•  The weekly Escondido Saturday Market sponsored by Escondido Events was scheduled to begin this Saturday, March 1 but has been postponed until March 8 due to the rain expected this weekend.  When in operation it will run  from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Kalmia Street north of Grand Avenue
  • In an effort to provide greater reliability to its Westfield Mall wireless customers, Verizon Wireless is in the entitlement phase of a permanent communication facility proposed to be constructed on the rooftop of Westfield Mall.  Verizon will be using a small area in the southwestern section of the adult softball fields at Kit Carson Park to stage a temporary facility for the interim provision of improved coverage to its mall customers while the permanent facility is in process. The License is month-to-month and may be terminated by either party upon 30 days’ notice. A License Fee of $4,000/month will be deposited into the Recreation Fund (112). The use is governed by a Temporary Use Permit (City File No. ADM 14-0014), issued by the City’s Planning Department. Conditions include noise attenuation and enclosure of the facility by security fencing. Verizon will remove its equipment and return the premises to its original condition upon License termination.


 The Escondido Clergy Association will be holding an event called called "Ashes to Go" on Ash Wednesday, March 5.  It will consist of clergy members standing on street corners at Grand and Broadway offering ashes to those who want them.  They intend to do it for two hours from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  


 On March 26, 2014, a Council workshop on CALPERS will presented by industry expert Mr. John Bartel, actuary, and assisted by Human Resources and Finance.  Mr. Bartel’s presentation and analysis will include a review of the City’s current CALPERS plans, the California Public Employees' Pension Reform Act (PEPRA) of 2013, and the newly adopted CALPERS assumptions on mortality, amortization and smoothing methods, and the anticipated impact on the City.  Council will have an opportunity to ask questions on the information presented at the workshop; however, if you have specific information you want included or questions answered, please forward this information to Sheryl Bennett. 



  • Queen Califia Magical Circle repairs are underway. This week the City amended its contract with the artist to perform additional repairs totaling $7,200 which will be split evenly between the City and Niki Charitable Art Foundation. The repairs involving excavating, refabricating, replacing and re-grouting many mirror, black and white tiles in the sculpture garden entry are anticipated for completion by summer 2014. The City is seeking volunteers to establish a docent program to serve during hours the facility will be open to the public.    
  • Major Projects Update:
  • Oak Creek (NUW) – Staff is still awaiting a complete submittal package responding to comments. The applicants have proposed specific alignment plans for Felicita and Hamilton, to provide a modified Local Collector. Since both roads are proposed for annexation, discussions have focused on the appropriate ultimate street design, specifically regarding the need for sidewalks on both sides and the current City policy to require full width improvements for annexations. NUW has expressed a willingness to construct the sidewalks if desired but feels the abutting residents do not support the improvements. Staff has recommended conducting a survey of the abutting residents to gauge their position. The anticipated hearing schedule continues to be pushed out pending receipt of the applicant’s submittals.
  • Amanda Lane (NUW) – Staff is still awaiting revised submittals in response to LAFCO and staff review.
  • Zak/NCA Development – Staff met with the applicants to discuss design considerations pertaining to the exterior elevations, adequacy of proposed landscaping, open space and storm water facilities, and justification to support significant modification to development standards proposed as part of the planned development process. Revised submittals are anticipated in the next week. Most issues have been resolved. However, one outstanding issue is the width of a utility easement to allow maintenance of the water line in the southwest corner of the site. The City’s Design Standards require the project requires a looped water system; and an easement width of 20 feet. Staff feels a reduction to 15 feet can be acceptable for this short distance; however, applicant proposes an easement of <10 feet. The applicant has agreed to approach the adjacent property owner to request a 5-foot wide easement.
  • Centerpointe – The applicant has completed the first draft of a traffic study and will submit to staff this week for review; they have proposed an alternative trip generation rate that staff feels cannot be supported based on SANDAG methodology and analysis for similar recent projects. Based on staff’s review, the EIR scope of work will be revised and incorporated into the contract for Council consideration in March.
  • North Broadway Deficiency Area Projects – The critical path item for these projects is the applicant’s need to complete adequate traffic studies for the various projects. Following multiple reviews, another meeting was held with the applicant’s traffic consultant to facilitate completion of an adequate study and correct deficiencies in the analysis.

