The informational guidelines packet includes information ranging from how to conduct a neighborhood meeting to how to have a neighborhood event. These 14 informational guidelines provide valuable tools that neighbors can use in their daily lives, as well as in their neighborhoods.

Table of Contents (English / Spanish)

  1. Organizing a Neighborhood Group (English / Spanish)
  2. Who Do I Contact (English / Spanish)
  3. Things To Do In Your Neighborhood (English / Spanish)
  4. How To Conduct A Meeting (English / Spanish)
  5. Timeline For An Agenda (English / Spanish)
  6. Timeline For Neighborhood Construction Projects (English / Spanish)
  7. Neighborhood Speakers (English / Spanish)
  8. Neighborhood "Say Yes" Event (English / Spanish)
  9. Event Planner (English / Spanish)
  10. Cleanup Information (English / Spanish)
  11. Letter of Speed Bumps (English / Spanish)
  12. Driveway Regulations (English / Spanish)
  13. Center Line Striping of residential Streets (English / Spanish)
  14. Yard Parking Driveway Parking (English / Spanish)