The purpose of the City’s fee deferral policy is to provide an incentive to reduce the up-front cost of development for new residential projects involving five or more units and for businesses that foster beneficial economic development in Escondido.

Who Is Eligible

To be eligible, you must be constructing five or more residential units under a single phase or have a business that is either expanding its floor area or is constructing a new building within the Escondido city limits.

How To Apply

  1. Complete the Fee Deferral Application and return it to the Building Division.
  2. Attach a current preliminary title report (no more than 6 months old) for the property on which the construction will take place; this is to verify property ownership. If the property is leased, a copy of the lease will be required before a fee deferral is granted.
  3. At a minimum, provide floor plans for the project. These plans are needed to calculate a fee estimate. Final fees cannot be calculated until construction plans are submitted to the Building Division for permits.

Fees Eligible For Deferral

  1. Connection fees: Sanitary sewer and drainage fees may be deferred pursuant to EMC Chapter 6, Article 18D. Water fees shall be paid at time of utility connection and may not be deferred.
  2. Development fees: Public Facility, Park, Local Traffic, Public Art, Citywide Facilities Plan Repayment and Region of Influence fees may be deferred.


  1. Project processing, permit and inspection fees, and pass-through fees, are not eligible for deferral.
  2. Final project fees are those fees in effect at the time of fee payment.
  3. If the building permits expire, fees will be recalculated at the current rates.

Fee Deferral Period

Fees may be deferred until construction is complete, not to exceed one year from building permit issuance; all fees must be paid before a certificate of occupancy is issued.


When an application for fee deferral is received, the request will be reviewed to determine eligibility. The City reserves the right to determine which connection and development fees may be deferred, based on the project’s impacts to city services and infrastructure. After receipt of a complete application, a meeting with the applicant may be required to obtain more detail about the project before a decision can be made.

The applicant will be advised within ten (10) working days, if sufficient information has been provided, as to whether their project appears to be eligible. The actual fee deferral will not take place until the project has received the necessary approvals, reviews, and plan checks.

  • The applicant will be required to enter into an agreement to the satisfaction of the City Attorney, to be executed and recorded prior to issuance of a building permit.
  • The project must obtain building permits within one (1) year of the determination of eligibility for fee deferral.
  • A fee estimate will be provided prior to building permit issuance; the actual fees to be paid are calculated based on the rates in effect at the time of fee payment.
  • The amount of the fees may change from any fee estimates prepared earlier for discussion purposes.

If permits have not been obtained at the end of one (1) year, the applicant may request an extension of time in writing. The Director of Community Development will determine if an extension of time is to be granted.

For further information, contact:

Building Division
Community Development Department
201 North Broadway
Escondido, CA 92025

Phone 760-839-4647
Fax: 760-432-6819