The following information embodies the Final EIR, prepared for The Villages - Escondido Country Club Project Proposal. 

Earlier this year, the City released a Draft EIR for public review and comment.  This review period allowed agencies and the general public an opportunity to learn more about the Project and its potential consequences on the environment.  Now, with this review period closed, the CEQA process requires the City to respond to each written comment received during the draft EIR review period.  Each individual comment has been evaluated for relevance to the Draft EIR and a response is prepared.  In some instances, a comment resulted in a revision to the Draft EIR, which has been reflected in the Final EIR and Errata. 

The collection of comments and responses together with the Draft EIR (and any changes), constitute what is called the Final EIR. 

The Final EIR must be certified by the City Council as adequate and in compliance with CEQA before the Project can be approved.  The Planning Commission will review the Final EIR and make a recommendation to City Council on October 24, 2017.  It is anticipated that the City Council will consider the Project in November.

Final EIR, dated October 13, 2017


Table of Contents

Errata - Final EIR Changes - updated November 10, 2017

0.S Summary- updated November 10, 2017

1.0 Project Description - updated November 10, 2017

2.1 Air Quality

2.2 Biological Resources

2.3 Cultural Resources

2.4 Greenhouse Gas Analysis

2.5 Hazards and Hazardous Materials

2.6 Noise - updated November 10, 2017

2.7 Transportation and Traffic - updated November 10, 2017

3.1.1 Aesthetics

3.1.2 Energy

3.1.3  Geology and Soils

3.1.4 Hydrology and Water Quality

3.1.5 Land Use

3.1.6 Population and Housing

3.1.7 Public Services

3.1.8 Recreation

3.1.9 Utilities and Services

3.2.1 Agriculture and Mineral Resources

4.0 Alternatives

5.0  References

6.0 List of EIR Preparers

7.0 List of Mitigation Measures and Project Design Features - updated November 10, 2017

Mitigation and Monitoring Report (MMRP) - updated November 10, 2017

8.0 Response to Comments 

Introduction to Response to Comments

S1 Caltrans

L1 City of San Marcos

L2 County of San Diego




O1 Delano

O2 Delano



O5 Stark



Individual Responses

Responses to Last Names A - D

Responses to Last Names E - G

Responses to Last Names H - Q

Responses to Last Names R - Z

Appendix 8-4 General Opposition/Support Letters