A Grand Opening was held on Saturday, May 1, 2010, at 10:00 a.m. 

The Police and Fire Headquarters was constructed in five phases:

  • Phase I – Rough grading, relocation of 24" sewer line, street improvements, traffic signal (Completed)
  • Phase II – Underground site utilities (water, sewer, and storm drain) (Completed)
  • Phase III – Parking structure (Completed)
  • Phase IV – Actual construction of the building (Completed)
  • Phase V – Landscaping, Hardscape, Commissioning (Completed)

Decisions Made on the Project

  • Awarded contract to Hazard Construction Company in the amount of $1,209,900 for Bid Package 3B (Site Concrete and Paving)
  • Awarded contract to J.P. Witherow in the amount of $887,100.00 for bid package 7A (Roofing)
  • Awarded contract to ThyssenKrupp in the amount of $493,206.00 for elevators
  • Awarded contract to Gould Electric for $6,517,000 for BP 16A (Electrical)
  • Awarded contract to J.G. Tate Fire Protection for $688,111 for BP 15B (Fire Sprinklers)
  • Authorized staff to purchase Herman Miller furniture for the facility through the U.S. Communities Government
  • Purchasing Alliance working through Office Pavilion of San Diego
  • Awarded contract to Epoch Universal for $877,125.64 for Cisco Voice and Data Services
  • Rejected all bids for BP 9C (Painting) and authorized staff to re-advertise the package
  • Awarded contract to ISEC, Inc. for $2,100,000 for BP 6A (Millwork) & 10A (Construction Specialities) combined
  • Awarded contract to Brady Company for $75,000 for BP 8A (Rollup Doors)
  • Awarded contract to Perfection Glass, Inc. for $439,701 for BP 8B (Glass, Glazing, etc.)
  • Awarded contract to Brady Company for $3,733,000 for BP 9A (Finishes, Drywall, Doors, etc.)
  • Awarded contract to CIR Commercial Interior Resources for $1,642,809 for BP 9B (Flooring)
  • Awarded contract to LEGG, Inc. for $558,000 for BP11A (Security Equipment)
  • Awarded contract to ISEC, Inc. for $211,735 BP 12A (Lab Casework)
  • Awarded contract to HPS for $5,145,186BP 15A (HVAC and Plumbing)
  • Awarded contract to New Dimension Masonry, Inc. in the amount of $2,900,880.00 for the Phase IV Bid package 4A (Masonry and Precast)
  • Awarded contract to Southwest General Contractors in the amount of $2,723,000.00 for the Phase IV Bid package 3A (Structure Concrete)
  • Awarded contract to Artimex Iron Company, Inc. in the amount of $3,080,000.00  for the Phase IV Bid package 5A (Structural Steel and Miscellaneous Metals)
  • Awarded contract to Barnhart, Inc. in the amount of $3,466,402 for the construction of Phase III, Parking Structure
  • Awarded contract to Shaw Equipment Rentals in the amount of $157,000 for the construction of Phase II, Underground Wet Utilities
  • Awarded contract to Shaw Equipment Rentals in the amount of $449,000 for Phase 1a (Rough grading and sewer line relocation construction)
  • Awarded contract to Southland Paving in the amount of $1,491,965 for Phase 1b (Street Improvements and Traffic Signal installation at Centre City Parkway and Decatur)
  • Had groundbreaking ceremony September 11 at construction site Program Flyer / Ceremony Photos
  • Scheduled presentation to City Council for June 7, 2006
  • Received project approval from the Planning Commission
  • Issued Mitigated Negative Declaration for public review
  • Scheduled presentation to Planning Commission for May 9, 2006, at 7:30 p.m., in the City Council Chambers
  • Scheduled informational community meeting for April 27, 2006, at 6:00 p.m., in the Mitchell Room at City Hall
  • Received approval from Design Review Board on exterior architecture
  • Awarded the bid for the parking lot expansion to ABC Construction Company in the amount of $164,512
  • Installed perimeter fencing at the construction site
  • Completed Schematic Design and have begun Design Development
  • Hired The McCuskey Group to serve as the construction manager
  • Hired WLC Architects to provide architectural services

Construction Photos

Project Location and Description

The new Police and Fire Headquarters will be located at 1163 North Centre City Parkway. The facility will consist of an approximately 115,371 square-foot, three-story building with ample public and employee parking. It will provide operational and administrative space for the following functions: Police patrol, investigations, juvenile crime, domestic violence, community-oriented policing, communications and 911 emergency response services, crime lab, computer-aided dispatch center, emergency operations center, short-term custody of prisoners, and community meeting space. The Fire Department area will include administrative and training spaces, fire prevention services, paramedic services management, and community education areas. The building is expected to adequately support growth needs as projected in the current General Plan.

The new joint Police and Fire Headquarters is being built using a non-traditional approach called the Construction Manager with Multiple Prime Contractors. The City used this method very successfully for the construction of the California Center for the Arts. Under this method, the City, architect and construction manager will act as a collaborative team from planning through construction.

Project Budget

The total cost of the new facility is approximately $61 million, which includes design, construction, parking and furnishings.

Preliminary Drawings


Larry Wolff, WLC Architects, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Construction Manager

Sam McCuskey, McCuskey Group, Valley Center, CA

Project Manager

Joyce Masterson, Assistant to the City Manager
Phone Number: 760-839-4621

City Project Team

Scott Alvord, Fire Division Chief
Mark Becker, Director of Information Systems
Jeffrey Epp, City Attorney
John Houchin, Police Lieutenant
Jim Maher, Police Chief
Bill Martin, Senior Planner
Joyce Masterson, Project Manager/Assistant to the City Manager
Ira C. Morgan II, Building Maintenance Superintendent
Vic Reed, Fire Chief
Gil Rojas, Finance Director
Joe Russo, Building Official