• Crusin’ Grand, Friday, July 11 



Major Projects Update:

  • Oak Creek (NUW) – Staff continues to meet regularly with the applicant’s team to address issues as they arise. The consultant’s revisions to the draft screencheck EIR are now anticipated to be submitted for staff review this week, which pushes back the anticipated release of the draft EIR until late July.
  • Amanda Lane (NUW) – Staff completed the review of the revised submittals and provided comments. The developer is negotiating with several neighboring property owners to secure the necessary letters of permission and easements which will be needed before the application can be deemed complete.
  • Centerpointe 78 Commercial: – Staff continues to coordinate with the applicant’s traffic consultant regarding the traffic impacts and mitigation measures in order to finalize the traffic study for inclusion in the draft EIR.
  • North Broadway Deficiency Area Projects: – The mitigated negative declaration for the Pickering annexation and 13-lot subdivision was issued; the public review period ends July 21, 2014. The application for the Zenner annexation and the associated 40-unit subdivision at Vista Ave. and Lehner Ave. has been submitted and is under review for completeness.

Building Division: 

  • Building had a very busy week issuing 54 permits for the four-day week with a total valuation of $1,342,404. Inspections and counter contacts remain constant with average daily inspections of 28 and average daily counter contacts of 34. 
  • There were 703 sign-ins at the front counter for the month of June, the largest counter activity since January of 2007. 
  • 12 Photovoltaic permits were issued last week, with 282 so far this year. 
  • Permits were issued for the final 2 duplexes for Habitat for Humanity at 537 N Elm St.   


In the month of June, the Graffiti Eradication Team closed service requests for 567 locations within the City. This number does not necessarily represent the actual number of tags eradicated. Many locations have multiple tags to be eradicated. Also in the month of June the Call Center received 621 requests for graffiti removal. Of the 621 requests received for graffiti removed, 309 were proactively identified by the GET and removed prior to a resident reporting the graffiti. 

Red Flex Camera Removal:

The contractor began removing advanced camera signage and camera stands on Monday June 16. The surface restoration work at Tulip Street and Valley Parkway has been completed. Crews are working the intersection of Fig Street and Lincoln Avenue this week. 

Private Development 

  • Black Angus-North County Fair:

The construction of the onsite improvements is underway. 

  • Midway Avenue @ Grand Avenue 16” Gas Main Inspection:

The contractor began excavation on three observation holes along Midway Drive on Monday June 16 and the work is proceeding smoothly. The scheduled gas outage has been confirmed for 6 A.M. Thursday July 10 through 10 P.M. Friday July 11. The intersection of Grand Avenue and Midway Drive will be put on red flash by city forces and the intersection will remain in a 4 way stop configuration until this phase of work is completed. 

  • Classical Academy: Pennsylvania Avenue and Juniper Street:

The offsite improvements along Kalmia Street and Pennsylvania Avenue have been completed. The widening along Valley Parkway between Juniper Street and Kalmia began on Tuesday July 8 and should be completed by Thursday July 17. 

  • Ricon del Diablo Recycled Water Main Extension:

Construction of a 3300’ section of 4” recycled water main began on Monday July 7 along Gary Lane at Nutmeg Street in the Country Club area. Excavation is anticipated to be completed in twenty working days.



  • The PD is hosting two children safety classes this weekend, teaching kids about 911 and personal safety tips.
  • The Chief and Captains will be attending the Police Volunteer Awards Banquet tomorrow. 


  • For the first six months of this calendar year, the FD responded to 6,642 total incidents of which 268 were in the Rincon Fire Protection District. In June the FD responded to 1,035 total incidents, 37 were in Rincon.
  • On July 7, the franchise Firehouse Subs located at 880 W. Valley Parkway celebrated their restaurant Grand Opening. Be sure to stop by and eat great food and to look at many pictures and equipment donated by the Escondido Fire Department.
  • The County is working with all of the Fire Communication Centers including Escondido to push out a new program called PulsePoint. The PulsePoint app alerts CPR-trained bystanders that a cardiac emergency has occurred in the immediate vicinity. The bystander receives the alert through the smartphone app at the same time the call is dispatched to emergency personnel. PulsePoint directs the bystander to the location of the emergency, as well as the closest AED. This will allow the bystander to arrive and start CPR minutes before the EMS team arrives. The app only notifies bystanders of cardiac emergencies in public locations i.e. malls and stores. To download the PulsePoint app or learn more about the program visit PulsePoint.org. The County hopes to roll the program out at the end of the month. 
  • The annual Open House was held on Saturday June 14th at FS #4. The event was a big success again this year. Thank you to everyone who participated to make this a fun and educational event for the public. Two of the major attractions for the children visiting FS#4 were Dr. Bronners Fire Engine that makes bubbles and the giant slide. Kids had a great time playing with both while their parents learned about fire safety. There are a large number of Public Education events happening over the summer. Thank you to all of the crews, volunteers, and staff who are helping out with these events.