Contact: Joyce Masterson, 760-839-4621

Escondido’s newest public art project, “New Leaf” by artist Dan Dykes, will be installed in the median of Centre City Parkway near Felicita Avenue on December 1, 2011 between 4:30-9:00 a.m.  A formal dedication of New Leaf will take place in the early winter after the landscaping and lighting is finished, and the permanent guard rail is installed.

Mayor Sam Abed expressed enthusiasm for the art piece noting, “This sculpture will be a striking addition to our public art program and will serve as a welcoming icon for residents and visitors to Escondido.”

The sculpture is an elegant fusion of material and form that represents a growing evolving community.  With roots in the past, forged by the present, and reaching towards the future, New Leaf points to a vibrant growing city.  It creates a feeling of movement and transition that sweeps along with the viewer as they enter or leave the city.  Like a plant reaching for the light, New Leaf reaches towards and points to the City of Escondido.

New Leaf is seventeen feet high, three tons of bronze and stainless, and thirteen feet long. The leaf-like forms emerging from the base are bronze; the large curving obelisk is etched stainless steel.  The forms dramatically merge together and sweep up into an arching wave.  The wave connects with a curved stainless steel mesh form that emerges from the top of the sculpture.  Light passes through the mesh, illuminating the vein of a leaf captured inside the mesh.  The sculpture rest on a stainless steel base with the name of the artist, and the fabricators laser cut into the base.

Dan Dykes, a San Diego artist, is internationally recognized for his expertise in metal sculpting. An artist for over twenty years, he travels extensively, teaching professional level skills, lecturing and giving university and college seminars.  His work is in many private and public collections.

New Leaf was sponsored through the City of Escondido’s Public Art Program which is funded through a developer fee that can only be used for public art. For further information, please contact Susan Pollack, Public Art Consultant, Community Services Department, City of Escondido at (760) 839-4331.