Sports Tournament Publicity

The joint effort by the City and Visit Escondido to promote sports tournaments in Escondido was publicized in a positive way in the following article in the North County Times:

Downtown Escondido Interim Garden:

The business/community group, including George Weir, Kevin Grangetto and many others, is finalizing the construction details for the Downtown Garden at Grand and Juniper.  They are almost ready to bring in dirt and begin construction of the garden. The plans have been approved by the City Appearance Committee and a drainage plan is being prepared.  The only significant delay at this point is the County wants to do additional borings for groundwater testing on site.  Staff will be meeting shortly with the County’s consultant to see if they can drill through any additional dirt added or whether we can leave a few areas vacant until drilling is complete.



The monthly Building Report is attached.


Benton Burn Site Remediation:

The installation of the protective rock blanket is ongoing this week with substantial project completion by the close of work this Friday.

Oak Hill-Street and Modular Building Site Improvements:

The offsite improvements are underway this week. The contractor is pouring a concrete headwall and installing related storm piping along Oak Hill Drive. The modular building is under construction and is tentatively scheduled for delivery at the end of March.

Dos Cabazos Retaining Wall Project:

The contractor has constructed 20 percent of the project’s keystone wall.

2011-2012 Pavement Management Project:

The contractor paved El Norte Parkway at Escondido Boulevard on February 4. A portion of Escondido Boulevard between Washington and Mission Avenue was done on Feb. 5. Citrus Avenue between Washington and Bear Valley Parkway on will be done on February 6 and 7.

Private Development


The grading contractor is removing excess soil from the project site. This phase of the project is occurring Monday through Saturday.

Mission Avenue 69 KV Electrical Line:

The contractor continues to have three crews operating on the project.  One crew is trenching on Mission Avenue between Metcalf Street and Rock Springs Road.  Another is trenching and installing conduit in the Broadway and Mission Avenue intersection. The third crew is working at Mission Avenue and Beech Street placing conduit and hot patching the trench excavation.

Broadway & 8th Avenue:

There has no activity to report.        



  • A Public Service Announcement warning City of Escondido water customers of a possible scam that was happening in our area and other jurisdictions nearby was sent out.  For more information you may click on this link: Imposter Utility Worker
  • Grape Day Task Force Update

The Police Department continues its enforcement details several times a day in the park and surrounding areas.  Since the start of the increased focus, the police department has conducted 294 extra patrols in the park, 75 field interviews, 58 citations and made 36 arrests. 

Police officers continue their enforcement efforts in the park but focus primarily on the Signature Pavilion, Maple Plaza and CCAE due to recent increase in activity by the Juggalos.  Patrol officers did make another arrest of a Juggalo for a probation violation and found one of his companions to be a runaway juvenile. She was returned to a juvenile care facility. 

In response to the incident at the Fat Burger Restaurant reported last week, one of the members of the Task Force, Cameron Curry, initiated a community awareness event for Fat Burger last Saturday.  The others on the task force marketed the information to the rest of the community.  It was very well attended and the owner of Fat Burger sent an email to Cameron Curry and the rest of the task force thanking us for the support.   Eddie Goldberg, the property manager, is continuing to work on repairing the cameras, and last week installed new signage in the parking lot listing the municipal codes that security and police officers will enforce.  This Thursday EPD Officers will meet with the new security guards hired at Signature to ensure open communication and understanding of the problems at the pavilion. 

Downtown Business Association: Capt. Benton met with the new president, Dan Forrester, of the DBA and discussed the mission of the task force and the issue of displacement of problems to the downtown area.  Captain Benton will be attending the next DBA meeting to address the business owners about the same information. 

CCAE: Captain Benton met with Jon Teeuwissen and Gary McCarthy of the City Attorney’s office regarding additional signage at CCAE. 

Classical Academy/ Boys and Girls Club/ Children’s Museum/ of Classical Academy and Boys and Girls Club reported no problems. 

Wendy Barker of the History Center reported additional graffiti on the west side of the Grape Day Bathrooms.  Public works was notified and will remove immediately. 

Theresa Collins, City Special Events Coordinator, provided an overview of upcoming Amgen event and Cruising Grand. 

The next task force meeting will be on Tuesday February 12, 2013.