State law requires that cities adopt a Housing Element with prescribed details and content. Escondido’s newly adopted General Plan contains a Housing Element that assesses the housing needs of all economic segments of the City. Staff was notified that in February 2013, Escondido’s Housing Element was approved by the California Department of Housing and Community Development.

Preparing the Housing Element involved extensive community outreach with workshops, surveys, study sessions and public hearings that included residents, developers, service organizations, non-profit groups, and decision-makers to establish Escondido’s three broad housing goals:

1)    Plan for quality, managed, and sustainable growth;

2)    Provide a range of housing opportunities for all income groups and households with special needs;

3)    Enhance the quality of the City’s housing stock, preserve the integrity of neighborhood character and encourage home ownership.

State approval of Escondido’s Housing Element also affords the city certain economic benefits. A variety of grants for enhancing/improving infrastructure, recreation, transportation and other municipal services are designed to reward local governments for compliance with State Housing Element law. Escondido’s Housing Element will serve the City through December 31, 2020, with policies that guide the City’s approach to resolving housing needs and programs for implementing the General Plan’s long-term vision.