Final Districting Plan


Contact: Diane Halverson, 760-839-4617

On Wednesday, December 4, 2013 following a presentation by Dana Nuesca, Chairperson of the Independent Districting Commission, the Escondido City Council unanimously approved the Commission’s Recommended District Plan, dividing the City of Escondido into four (4) Council districts. 

The seven member commission drew the district boundary lines pursuant to the criteria set forth in the Consent Decree  in the following order of priority:  1) Districts shall comply with the United State Constitution, including containing reasonably equal population; 2) Districts shall comply with the federal Voting Rights Act; 3) Districts shall be geographically contiguous and drawn to encourage geographic compactness; 4) Districts shall be drawn with respect for geographic integrity of any neighborhood and any community of interest; and 5) The place of residence of any incumbent or political candidate shall not be considered in the drawing of district boundaries.  The Commission held a total of nine meetings and nine public hearings, where public comments were heard.  The minutes may be viewed on the City website by visiting

These districts shall be used for all future elections of City Council members, including their recall, and for filling any vacancy in the office of member of the Council until new districts are established. The City will hold elections in November 2014 for Districts 1 and 2.  The Final Districting Plan may be viewed on the City website by visiting