Grants to Blocks Neighborhood Improvement ProgramWhat is Grants to Blocks?

Grants to Blocks is a grant program funded by the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), it provides the City’s Neighborhood Groups assistance with materials to enhance their property and improve their neighborhood. The program requires residents to perform the work themselves; this labor is considered a match for funds provided to purchase materials.

What is Being Offered?

The maximum grant is up to $5,000 per project.

Who is Eligible?

If you live in one of the City’s established Neighborhood Groups (see map).

What Can This Money be Used For?

Improvements made to the exterior of the property or visible from the street.


  1. Improvements must be located within an area that meets CDBG guidelines (contact staff for verification).
  2. Only exterior property improvements visible from the street are eligible for assistance.
  3. Written authorization of property owner, if the applicant is a renter.
  4. Funding will be on a reimbursement basis. Applicants must submit receipts for all materials covered under the grant. Cannot be used for labor fees.
  5. Aesthetically unpleasing improvements will not be approved.
  6. Improvements must meet all City building and zoning codes. Applicants shall obtain all required City permits.
  7. Additional demographic information such as race, ethnicity, and income will be required upon approval (this is confidential and for reporting purposes only).
  8. All work must be completed by June 1.


  1. Contact your Neighborhood Group or the leader of your group to discuss potential projects.
  2. Applicants must talk with staff to determine project eligibility prior to submittal of grant application.
  3. Please complete and submit the attached application with any photos, drawings, or renderings you may have that will help describe your potential neighborhood project.
  4. Projects will be approved within 4 weeks of submittal of completed application.
  5. Written approval must be received prior to start of work. No reimbursements will be made for work started prior to approval.
  6. All work must be completed within 60 days.
  7. A final inspection will be required prior to release of reimbursement funds.

Applicants will meet with City staff to determine project eligibility prior to submittal of grant application. Appointments can be made by calling Dulce Salazar, Housing & Neighborhood Services, at 760-839-4057.

Examples of Improvements:

  • Fence in Common Area
  • Neighborhood Clean-up
  • Street Trees
  • Vacant Lot
  • Parkway Beautification
  • Front Yard Water/Wise/sand or mulch beautification
  • House Painting

Neighborhood Groups Map

Grants-to-Blocks Brochure

Grants-to-Blocks- Neighborhood Beautification Project Application

Grants-to-Blocks- Brochure (Spanish)

Grants-to-Blocks- Neighborhood Beautification Project Application (Spanish)