Encouraging active transportation via Escondido’s connected bike path.

This project will fill an existing gap between the Escondido Creek Trail on N. Broadway and the Inland Rail Trail on Quince Street by constructing new bike facilities through the core city area.  A new Class IV bikeway cycle track will be constructed along N. Broadway and Valley Parkway and a new Class I bike path will be constructed west of Centre City Parkway and south of the Escondido creek to connect the new bikeway cycle track from Valley Parkway to Inland Rail Trail on Quince Street. 

Schedule: Spring 2018 – Early 2019

Class IV two-way bikeway cycle track

New traffic signal at N. Broadway and Woodward Ave intersection

New signalized crosswalk on N. Broadway north of Sherman Place, in front of the San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum

A Class IV bikeway is a facility that is for the exclusive use of bicycles and is physically separated from motored traffic with a vertical feature.  The separation may include flexible posts, inflexible barriers, or on-street parking.  By providing physical separation from motor traffic, Class IV bikeways can reduce the level of stress, improve comfort for more types of bicyclists, and contribute to an increase in bicycle volumes and mode share. 

A photo some of the soon-to-come bikeway cycle track on N. Broadway.  

November 9, 2018 - Second Project Update

Majority of the work on the new Class IV two-way bikeway cycle tracks along W. Valley Parkway and portion of Broadway has been completed. New green bollards were installed to provide separation between the general traffic and the new two-way bikeway cycle tracks, as well as new striping and signage to alert drivers about bicyclists going in both directions (Figure 1). New traffic signal indications for bicyclists going eastbound on the bikeway have been installed at three traffic signals on W. Valley Parkway (Figure 2).


Figure 1 - Class IV two-way bikeway on Valley Parkway

Figure 2 - New traffic signal indications for bicyclists going eastbound on the bikeway


The Contractor has completed the construction of the new bus stop platform and raised medians at the NCTD bus stop on Valley Parkway and Orange Ave. Buses no longer require to cross the bikeway for loading and unloading passengers. Crosswalk striping has been provided for passengers to cross the new bikeway at the new bus stop platform (Figure 3).

Figure 3 - Bus Stop Platform with crosswalk

Two new pedestrian ramps and a raised median have been constructed for the signalized pedestrian crossing on Broadway between Grape Day Park and the San Diego Children's Discovery Museum (Figures 4-6). The traffic signal sub-contractor has installed the foundations for the new traffic signal poles and will install the poles when the equipment is delivered.

Figure 4 - Pedestrian ramp by Grape Day Park

Figure 5 - Pedestrian ramp by San Diego Children's Discovery Museum


Figure 6 - Raised median on Broadway



Work on the bike and pedestrian bridge on Broadway has begun. The two abutments for the bridge were formed and concrete was poured (Figures 7-9). The Contractor will backfill the area around the abutments and get the site ready for the installation of the prefabricated pedestrian bridge that will be delivered in late November.

Figure 7 - Bridge abutment #2 reinforcement

Figure 8 - Concrete pour at bridge abutment #2

Figure 9 - Bridge abutment #1 formed and concrete poured


Previous Project Update - July 19, 2018

John Houston, City of Escondido Field Engineering Inspector

Office: (760) 839 4664   Email: jhouston@escondido.org

Please note:  To report non-emergency traffic safety issues outside of our normal working hours, and you feel this requires immediate attention, please contact our Non-Emergency Escondido Police Dispatch @ 760-839-4722. When calling this number, please press "9" to speak with a live dispatch operator. Dispatch is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.