You might not give much thought to how traffic signals work, but the City of Escondido does. We have a reliable, real-time, effective and flexible traffic signal control system for 170 intersections within the City limits. Each signalized intersection has a computerized signal controller that runs timing programs for that intersection. These timing programs are designed to consider the peak traffic periods and intersection conditions of each intersection. Our traffic signals are grouped to coordinate with other adjacent signals in corridors of traffic signals. Flexibility is built into the programing to respond to the presence of vehicles and pedestrians, but some corridors are given more priority than others. These groups are then connected to central workstations from which City staff can observe all traffic signals, but they only control the timing for City signals (148 of the 170). Each of the corridors is set up to allow a smooth flow of vehicles, but many conditions can disrupt this flow. These conditions include pedestrians crossing the street, parades, the Sprinter, emergency vehicles, and corridors ending/starting at signals the City cannot control, i.e., Caltrans signals.

As a result of this system, traffic generally flows smoothly around town. But be assured that we continually monitor and look for ways to improve our service and keep you moving!