February 4, 2015


  • “Visit Escondido” is teaming with the Orange Book Network to produce and distribute Escondido’s first visitors guide, This is Escondido. The guide will be rich in content, promoting the things that make Escondido a unique community worth including in any visitor’s itinerary.  Ad sales will continue through March and the guide is anticipated to be available by June.  For information, please contact Tisha Calton at Orange Book, 760-789-4243 or Tisha@orangebook.com
  • The Cal South State Cup will be held this weekend, February 7th & 8th at Ryan Park.  We will see teams from all over Southern California visiting our City and Ryan Park.  The games are all bracket rounds in the Boys under 12 and under 13 and Girls under 12 and under 13 divisions. There will be 59 teams and 87 games played and we can expect around 2,000 players and spectators in the area.  Teams will have two to three games over the weekend and will be using lodging, shopping, and dining in Escondido.   This is a paid parking tournament run by volunteers of the Escondido Soccer Club at $6 per car.  Escondido residents will be able to park for free. 


No special events scheduled. 

County of San Diego Bear Valley Parkway North Widening Project 

Please find attached the January 2015 project update e-Newsletter. 


Finance and Information Systems staff members have created a system called Project Status Tracking to provide a central location for status updates on capital projects. Project managers are now responsible for providing updates on all of their capital improvement projects included in the Capital Improvement Budget on a periodic basis. These updates are compiled into a report and will be posted on the City’s public website each quarter. The report contains a broad description of each project, along with the latest update posted by the project manager. It also includes the total estimated project cost, the total amount funded and the remaining budget in each project. The report is located on the City’s website under the Finance Department and in the Five Year Capital Improvement Program area. Each project has a coordinating division listed next to the name of the project. For any project related questions, there is an email form available which lists those coordinating divisions as contacts, simply select the division associated with the project in question, complete the form, and the appropriate city staff person will be contacted. Completed projects will remain listed on the report for one year after the completion date 


The 2013-2014 Council Action Plan included the carry-over item: “Solicit feedback from customers on the quality of service they received from City staff.” Staff has developed an online customer satisfaction survey located at www.escondido.org/feedback.aspx . The survey was developed through consultation with external service departments. Staff members from department head level to front-line staff provided insight and feedback on the survey structure. A message directing customers to the survey appears on receipts generated from paying business license and permit fees, and paying code enforcement fines. Similar messages will soon appear on utility bill receipts and other receipts issued by external service departments. Additionally, business cards directing customers to the survey are being created as well as signage in public areas. Survey results will be collected on a monthly basis and distributed to department heads. 



  • LAFCO approved two City annexation projects at their meeting on Monday, February 2nd: the Pickering Reorganization for the 14-unit subdivision on the east side of N. Ash St. between Lehner and Stanley Avenues; and the Lake Wohlford Reorganization for the City’s electrical generating facility. 
  • Major Projects Update:
    • Oak Creek (NUW) – The Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval of the project at their hearing on January 27th. The project is scheduled for consideration by the City Council at their March 4th
    • Amanda Estates (NUW) – The 30-day public review period for the Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) ended on January 21, 2015; comments were received from the State Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC), County of San Diego, and San Luis Rey Band of Mission Indians and are under review. The Planning Commission hearing is tentatively scheduled for February 24th.
    • Centerpointe 78 Commercial – The Draft EIR remains on hold at the applicant’s request pending resolution of traffic mitigation requirements. The applicant is evaluating potential improvements negotiated with Caltrans regarding redesign of the Broadway/SR 78 intersection (within Caltrans jurisdiction) to avoid relocation of underground utility vaults along with improvements to accommodate pedestrian and bicycle movements. The applicant has prepared draft concepts of the various improvement needs and mitigation requirements and his client is now obtaining cost estimates for constructing the improvements (which include installing three signals, street striping, Caltrans improvements, etc.) to evaluate the project’s financial viability.
    • North Broadway Deficiency Area Projects – The Pickering annexation was approved by LAFCO on February 2nd. Staff is also working with the anticipated developer regarding a comprehensive grading plan and associated design changes with the goal of achieving substantial conformance with the approved tentative maps for the properties east of Ash Street, as anticipated in the development agreements. The applicant for the Zenner annexation and 40-unit subdivision is pursuing the acquisition of offsite right-of-way on the monastery property at the Ash/Vista intersection to avoid potential condemnation issues. Cost estimates for offsite improvements have been requested to enable evaluation of proposed development agreement terms. The Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration for the Zenner project was issued for a 20-day public review period which ends on February 18th, and is available at the following link:
    • http://www.escondido.org/Data/Sites/1/media/PDFs/Planning/AmandaEstates/DraftMitigatedNegativeDeclaration.pdf
    • Zak Planned Development (2412 S. Escondido) – The Final Map is scheduled for the February 4th City Council meeting. The grading permit has been issued. Revised submittals need to address landscaping, noise and lighting requirements prior to building permit issuance.
    • Kaen Planned Development (2516 S. Escondido Blvd.) – Revised plans have been submitted in response to staff comments regarding guest parking and storm water compliance; the proposed number of units has been reduced from 70 to 68 units. The project remains incomplete. Staff is conducting design review to formalize comments regarding the quality and design of the revised project.

