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The Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) has announced a $685,450 award to the City of Escondido through their 2014 Housing-Related Parks (HRP) Program. The HRP Program is an innovative program designed to reward local governments that approve housing for lower-income households and are in compliance with State housing element law with grant funds to create or rehabilitate parks and/or recreational facilities. Funds were awarded for preserving three affordable housing developments and creating 17 affordable home ownership opportunities. These funds will be focused on rehabilitation projects at several parks and community centers including: PACC (rebuilding shade and patio structures, upgrades in the kitchen, auditorium and restrooms, new flooring and painting), EVCC (exterior painting), Train Depot (reroofing and painting), Washington Park Pool & Rec Center (painting), Jim Stone Pool (painting and bathroom), Oak Hill Activity Center (paint, fencing, cabinets). 

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