• The City’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) was approved by the Los Angeles office of the Economic Development Administration (see attached approval letter).
  • Heritage Gardens/Juniper and Grand: That agreement was finalized and signed by the private parties yesterday morning and is awaiting City signature.  This project is a temporary use that improves the appearance of the corner and provides some additional parking spaces. This enables the City to have flexibility on the DHS clean up requirements and the insurance/liability issues, since any significant concerns can be resolved by simply exercising our right to terminate the agreement with 30 days’ notice. The private parties have agreed to provide all insurance to cover the design and construction; thereafter, the City has the right to inspect and approve of any improvements.  Everything becomes the City’s after that point.  It will be the City’s responsibility, during the inspection process, to call out and eliminate anything that the City believes will cause problems, risk, interference with environmental clean-up monitoring, etc.  The private parties sent along emails of thanks for the promptness and the efficiency of the process.


Code Enforcement:

We have been notified by the Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk’s office about new charges and procedures to obtain copies of building and property-related documents (see attached letter). This is part of the Board of Supervisor’s  adopted policy (B-29) for full cost recovery for services provided to agencies and individuals outside the County organization. In addition to charging $2.00 per page, the policy will have an impact on staff time since the County will now require documents to be purchased in person. The records are available from the San Marcos office. City staff frequently has need for these records for code enforcement and building permit matters.


  • Integral Communities has proposed a residential project in Eden Hills; the property straddles the San Marcos and Escondido sphere boundaries. Previous conversations with the developer involved their intent to detach from Escondido’s Sphere of Influence and including the site in the San Marcos Sphere for annexation. The developer recently held a community meeting to discuss the project. Attached is a link for more information:   Several residents from Eden Valley have approached Escondido staff regarding potential annexation to Escondido to protect their densities.
  • On 2/12/13 the Planning Commission approved a CUP to allow beer and wine sales at an approved convenience store and gas station at 1062 El Norte Parkway, and approved the CUP for the former Women’s Club building at 240 S. Broadway to allow use as a chapel for funeral services. The Commission also approved a Specific Plan determination for Stone Brewery to allow landscape screening of the new outdoor tanks in lieu of architectural screening.


Benton Burn Site Remediation:

The installation of all erosion control components will be completed this week.  A final walk through with the Homeowners Association regarding the condition of the privately maintained roads occurred on Wednesday. The City is working closely with the Phillips residence to ensure the project construction-related activities have been completed and that they are satisfied.

Oak Hill Street and Modular Building Site Improvements:

The contractor has completed excavating the street section to subgrade for sixty percent of the frontage along Oak Hill Drive. The subgrade material is wet and unsuitable for placement of roadway base material. City staff and its’ independent soils lab is evaluating cost -effective alternatives such as cement treatment to the native soil or over excavating an additional 18” section of dirt and placement of roadway base material along with an engineering fabric. The final solution will be in place by the close of work Friday.

Dos Cabazos Retaining Wall Project:

The contractor has completed the wall construction along the rear of the three effected residences to a height of 4 feet. This week the contractor will begin installation of an engineering fabric required by the manufacture of the block wall material to insure the final product meets the design engineer’s specifications.

2011-2012 Pavement Management Project:

The prime contractor is mobilizing his subcontractors to complete the final pavement striping and raising the last of the water valve cans and manhole assemblies. This project will be considered one hundred percent complete by week’s end.

Private Development


The developer has notified the city they will start removing the last of the excess soil from the site this Friday.

Mission Avenue 69 KV Electrical Line:

The SDG&E contractor has completed the difficult crossing of the Broadway and Mission Avenue intersection this past Thursday. The Utilities Division provided on-site personnel to isolate the water mains during the two night-time crossings of their facilities. The contractor’s second underground crew is continuing with the installation of the electrical conduits from Beech Street to Ash Street, with the third crew placing conduits in the Rock Springs Road / Mission Avenue intersection. The project is experiencing a delay in obtaining the required permit to bore under the NCTD rail alignment at Mission Avenue / Enterprise Street intersection. This, along with a second design problem in front of the main post office in the Caltrans right of way, is delaying the final pavement restoration for the first phase of the project. City staff has issued a correction notice to SDG&E to have all roadway markings damaged during the course of construction to be restored. This will elevate the need to monitor the temporary traffic striping devices since at this time there is no projected date for receiving the required permit for working in the NCTD rail corridor.

