In compliance with the Voting District Consent  Decree which was a part of the lawsuit settlement agreement, a selection panel of retired San Diego County judges has appointed the following people to serve on the Independent Districting Commission:

Jack Anderson
Andrew Carey
Doris Cruz
William Flores
Dana Nuesca
Roberto Ramirez
John Valdez

With the assistance of staff from the City Clerk’s Office and City Attorney’s Office, as well as an expert consultant, the Commission must adopt plans that divide the City into four Council districts. These districts will be used for future elections of Escondido City Council members and for filling any vacancy in the office of the member of the Council. The districting plan shall comply with the United States Constitution, including containing reasonably equal population; shall comply with the federal Voting Rights Act; shall be geographically contiguous and drawn to encourage geographic compactness; shall be drawn with respect for geographic integrity of any neighborhood and any community of interest, including racial, ethnic, and language minorities; and shall not be drawn for the purpose of favoring or discriminating against an incumbent, political candidate, or political party.

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