• The Escondido Soccer Club will be hosting their annual Dave Shelton soccer tournament July 17th to July 19th.  Teams will be traveling in from all over Southern California, mostly from San Diego County.  There will be 136 teams and around 2,400 families in the area throughout the three-day tournament.  The families will be dining, lodging, and shopping in the Escondido area.  They will be using all 8 soccer fields within Ryan Park.
  • The former gas station at the corner of Grand and Quince in the Mercado area has been demolished and the property is being listed for sale. 




  • The Planning Commission unanimously approved the CUP modification for Grace Lutheran School to increase enrollment capacity for the property at 643 W. 13th; and approved the continuance of the proposed CUP modification for Interfaith Community Services to expand services to include a year round emergency shelter, to be considered on August 11 (Hale, Spann and Weber absent).
  • Major Projects Update:
    • Oak Creek (NUW) – LAFCO staff has recommended that the proposed annexation boundary be expanded to include a roadway segment of Hamilton Lane between Bernardo and Felicita Avenues. The County of San Diego has submitted comments concurring with this recommendation. This road segment does not meet City standards. Staff has sent a letter to LAFCO providing justification to support City’s staff’s recommendation to eliminate the proposed expansion of the annexation boundary. A LAFCO hearing date has not yet been scheduled.
    • Amanda Estates (NUW) – A LAFCO hearing date is anticipated in September. Staff has provided a list of submittals needed to pull a grading permit prior to implementation of the new storm water requirements.
    • Centerpointe 78 Commercial – Staff is reviewing sections of the screen check EIR as they become available. The applicant has agreed to traffic mitigation measures identified by the EIR traffic consultant to address significant traffic impacts.
    • North Broadway Deficiency Area Projects – A grading permit has been issued for Lennar’s “Pradera” project and grading is underway. Building permit applications for the model homes are under review. Staff is working with the applicant on an operating agreement which would allow construction of the model homes prior to recordation of the Final Map. A variance application has been submitted to resolve setback issues relating to the location of the perimeter walls. The Zenner annexation application has been accepted as complete by LAFCO. The applicant indicates they do not anticipate pulling grading permits this year in advance of the new storm water requirements.
    • Kaen Planned Development (2516 S. Escondido Blvd.) – Revised plans were submitted on June 4th. The redesign eliminates 3 units (total number of units is now 65 units) to provide improved emergency access and provide additional opportunity for landscaping along the long entry drive. Refinements are needed for the Water Quality Technical Report and other site features affected by the redesign. A letter addressing items needed to complete the application for processing has been sent.
    • Wohlford – A letter has been sent for the proposed 55-unit residential subdivision and planned development at 661 Bear Valley Parkway advising the applicant that the application is incomplete and identifying the necessary submittals to continue processing the application. The applicant is coordinating with staff regarding a Specific Alignment Plan for Bear Valley Parkway and is conducting technical studies. The applicant is preparing a draft Request for Proposals for preparation of an EIR, to help expedite the EIR consultant selection process.
    • Latitude II – The applicant continues to negotiate with the owners of adjacent properties regarding several issues that affect their proposed site plan, parking and sewer improvements. Staff is developing conditions to address these concerns which must be resolved prior to issuance of any grading permits or final map. The draft Mitigated Negative Declaration was released for a 20-day public review period ending July 20th; the Planning Commission hearing is scheduled for July 28th.
    • Shea Homes has submitted a revised map for substantial conformance review and determination for the 179-lot residential subdivision known as Hidden Valley Ranch (Tract 923). The Water Quality Technical Report has been approved. Representatives from the Vista Irrigation District (VID) indicate the VID Board supports the flume relocation into the right-of-way as proposed, pending implementation of a cost-sharing agreement. If they come to agreement as expected, the Board intends to quitclaim the existing easement and any trail or grading in that area will not be an issue for them. Should those negotiations be unsuccessful, modifications may be needed which could trigger subsequent review for substantial conformance. Rough grading plans submitted on July 6th are under review. A future Precise Plan submittal will include review of proposed park amenities as well as setback issues on 9 lots where the proposed units do not meet the setback requirements of the planned development. 
    • Safari Highlands – The tentative map and specific plan application was submitted on July13th, and is under review for completeness. Discussions are underway regarding the need for consulting services to prepare the Municipal Services Review and Sphere of Influence update.
    • Felicita Development, LLC has submitted a Planned Development application for the vacant 6.9 acre property at the southeast corner of Felicita Rd. and Gamble Lane. The proposed project includes the phased development of a 140-unit hotel, an 80-unit extended stay hotel, a 120-bed assisted living facility and a gas station and car wash. Additional technical analysis and coordination is needed to address traffic, biology, water and sewer service, geotechnical and storm water concerns, along with a market study for the proposed uses. A letter addressing items and technical studies needed to complete the application has been sent.
    • Revised plans submitted for EDI’s proposed CUP expansion of the existing Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) are under review. The draft Mitigated Negative Declaration was released on June 24th for a 30-day public review period ending July 23rd. The project is tentatively scheduled for Planning Commission hearing on August 28th

