Contact: Joyce Masterson, 760-839-4621

The City of Escondido is hosting a Download Day event to introduce citizens to their new smartphone app, “Escondido, Report It!”. The app provides an additional way for citizens to report graffiti and potholes.  Interested citizens are invited to attend the event which will take place at City Hall, 201 N. Broadway  in Training Room 1 on May 4, 2011 from 3:00 - 3:45 p.m. Seating is limited,  so please contact the City Manager’s Office at 760-839-4631 by May 3  to reserve a space.

The Download Day event will allow the City to demonstrate the new app and its benefits to the citizens and the city. The vendor of the app, CitySourced, will be leading the demonstration and will help citizens learn to download and use the app. The demonstration will include a walk-through of the app with real case data. The free, easy to use app is currently available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry users. The app will be available for Windows Phone 7 in the future. More information about the app and questions about the app can be addressed at the CitySourced website at: or by calling CitySourced at 818-305-6052.

The app provides an efficient way for citizens to report issues to the City. The app currently allows citizens to report potholes and graffiti and will allow the reporting of other issues in the future. Reports from the app go to the City’s Public Works Department who incorporates the reports into their work order system where the issues will get addressed. These reports include a location on a map which makes it easier for the City to locate the issue.

As always, keep safety in mind when reporting issues. Do not attempt to use the app while driving and do not stand in roadways to take pictures.