Building Division: 

  • The Monthly Building Activity Report for January is attached.
  • The Building Division had one of the busiest weeks on record issuing 75 permits for the week with a total valuation of $1,452,705.
  • 28 photovoltaic permits were issued this week with 84 permits issued so far this year compared to 46 issued at the same time last year.
  • Inspections and counter contacts remain steady with inspections averaging 25 per day with 23 on Friday and counter contacts averaging 34 per day with 34 on Friday.
  • The Building Division has approved the plans for a new 76 unit condominium project at 2412 S. Escondido Blvd. Planning and Engineering approval needed prior to permit issuance.
  • Permits were issued for five single family dwellings at Felicita Lane and Redwood St.
  • Construction activity has resumed at the Talk of the Town carwash and restaurant at 444 Brotherton Rd.
  • The new 3 story HARRF administration building at 1521 S. Hale Ave is progressing through drywall inspections.
  • Plans have been submitted for the vacant building at 1817 Avenida Del Diablo (former Palomar Care Facility) to replace exterior doors serving the individual bedroom units with windows. No tenant has been identified.


The Dorothy E. Boeger Building, located at the Park Avenue Community Center, has a new upgraded front entryway. It looks very similar to what was there previously.  However, it is constructed mostly of metal now, instead of all wood. Additionally, thermal pane windows have been added to reduce heat transfer from outside and improve energy efficiency. The final touch is a metal awning that will be installed in a few months that will provide some shade over the entrance and protection from inclement weather. 


Jesmond Dene Ball Field Lights:
The light poles and fixtures have been placed and the contractor pulled wiring on Tuesday, February 3. 

2014/2015 Street Rehabilitation Project:
The Notice to Proceed for this project is Monday February 9, 2015.   

Elm Street between Washington Avenue and the Flood Control Channel: 
The temporary water main has passed water quality testing and was tied in on Monday February 2. Construction of the new water main on Elm Street will begin this week. 

Private Development 

Bear Valley Parkway between Boyle Avenue and San Pasqual Road, County Project:
The City’s new 24” water main between Idaho Avenue and San Pasqual Valley Road is continuing. Storm Drain and Dry Utility installation is continuing along Bear Valley Parkway between Boyle Avenue and Idaho Avenue. The construction of the new 12” gas main is continuing between Suburban Hills Drive and Idaho Avenue. 



  • Loarie gave a presentation on Leadership to a group at the University of San Diego.
  • The Traffic Division investigated a major injury traffic collision at Broadway and 2nd The driver of one of the vehicles was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs.  Lt. Justin Murphy issued a press release regarding the collision investigation.  The DUI Homicide Unit at the D.A.’s office, formed by the California Office of Traffic Safety, will be prosecuting the case even though it did not involve a death.  This unit specializes in prosecution for these types of incidents.
  • Loarie and Capt. Stuard attended the Special Olympics Torch Run at Sea World.
  • Chief Carter and Capt. Loarie attended the unveiling of the new crosswalks at Ash St and Mission Ave.
  • Chief Carter and Capt. Loarie attended the Founder’s Day 60th Anniversary Celebration for the Escondido Boys and Girls Club.
  • Loarie and Capt. Stuard attended the EPD Retiree’s Breakfast at Charlie’s Restaurant.  This was a multi-generational gathering with approximately 18 retirees in attendance.  One of the retirees was hired by EPD in 1956.
  • Las Palmas Apartment Complex completed the certification process to be a member of the Crime Free Multi-Housing program.
  • Chief Carter was the key note speaker at an event at the Al Bahr Shrine Peace Officers Club. 


Effective March 3, 2015, the pricing of Cox’s video, high speed Internet and digital phone services will change to reflect the increased costs of doing business.  The primary reason for the increase in the retail price of cable television is the rising wholesale cost of television programming.  Broadcast networks such as CBS now charge higher fees to cable and satellite companies that distribute their television content instead of primarily relying on advertising to generate income for their station. Customers will be notified 30 days in advance through a legal ad and will continue to receive specific notification through messages in their bills. A list of the upcoming price changes is attached.