Building Division: 

  • The Building Division issued 65 permits for the week with a total valuation of $62,108.  The permits were mostly plumbing, electrical, mechanical and miscellaneous type of permits.
  • 17 photovoltaic permits were issued for the week.  Building has issued 576 permits so far this year compared to 300 issued at the same time last year.
  • Inspections and counter contacts remain steady with inspections averaging 30 per day with 22 on Friday and counter contacts averaging 30 per day with 27 on Friday.
  • In addition to the expedited solar permitting now available, residential roof top solar projects that qualify to be expedited can be accepted electronically through e-mail. More information is provided on the Building Division page of the City’s website.
  • The 76 unit apartments on 2412 S. Escondido Blvd have received underground plumbing and foundation inspections on the first of 3 buildings.
  • The Black Angus restaurant at the North County Mall has received foundation inspection approval and is now in the process of framing the building.
  • Permits were issued for a 3-story, 66 unit apartment building at Meadowbrook Village, 2081 Garden Valley Glen. 

Code Enforcement: 

  • As of July 13th, the total number of open code enforcement case is 331 cases, with a backlog of an additional 41 cases not yet opened for assignment and investigation. During the prior week, 41 new cases were opened, and 42 cases were closed. Staff processed 1 public records request (PRR) last week, bringing the year-to-date total to 79 requests. Recruitment is underway for one full-time and three part-time vacant officer positions to assist with the backlog.
  • Last week the Business License Division received 28 new applications and 105 renewals, and issued 34 new licenses. 


FY 2014-2015 Street Rehabilitation Project:
July 6th, 2015 through July 9th, 2015: The striping subcontractor has not yet completed all items of work. Staff is working with the prime contractor to finalize all billable items for project closeout. 

Escondido High School Pedestrian Ramp Improvements:
The work to enlarge the pedestrian staging area for the pedestrian ramps located at the north east and south east curb returns began on July 6, 2015 with the saw cutting of the existing concrete improvement. Demolition and replacement of the existing improvements on the south east corner was completed on July 10. The ramp on the north east corner was completed on July 14. Some minor paving along Broadway will be added to the project scope of work to complete the finished product.                     

Private Development 

Bear Valley Parkway between Boyle Avenue and San Pasqual Valley Road (County Project):
The wall contractor is continuing to stack block for the new retaining wall at Boyle Avenue at Bear Valley Parkway. The roadway widening of the southerly portion of Bear Valley Parkway between Suburban Hills Drive and San Pasqual Valley Road (SR78) is continuing this week. 

2412 South Escondido Boulevard:
The fourth round of testing of the new onsite water main started on July 13 with anticipated completion by July 17. Without this item of work, the delivery of combustible material to the job site is restricted. The roadway contractor has started to grade for the installation of base material for the new curb and gutter along Escondido Boulevard. 

Pradera - Lennar Communities:
The demolition of the last existing structures started on July 14, 2015. The grading contractor is actively grading phase 1, 2 and 3 of the project. The import of dirt material is expected to begin on July 15, 2015 and continue into September. This will include Saturdays between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.  

Private Development – Current Plan Reviews

Pradera by Lennar (5 Tracts in Lehner/Stanley/Ash block):
Lennar Homes has purchased 5 separate Approved SFD Tentative Maps (Tracts 889, 894, SUB13-0003, SUB13-0010, SUB13-0011) and began processing Final Engineering plans at the start of 2015.