Broadway & 8th Avenue:

No activity to report



The Escondido Recreation/Police Athletic League Elementary Basketball Championships were held on Saturday, February 2,  at the East Valley Community Center. The 2nd and 3rd grade championship game was between Farr and Rock Springs schools.

Grape Day Park Task Force

The following message was recently received by the Police Department via the City Website:

I would like to thank the police force for it great efforts on cleaning up Grape Day Park. There is an amazing transformation going on. I walk the park everyday so I am a witness to the progress. Stay on it!!! Success should be congratulated.            

-Doug Edelbrock

The Police Department continues its enforcement details several times a day in the park and surrounding areas.  Since the start of the increased focus, the police department has conducted 325 extra patrols in the park, 86 field interviews, 58 citations and made 46 arrests. 

Police officers continue their enforcement efforts in the park but have increased their focus on the Signature Pavilion, and Maple Plaza due to recent activity by the Juggalos.  This increased effort resulted in an additional 10 arrests of those causing the problems in these areas. 

Last Thursday officers met with the Signature Pavilion security to explain their role in the zero tolerance of the rules and municipal codes of the area.  It was well received and they were the reporting parties on some of the arrests in the area.  Representatives of the security company attended today’s Grape Day Taskforce meeting. 

Maple Plaza: The Plaza was vandalized by graffiti on two occasions this week.  It was removed quickly, but prompted signage to be installed regarding no smoking, bicycling, skateboarding etc.   Officers will continue their focus on this area in an attempt to prevent more vandalism.

DBA: Captain Benton attended the last DBA meeting and explained the efforts and successes of the Task Force.  He met with representatives of American West bank which is adjacent to Maple Plaza regarding their concerns.   He provided ideas on how to make their businesses less attractive for homeless persons and Juggalos and requested them to call EPD when problems are witnessed.

CCAE:  There were no reports of graffiti or vandalism since the last meeting.  No trespassing and no smoking signage was installed in the Rose Garden area which was frequented by the Juggalos and homeless.  Their security officers have been issued new uniforms to increase their visibility and professionalism.   Jon Teeuwissen requested officers speak to their security officers to ensure they are on the same page. 

Classical Academy/ Boys and Girls Club/ Children’s Museum: No problems were reported. 

History Center: Wendy Barker reported additional graffiti on the west side of the Grape Day Park restrooms.  She also reported there was  no new graffiti or persons delivering food to the homeless. 

The new playground equipment was approved by the Image and Appearance committee, the Historic committee, and now a vendor is being selected. 

Theresa Collins, City Special Events Coordinator, provided an overview of the many upcoming events that will bring more people into the park, including Amgen, Cruising Grand, and many others. 

Laura Cardona mentioned that the shelter will be closing on March 31. 

Members agreed that the task force meetings should be decreased to one time a month, but will continue to communicate problems and successes in the meantime. 

The next Task Force meeting will be Tuesday March 5, 2013. 


As a follow up to the Resolution #2011-44 that Council adopted on March 23, 2011, the City has officially become a Certified ICE Mutual Agreement between Government and Employers (IMAGE) Member

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security / Immigration and Customs Enforcement began the Form I-9 Inspection on April 23, 2012, as part of the process to become a Certified IMAGE Member.  As you will recall, the City became a certified E-Verify partner on April 10, 2012.  The ICE I-9 inspection process concluded on February 1, 2013, making the City of Escondido officially a  Certified IMAGE Member.  DHS/ICE is currently in the process of finalizing our IMAGE certification.   

Private sector has numerous IMAGE Members, however, to date, there are only a few public agencies who are also Certified IMAGE Members,  including:

City of Sachse, Texas
City of Whitefish, Montana
City of Palmdale, California (Charter Member)

DHS/ICE is hopeful that by the City of Escondido’s participation in IMAGE, that this would serve as an example for other cities to join the IMAGE program.