The San Diego Association of Governments, California Department of Transportation, and California Highway Patrol are working together to provide free motorist aid on major freeways in the San Diego region through the following two programs:

 Call Box Program

 The Call Box Program is a free service designed to help travelers who experience vehicle problems while on the highway. Call boxes are self-

contained, solar-powered cellular telephones with voice communication to a call center. When motorists open the yellow call box, pick up the phone, and press the red “call” button, they are automatically connected to call center staff.

Freeway Service Patrol (FSP)

 FSP is a free service that improves safety for stranded motorists and reduces traffic congestion during peak hours. A roving fleet of tow trucks and pickup trucks travel on select local freeways to provide roadside assistance to commuters. For motorist aid during FSP service hours, you may use any roadside call box, or call 511 and say “Roadside Assistance.” When the FSP is not on duty, you will be connected with a call center to reach other roadside assistance operators.

 More information regarding these Motorist Aid services is available at