Building Division:

  •  With a short 4 day work week due to the President’s Day holiday, the Building Division was very busy issuing 46 permits, including 5 photovoltaic permits, for a total valuation of $739,480. The Building counter continues to increase, averaging 42 daily sign-ins.  Inspections averaged 26 per day.
  • Plans were submitted for review for the Sonoma Court apartment rehabilitation at 508 East Mission. Construction progress is continuing at  the new McDonalds restaurant at 1146 East Valley Pkwy., the Contempo project at 203 South Orange, the new HARRF building 521 South Hale, and the Classical Academy High School  at 207 East Pennsylvania.


2013 - 2014 Pavement Repair and Rehabilitation Program:

The contractor is striping East Valley Parkway from Midway to Citrus.  Valve cans are being raised at various locations and times this week.  Paving at night will begin next Monday March 3 through Thursday March 6.

 Grape Street Public Improvement Project:

Driveways and sidewalk ramps were placed last week, all concrete work is completed with the exception of the street light locations.  The keystone walls are completed.  The black vinyl fencing and the street light installation are the last items remaining.

 Encino Drive & El Dorado Drive- Storm Drain Replacement:

The contractor has completed the concrete curb and gutter and has replaced asphalt for the road section.

    Private Development

1146 East Valley Parkway- McDonald’s Restaurant:

After a site meeting with the contractor concerning the time line for the water and storm drain installation, it was determined that the #2 west bound lanes shall be reopened. Lanes opened 2.22.14. Currently awaiting the approved design drawings for the water conflict and the material availability for the storm drain

 Tract 888-Cambell Court:

The construction of the on-site water system is continuing. The contractor will be connecting to the live water main this Thursday.

 Lincoln Avenue & Escondido Boulevard Gas Main Testing Station:

The contractor is continuing with the coating the new pipelines prior to backfill and placing sensing lines this week. Backfilling to start late this week or next week, with the street paving the following week      



  • Conducted testing for new Police applicants last weekend and had several hundred attendees
  • 2 new Police recruits are starting the academy this week
  • 1 new lateral officer is starting this week
  • Facebook and Twitter continue to develop as helpful tools for our messaging / outreach efforts
  • Twitter was used during the missing person search at Daley Ranch in an effort to make the public aware of what was occurring
  • We sent several officers to Fresno for the funeral of 2 CHP officers killed in the line of duty
  • Police Athletic League / EVCC displayed a new scoreboard in the gym
  • Reserve Officer Richard Bell will be promoted to Reserve Sergeant on March 4th.
  • Grape Day Park Task Force:

The Police Department continues its enforcement details as call volume allows, up to several times a day in the park and surrounding areas.  Since the start of the increased focus, the police department has conducted 1406 extra patrols in the park, 200 field interviews, 97 citations and 101 arrests. 

The Bike Team Officers, Adan Martinez and Russ Whitaker, continue to focus their efforts in the downtown area including Grape Day Park, Maple Plaza and Signature Pavilion. They are assisted by Patrol Officers and especially our two Community Policing Officers; Aaron Reber and Lew Shaver.  There were no significant arrests reported.  

There were no significant calls for service around the Grape Day Park, Maple St. Plaza, or Signature Pavilion footprint.

Upcoming Events:

 Please refer to  for special event information in the Park. For a list of all Escondido Events visit:

 The next Task Force Meeting will be on a date to be determined.

 Ongoing statistics:

Foot Patrols        1406

Citations              97

FI's                        200

Arrests                 101

5150 Holds          1