  • A combined Rough Grading plan for all 5 Tentative Maps was approved on 5/18, and the Grading Permit was issued shortly thereafter.
  • The overall rough grading and import of fill material has begun.
  • Improvement plan mylars for Lehner Ave. and Street “E” are ready for approval with the approval of their corresponding bonding and payment of fee balances.
  • May need to record interim IODs for all proposed street R/Ws to allow SDG&E and other utilities to proceed with their design and installations.
  • The Final Maps and Precise Grading plans have been submitted for Streets “D” and “E”.   

Tract 951 – Jacks Creek Place:
This project is a 12 lot residential subdivision located near Eureka Ranch.

  • No change since last report.
  • The 1st reviews of the Final Map, Grading and Improvement plans, and the WQTR were completed and returned to the applicant on 5/27. 

St. Mary’s Community Center:
This project is the 1st phase of the St. Mary’s Expansion Master Plan and a single large structure behind the existing sanctuary is proposed.    Included in this structure is a large multi-use meeting hall, kitchen, offices, a covered basketball/sport court, and large covered patio areas.

  • The grading plans were approved on July 7th.
  • The WQTR has been approved.
  • The Waterline Improvement plans were just approved on July 14th.
  • We will be reviewing a plan for temporary parking on a church-owned lot across 13th 

Tract 932 – Hidden Valley Ranch:
This project is a 179-lot residential subdivision located at the ends of Vista Ave. and Vista Verde Dr. and will connect them when developed.   Shea Homes has acquired this project and has begun final engineering.

  • The Substantial Conformance Tentative Map is about ready for approval.
  • The WQTR w/ HMP calculations have been reviewed and found to demonstrate that the revised TM can meet the current SUSMP.
  • The first submittal of the rough grading plans, improvement plans, WQTR, Drainage Study and Final Map was made on July 6. The review of these plans with emphasis on the rough grading and drainage system improvements should be completed in early August
  • The first review of the offsite street improvement plans for the intersection of Vista Ave. & Ash St. was completed and returned to the Engr. at the end of June.
  • The first reviews of the 3 offsite Traffic Signal plans (intersections of El Norte Pkwy & Vista Verde Dr., Ash St. & Sheridan Ave., and Vista Ave. & Ash St.) were completed and returned to the Engr. the first week of July. All 3 intersections were field checked and numerous existing utilities lines and facilities need to be shown at each location. 



  • On 07-08-15, officers observed an occupied Toyota Tundra truck in the area of 4th Ave and Pine St. A records check revealed that the truck was reported as stolen.  The suspect was contacted and arrested without incident.
  • On 07-08-15, two juvenile suspects burglarized Glenview Elementary School. The female suspect was contacted by the police fleeing the school. The male suspect was later brought to the station by his mother to turn himself in.
  • On 07-09-15, officers responded to the area of 7th Ave and Tulip St regarding numerous gunshots heard in the area. Once on scene, officers located a male victim that sustained a glancing gunshot wound to the back.  He was transported to Palomar Medical Center for treatment.  Numerous shell casings were located in the street.  The investigation is ongoing.
  • On 07-10-15, officers responded to H&M Clothing at the mall regarding a shoplifting in progress. The suspect had pulled a knife on the loss prevention agents and stabbed them in the arm.  They were able to restrain the suspect until the police arrived.  The suspect was booked on robbery and assault charges.
  • On 07-11-15, three suspects robbed a victim of his wallet and phone in the area of 2nd Ave and Escondido Blvd. One of the suspects brandished a gun during the robbery.  The three suspects were later located by officers.  Two were apprehended, but the third was able to flee on foot.  This investigation is ongoing.
  • On 07-13-15, officers responded to the area of Midway Drive and Grand Ave regarding a shooting. Officers located a male victim with non-threatening gunshot wounds.  Shell casings were located at the scene.  This investigation is ongoing.
  • On 07-13-15, a suspect robbed the Big Lots on W. Valley Pkwy with a gun. The suspect was located a short time later in the Target parking lot.  The suspect was arrested without incident. 


  • The Neighborhood Transformation Project (NTP) East committee held the third meeting with the East Valley business group. The group is progressing and should have a formalized name, mission, and leadership structure soon.
  • The NTP also met with the neighborhood group, tentatively called “Fairdale Friends.” This is the city’s first neighborhood group established east of Ash St.  The group nominated a board of directors and proposed by-laws.  They will be put to a vote next week.
  • The NTP committee conducted the second Project NEAT sweep of the footprint. Of the 102 homes initially flagged for violations, approximately 48% came into voluntary compliance.  The remaining violators will receive notices of correction from Code Enforcement.