As many of you know, the majority of the Escondido City Council has been philosophically opposed to a district-based election system for City Councilmembers. We have believed that at-large elections are best for maintaining unity in our city and giving the best possible representation to residents. However, to comply with the Court Consent Decree, we were forced to adopt the district system. I am pleased to say that our City has complied with the court settlement agreement. Our Independent Districting Commission (IDC) has done a good job in engaging the public and spent several months conducting public hearings to develop a four-district plan that complies with the law and maintains community interests in each district. The IDC’s proposed map was unanimously adopted by the City Council on December 4.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the seven members of the IDC for their good work and for engaging the general public in the process. I am proud of our City to not let this issue drag us down or divide us. I look forward to working with our Council in maintaining focus on job creation, neighborhood improvement, economic prosperity and fiscal responsibility. Working together with a diverse City Council will be my goal to best serve our city and our community.