Eddie Goldberg the property manager as well as their security company supervisor regarding how to empower the security officers and ensure there is good communication between them and the Police. 

Public Works continues to monitor the portable toilets for damage and maintenance.  Park Rangers will start opening the bathrooms regularly on the weekends.

Fencing is planned to be installed around the trunk of the recently removed eucalyptus tree to prevent persons from climbing on it. During the Fourth of July celebration there were a number of calls regarding children scaling the tree. 

CCAE reported minor graffiti to the rear of the museum. It was removed quickly. 

No reports from Classical Academy, Boys and Girls Club and SD Children’s Museum. 

Wendy Barker reported an unprecedented number of persons, mostly families, who attended the “Movie in the Park” event last Saturday. She estimated the attendance at nearly 600 for “Despicable Me”. Wendy stated that they sold out of candy and ice cream quickly and still had a line for popcorn after 10 pm. On July 27, “Brave” will be the next movie in the park. 

The next Task Force Meeting will be Tuesday August 20, 2013.